After a scorching summer of transmutational fires incinerating our most ancient fears…liberating our hearts from human bondage…and a super intense entrance to autumn (in the north), we are finally beginning to find a rhythm with the sacred flow of new Life.

In September, a clear month of endings right on the heels of the solar eclipse…we energetically bottomed out.  In October (a universal 2 month) we started laying the foundation for our creations-to-be in the new year with a special focus on partnerships…a preview into the major theme of 2018 (a universal 2 year). In November we will bring into manifestation our final harvest for 2017 as we begin to refill our very empty chalices after the glorified gutting that was last season.

In preparation for the new year, some of us are readying to test our newly resurrected wings…to see just how far we have come by putting our newly alchemized fears to the test thru some very new life choices, while others are being drawn deeper inward, assessing the remaining density and outdated be-lie-fs that have surfaced during the eclipses.

We’ve also just come thru a very important lunar cycle that marked the establishment of the Divine Human Template and now…moving thru the upcoming 11:11 gateway…we begin a new level of assimilating our new/ancient/original Self.

As we align with our true spiritual nature, our lower body begins a new relationship with our higher body.  This relationship requires a whole new level of circuitry and communication as we shift to a brand new frequency of embodied enlightenment.

This new frequency is the next level of light body realization, one that is kicking off the start of a massive life shift, or maybe I should say…a massive shift in our experience of life.

As we transition into a new body experience, so too do we transition into a new life experience that is resonant with our embodied Truth. We are leaving the karmic template behind, including all the structures that we built to sustain it, and this calls for some important life changes that align with our higher calling…our divine blueprint…the map of who we authentically are and what we have come to contribute at this most challenging, most spectacular time on earth.

The physical body is our vehicle for ascension. Only when we raise the frequency of every cell can we ascend/descend into a whole new dimension of physical life experience.  For those pioneering this new human frontier, the truth of this is becoming more and more evident, that the only way around is thru…the body…that the only way to increase the frequency of the flesh, is to ensoul.

As both our personal and planetary life force rises to meet the threshold required to activate the divine DNA template both within the ascending collective and the within the ascending Earth, we are also being called to step up in full support of this process…to step fully into our power, to start taking bigger steps in the direction of divine desire.

There is a growing sense of urgency that NOW is the time to bring our visions to life, to breath new life into our existing creations.  This is because each physical, real world action we take in support of the ascended reality helps exponentially to ground it.

Waiting begets more waiting.  I am getting the message over and again that we need to “move in order to move” into our creative expression…that it’s not enuf to heed the call of the Heart, we must now enact it.

Lauren Published in The 5D Report on Oct 27, 2017

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