Be Still And Listen














Listen to your heart; it speaks to you plainly without elaboration. Your mind plays tricks but your heart is true. Your mind changes its mind, but your heart just knows, so always think with your heart when you have an important decision to make.

Listen to your body; it is telling you loudly what it is holding that you must release. Pain and suffering, illness and disease are symptoms of the deeper afflictions of grief, loss, trauma, abuse, despair, anger and violence that have occurred in the past and are still affecting you now.

Listen to your soul; it knows where it has been and where it must go. It knows exactly why you are here and why you are enduring what you are enduring in your life. Your soul is connected to your higher self, and to access it you must still your mind and just know.

Do not listen to the media, for they are expousing untruths and spreading the fear. They are puppets at the hands of masters unseen who wish to control us through terror and fear. Do not engage in gossip and detach from drama.

Connect you your heart, your body and your soul, for all you need to know is contained within. When you are connected in this way you are connected to the Creator, for you are one and the same. There is no separation, just acceptance, unconditional love and truth.

There is no wisdom, happiness or sacred knowledge that cannot be accessed when you go within. You must just train yourself to be still and to listen.

That is all.


~I AM Lord Melchizadek.


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