Native Didgeridoo Sound



Nothing like the sounds of nature’s energy in motion, these sounds are our native vibrations state that like a dance keep the vortex of our bodies going. It is like a symphony playing all these instruments uniquely to each one, and each one with a specific function. And it is through these native sounds that our organs communicate with each other in our body. Many people are learning about these secrets, and are starting to cure themselves from diseases with the sounds of nature. Our ancestors knew this very well, and this was one of the biggest secrets of all, which by the way the power that Were tried very hard to hide this from us the people. They tried so hard that they even invented a distorted sound like 440hz, which its play in all the modern music of today. This 440hz is meant to enslave us to the point that our brains are all unsynchronized, or should we say functioning not in a state of harmony if you will.


I am not going to spend much time talking about this because since 2009 we are informing people about this, however if you just happen to acknowledge this now, we encourage you to do your own research about the sounds of nature which are described in numbers of frequencies like 442hz for example. However if you wish just expend time in nature, like walking in the park, do sun gazing, stars gazing, ventilate your home all the time, and stay away from all electrical gadgets as much as possible, these includes, the cell phone, the television, the radio, the internet, etc, etc, and eat fresh nutritional meals.


Enjoy this Didgeridoo video




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