Reciprocal Joy













When your heart is touched, when your heart is moved, when an act, a word, a smile has touched your heart, you can know that it is I Who has touched your heart.

You felt My breath on your heart like a sea-breeze. For a while, you are aware of My attention on you even as you may not be aware that the attention is Mine. You may see the attention came from here and there. Wherever the attention of love came from, it came from Me.

I am always attentive to you. You are not always aware. That’€™s okay. That’€™s part of life, yet what you can do, is knock on My door. Knock on My door often.

Knock and say: €œKnock knock, Who€™s there? And I will answer, €œFather God. Or, I will answer, €œMother God, if this is what you prefer.

We can have a routine, if you like. Perhaps a vaudeville act, if you like. Look, We can tap-dance. We can sit on the sidelines and watch. It matters not at all where you think you are. The fact is that you are with Me.

I love it so.

You are as near to Me as My heart. You are part of My heart. You are not outside it. We can say that you are the heart of My heart. You are the core of it. You are a special rose I carry in My heart. You are Mine, and I am yours.

This is not ownership We talk about now. This is location. You live in My house. We are Housemates, as it were. We live freely in the same house. You are Mine, yet I do not own you. You are not My possession anymore than I am your possession.

I gave you Free Will, and I gave it gladly. We can say that you are the Free Will of My heart. We are bound to each other without binding. It is My Free Will to be with you. And your free will to be with Me, only, We are beyond Free Will. We could call it Destiny that We are together. We are not tied, yet We are united. We are joined in love, and in love We are.

What other choice is there really? Where would I want to go without you? Nowhere. Nor is there need for you to depart. However, you do depart in your thoughts as you seek different answers. You are an explorer of count. What you explore, what you will discover, is that you are with Me regardless of where you may think you are.

I don’€™t wear you on My lapel. I wear you in My heart. You are established in Me.

Established in Me, you move in the world. I am your means of travel. We travel together, never apart. Never apart, We are joined at the hip. From the birth of Creation, We have been joined as One. We are One Being under God. We are related. We are on the same family tree.

Or, We can say that I, God, God of your Gods, am the Tree, and you are My blossoms.

And how you blossom. Of course, in My care, you blossom. The sun shines on Us. Why else do We have the Sun if not to shine on Us, on Our beautiful portrait where We meld as One Beautiful One? You are forever under God, for I am like a Sun that shines on you. I am a proud Sun Who shines on you.

To take pride in what I have wrought is a natural thing. It is delight. It is not ego. It is joy I take in you. You give Me much joy.



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