Very Anticipated First New Moon in New Year 2024

This New Moon occurs on January 11.= 111, of which repeated numbers create a portal of amplification of energy because number 1 is triple on this day. This is according Vedic astrology and numerology.

Further, this day of the 11th + 1+ 2024= 11. Now if we add 1+1= 2. Which ultimately, the energy from this New Moon is ruled by number 2. And number two is ruled by the Moon!

The Moon, as we all know represents the feminine energy. It represents the Divine Feminine. So this New Moon energy is all about our intuition. About our connectivity. About being receptive. About being pace. About being in harmony. About being authentic. Moreover, number 2= 1+1. Number 1 represents the Sun. So on this day and till the Full Moon, the energy from the Sun is double amplify as well for all of us.

So here with this doubling energy from the Sun, we are receiving double the vitality. Double the light for us fully express ourselves individually in our life. Express ourselves into our own power. The Sun is directing us stepping into our own power. The Sun is giving us the masculine energy that is the tool we need to fully align with the vast feminine energy that is the moon. Our inner moon that is fully align with our inner world. Align with our immersion. Align with our soul.

The Moon represents water. It represents the elements of water. So think for a moment of the vast oceans on planet earth. The lakes. The rivers. The streams- all connecting cities, counties, countries, and continents. And think as well that we are eighty five percent water in our body.

So this New Moon comes with so powerful energy, it is for our humanity takes advantages off. Further, and according Vedic astrology, this New Moon is happening in the most undefeatable. In the most invincible Starr that Royal name is Purva Ashada. This Starr is very feminine. Further this Starr invincibility comes through Venus that rules it. Venus play a huge part being the Divine Feminine,+ and the feelings of love coming from our heart. Which is why when we come from a place of love, we know, we are undefeatable. Nothing can break us. Love can overcome anything. Love can overcome everything.

The deity of this Starr Purva Ashada is the Goddess Appa. This is another Divine Feminine goddess of the water. For your knowing, water has divine healing power. Water is purifying. Water, as we said above, connects us worldwide by countless means. Water is a big part of our lives. Water is us. And we all carry the divine feminine and divine masculine within us, whether we are man or woman. It does not matter. However, this New Moon today on 1.11, 2024, is reminding us of that divine feminine. It is also reminding us that we cannot be a predator to anyone because we stand within our own power. We are authentic. We are carefree,+ and doing whatever we feel we ought to do with our own life.

The Starr Purva Ashada is the Starr that from the beginning of time knows we were, and we are invincible and undefeatable. Further, and going deeper,+ and connecting the dots, the last full moon we had in 2023, was in Ardra Nac. And the animal symbol for Ardra is a female dog. And we all know that the carefree+ and doing what it wants+ and being loyal are the qualities of a dog! Is it not? Further, Ardra gave us a tumultuous ending in 2023. Ardra wants us to heal ourselves. To heal all our wounds and move forward with our lives.

So let our intentions be moving forward healing our wounds. Healing All our deepest wounds.

Further, This New Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, in Vedic astrology. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. So this New Moon is very Jupitarian! Jupiter in Sagittarius is all about authenticity. It is about highest learning. Highest wisdom. Wealth. Sagittarius is also about enforcing laws. Laws that keeps us safe. It is about a government that enforce laws that are safe for humanity,+ and all the creation. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is as well very creative. Very carefree. Very passionate about life. Jupiter in Sagittarius= creation.+ ending.+ beginning.

And last but far away from the least, as we speak, Mars is in Sagittarius, while Jupiter is in Aries. This means that Jupiter and Mars are exchanging energies, which makes this starting New Year,+ and New Moon something very powerful. Very disrupting. Very authentic. Very promising. End. Beginning.

And very helpful, during this New Moon and days to come, do some fasting+ and drink plenty of water so your system get purify! Also take time to go to the beach if you can, and or just walk barefoot in your backyard. Pray.+ and ask your maker guide you and your family through the right direction.

Ask for repentance! Ask for protection. Prosperity. Wisdom. Courage. Ask for a better world for all the creation where Unity. Responsibility. Harmony. Rule.









And so it is

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