Trump Taunts China as “Forgotten Crisis” and “Wolf Warriors” Reignite World War III Fears

A2C9DA14-6D39-49EC-9D85-3A1CBF4AA475June 30, 2020 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A gravely concerning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that just hours prior to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping signing a new security law to strip Hong Kong and its peoples of all freedom earlier this morning, President Donald Trump ordered the US Army to release an “ultra rare video” showing its elite 1st Special Forces Group Green Beret troops in Taiwan training for combat alongside the equally elite Taiwanese Army 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion Special Operations Unit—a video meant to taunt and enrage the “Wolf Warriors” in Communist China that claim Taiwan as their sovereign territory, and about whom the entire media establishment in India is now predicting are about to start World War III—an apocalyptic prediction that now sees India rushing to its border with Communist China its “Quick Reaction” anti-air missiles—while in the United States, both Republican Party US Senator John Cornyn and Democrat Party US Senator Mark Warner, the co-chairs of the powerful United States Senate India Caucus, have introduced an emergency bill to strengthen US-India defence ties—and at the same time, sees the United States, Israel, France and Russia being among the free nations of the world all rushing emergency shipments of weapons and ammunition to India—all of which has reawakened the world to the “Forgotten Crisis” of 1962 that’s now been reignited—but this time around sees both India and Communist China being nuclear armed super powers.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


 According to this report, 1962 was one of the most dangerous years ever faced by humanity when the United States and the former Soviet Union faced off against each other in what is now known as the October Crisis of 1962 that brought our world to the very brink of a nuclear holocaust—more commonly known in America as the Cuban Missile Crisis—but during which also occurred the “Forgotten Crisis” caused by Communist China exploiting what was occurring between the US and Soviets, and using its distraction to invade the world’s largest free democracy India—a lighting strike by Communist China that routed Indian military forces and saw these communists taking over 15,000 square miles of India’s territory, which they’ve kept ever since—that left Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru with no choice but to ask for help from Washington and London—a desperate plea heard by President John F. Kennedy, who immediately ordered an airlift of weapons and supplies to India—followed by the British Royal Air Force, who also joined in the airlift to rush equipment to India—and when beginning to arrive in India, saw a second Communist Chinese offensive being launched in November-1962 that crushed the Indians and appeared to be driving to the Bay of Bengal—that caused Prime Minister Nehru to ask President Kennedy for 350 United States Air Force jets and 10,000 crewmen to deploy to India to join the war and bomb Communist China—but before President Kennedy answered this extraordinary request, Communist Chinese leader Mao announced a unilateral ceasefire and pulled back his invaders in the north east, but they did not pull back in Ladakh.


 With President Trump being proclaimed as the best friend India has ever had among all American leaders, this report details, his “true friendIndian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has no doubts at all that if asked, President Trump would send him all of the US troops, aircraft and supplies India would need to fight back and win against Communist China—a fact known to the Communist Chinese, who’ve now begun a massive propaganda campaign against President Trump to keep him from doing so—a propaganda campaign being waged against President Trump by his own nation’s leftist mainstream media, to include the New York Times and Washington Post, all of whom the United States Department of Justice has just shockingly exposed are being paid tens-of-millions of dollars by the Chinese Communist Party.

And to distract the American people from what Communist China is doing, this report notes, they are attempting to recreate 1962 and this time make Russia the bogeyman—and whose Communist Chinese propaganda distraction plot sees these leftists hysterically claiming without any proof whatsoever that Russia placed bounties on the lives of USsoliders in Afghanistan—propaganda lies so absurd even the Pentagon issued a statement yesterday forcefully declaring: “To date, the DoD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in open-source reports”—sees no one in the leftist American mainstream propaganda media bothering to try to explain why Russia would even want to kill US soliders in Afghanistanwho are already preparing to leave—nor will they even report on the Taliban saying about these propaganda lies: “We have heard these reports and they are false and baseless…we neither sought nor received any aid from any country or intelligence agency in 19 years of war”—though for low-intelligence Americans, truth, facts and reality never matter anyway, as only the daily lies served up to them by their leftist propaganda masters is what counts—and who reason that if everyone is saying the same thing, it must be true.


 So fearful have these Communist Chinese-aligned forces become should the American people even come close to discovering the truth about what is really happening, this report concludes, yesterday a socialist mob descended on the home of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and erected a guillotine in front of it—the same Jeff Bezoswho’s the richest man in the world, and owns the world’s largest video streaming service Twitch—and immediately after Jeff Bezossaw the guillotine being erected in front of his home, saw him ordering Twitch to suspend the account of President Trump—that was followed an hour later by the social messaging site Reddit—who’s funded by the nearly $3-billion given to it by Communist Chinese tech giant Tencentbanning from its service the President Trump message board and its more than 790,000 subscribers—that was followed an hour later by the leftist social messaging giant Twitterrestricting the account of the powerful attorney Sidney Powell, who just freed General Michael Flynn from socialist persecution—and the hour after that then saw the leftist search giant Google ordering its YouTube video service to ban conservative Stefan Molyneux and his largest philosophy show online with hundreds-of-millions of views—all of which became too much for the conservative counterpart to Twitter called the Parler Free Speech Network, that aside from gaining hundreds-of-thousands of Trump supporters this past week, is now throwing off of its site crazed and demonic leftists—and in retaliation against Reddit, now sees The Donald social messaging site having just been created to counter Chinese Communist and leftist American mainstream media lies, too—but all of which is occurring at the same time yet another new flu virus is emerging in Communist China that has a “potential pandemic” outcome—thus showing that not only is this war for the fate of humanity far from being over, it is, in fact, just beginning.

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