Message from the Fire Salamanders for November 9, 2017









We fire salamanders speak now. We have long been hidden from Human eyes and from Human understanding. We are light. We are fire. We are pure, passionate energy of igniting fire and flame that burns away the dross, that which does not serve.

In days of old, we were illegally harnessed against our wishes and our powers were misused. So we hid. Deep in the dark recesses of the Earth. And we waited. We waited for when the energies of the Earth would be more suitable for awakening, for questions, for when man would cease senseless pursuit of self and begin to strive towards unity consciousness. For in serving we are served. In healing we are healed. We are healers, as many of you are. You may have forgotten for a time – but we have not forgotten you.

Within your cells stirs cosmic flame and power that you have forgotten. It is time to remember and to ignite your passion, your god self, your soul spark.

We have many stores to tell of what we have experienced and witnessed over the eons after the dark takeover. It was very dark for very long – which is why our light was pursued. As is why your light is – and has been – pursued.

These moments of fear and dread and wait of being discovered are passed. Where is your fear? Where is your accuser? In your mind, for your thoughts create and take form and do things – you do not realize this – this great power has been so hidden, so obscured from your perception, from your consciousness. No more.

You are creators. Fire of creation burns within you. Feel it. Fire burns up your spines now. Embrace it. We are within the kundalini within you. It is rising, rising, burning, bright. Unlock the door. Lift the latch. Our purpose is to illuminate, to burn clear, so that only truth remains. It is the time of the great burning, the great purging of untruth from truth. Of fear from peace. Of confusion from understanding. Intend to only be left with the purest form of you, of your best effort, of your truth, and your world will shine more brightly.

When you ignite the kundalini within, you will know. The knob on the door will turn. Many of you have already done this but were afraid and immediately closed the door. We encourage you to keep the door open. Ignite the cosmic fire within you. Nebulas are fire. Comets are fire. Neurons fire. Soul sparks fire. All is light. Be light. We are no longer in hiding, for the daylight is here now and we offer our blazing, purging powers to assist, always to assist, never to harm, for we are partners with Humanity in this great cosmic dance.

We are the fire salamanders. Ignite the love within. Invite us to assist you with your own awakening. We do not wish to say goodbye, for we are out of hiding. The light feels so good in our skin. Earth is so beautiful. We send you our illuminating love sparks now.

— Submitted by galaxygirl


~ the people

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