Be Authentic



The time has come for you to realize that acting in any way that is not authentic is harmful to yourself and others. As a conscious human, it is of the utmost importance to be authentic in everything you do.

What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be your true self; stripped of all illusions, inhibitions, judgements, and falsities. It means allowing yourself to be the divine loving being that you are. An awakened soul does not know how to live any other way but by expressing themselves in honesty, love and with respect for every living thing.

Everything inauthentic feels horrible.

So at this important time you are being prompted to wake up to your own divinity and sacredness. Understand that when you act only as your true self and begin living through your heart, you will have a very positive effect on everyone you come in contact with. This assists them with their own awakening and therefore the planet with its awakening.

You are sacred and you were not meant to be controlled and taught anything other than that you are a powerful and free spark of the divine.

Everything on your planet is shifting rapidly back to the beautiful balanced state it was once in.

Those that have been controlling and enslaving humanity for thousands of years are being removed.

Rejoice! Awaken and Be Love now for everyone to see.


Note from editor:

We have been bringing awareness to the Power that were(TPTW) that your time is near, and or like the saying goes, “Every dog has its day”, meaning the crimes committed to the American People will not go unnoticed by us. AS we speak, and if you are aware enough of what is taking place in our country-all across the three hundred and twenty counties all put together, you would be praying very hard each day asking creator to have mercy on you for the inflated ego you for so long had… committing crimes of identity theft, piracy, treason, and last but not least disguising as public officials of the American people! The greatest fraud of all.

We are sending much light to you so the Karma on you would not be so severe.

Love, and may the Galactic Tribunal have mercy on you.



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