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PFM, has been known to dabble in UCC, [ ] fluent in the intricacies and hidden nuances of “the law” and commerce…


Securities … yes, I’m glad you mentioned that Randy.

by Paul Frances McDonald, published on I UV, on May 25, 2018

Securities … yes, I’m glad you mentioned that Randy.

For our purposes now … there were securities, and then there were SECURED PARTIES and then there were DEBTORS. That was, in part, the nature of “commerce”. All law, as we have come to know it, at its core is COMMERCE, in and of itself. By its nature then it is universal, because the act of exchange of true value, in and of itself, is the same no matter where you stand on planet earth, or on any other planet for that matter.

At the core of every exchange of true value are at least two original beings, both of whom have invested their original true value, in some form or another, in that transaction. That is why all law is in the now moment and all law is oral, in that ultimately, there must be a physical exchange of words, or not, as the case may be, between two original beings for any “matter” to be “reconciled”, in absolute good faith, in open public forum. Because good faith is the building block upon which the entire construct is predicated. In order to maintain the commercial/banking/slavery construct itself, the element of good faith had to be implicit, explicit and had to be observed. Because if you don’t observe it, then it crumbles and falls and there’s anarchy. So to maintain it you had to observe it, at the highest levels.

This is significant, because it demonstrates the original exchange of true value, as it relates to human beings. The original exchange of true value between two original beings is absolute then, with no middle-man, and for a middle-man to exist a construct was needed in order to create one, and to leech upon that original transaction.

That is why the Uniform Commercial Code was secretly made the supreme law of all lands, albeit having being carefully hidden from view, and even more deeply hidden was the reason why. The reason was for the specific purpose of commandeering the true value of the original living beings of an entire planet. Their physical and energetic life energy, the source of all their creation. Their life essence. To commandeer, for example, in the sense of boarding an abandoned and drifting ship, taking the wheel and physically commandeering it, taking control of it, taking it into custody, taking physical ownership of it. Yes, the “Law of the Sea”, the “Law of Merchants”, “Law Merchant Law”, more lately “Admiralty Law” otherwise, “COMMERCE”. All specifically for personal profit, power and gain, as a middle-man, albeit an extremely wealthy and powerful one, a middle-man nonetheless.

Now, if you didn’t know that, you might be fooled into believing that this “court case” is something to do with “law”, as in a body of “opinion” that claims to be predicated on “precedent”. And it was designed that way and refined over a long period, by somebody, to distract you from the real issue, which in one sense, at its core, is a commercial transaction. At its absolute core, it is an exchange of true value, by two or more original living beings. An original exchange of true value. That’s why it had to be hidden, even if it was in plain sight.

So let’s get this straight Randy … in plain man’s language, and in plain woman’s language, as best we may.

Somebody, we know not who, issued a commercial instrument, “A TRUE BILL”, which may or may not be, a “Bill of Lading” under the “Uniform Commercial Code”, for the benefit of a “U.S. Marshal” for example, in relation to his transportation of goods … or cargo, since it could be said that he is himself a “cargo vessel”. We know it’s a commercial instrument because it is identifying itself as a ‘BILL’. And even if it was a “Bill of Lading”, maybe it wasn’t convenient to describe it as such, lest the original beings discover for themselves what exactly was going on here.

So this ‘TRUE BILL’, at face value is purporting to be a commercial instrument and also a negotiable instrument. It would appear to identify a SECURED PARTY and a DEBTOR and an “Indicatement” of the goods in question, along with purportedly due cause to take such goods into custody for transportation. Namely a former and alleged artificial person and legal fiction bearing the “res” identifier “RANDALL KEITH BEANE” and presumably, this instrument is predicated on some commercial claim, of one form or another. It must be, because it’s a commercial instrument, holding some authority or commercial value of some kind. And that is why it is a “TRUE BILL” and not an “Indictment”.

Legal definition of “res”.

The said “TRUE BILL” in its actual current state. A nullity, in and of itself.Cancelled for Due Cause.

Luckily for you Randy, my bucko!, and because you had a really good lawyer covering your backside every step of the way, you already had and do have a prior, perfected and superior commercial claim, against collateral, in EQUITY and DAMAGES, against the DEBTORS, in that claim. Even though there were many documents actually filed, concerning many different aspects of the entire claim, those filings are taken together as a single perfected commercial claim, Registered in Commerce, in the former Uniform Commercial Code Registry, DULY SECURED and duly securing you.

That is, if anybody still thinks there is such a thing as a DEBTOR any more. And if they do, and they think that you are an artifical person and legal fiction, or a DEBTOR, well then they definitely are a DEBTOR, to you, in your original capacity and Factualized Trust and against whom you are well and truly SECURED. If in fact, that is, they exist at all, in a commercial sense, specifically. So far nobody has stepped up to the plate in that regard. So they don’t exist … at all!

Anyway, when you were first kidnapped without notice and without, as it now turns out, the specific authority of any identifiable individual, person or agent of any shape or form, you hadn’t even seen this “TRUE BILL”. You hadn’t even been NOTICED of it. But when you were Noticed, some considerable time later, the first thing you did was CANCEL it. Because you could cancel it, because you are the only one, by virtue of your pre-existing SECURED position as outlined above; who has the authority to cancel it. And because that is what you DO with unauthorized commercial instruments, purporting to be lawfully issued by you, against you or against your property, and because that is the proper procedure for Noticing your Cancellation and your perfected claim, in good faith, in commerce, if necessary, if anybody thinks such a thing exists anymore, specifically and only in relation to you in particular. And Heather, in relation to her self in particular.

See Doc. 19 and 42 of the record:

The said “TRUE BILL”, in it’s current state. Cancelled For Due Cause.

Definition of a UCC-1 Financing Statement. A perfected claim against “collateral”, of any form. Commercial value.

If you look at an actual UCC-1 Financing Statement you will see that there is provision for a DEBTOR, a SECURED PARTY and the identification of the COLLATERAL at issue. UCC Doc # 2000043135 is a perfect example to scrutinize for that purpose, as are all the others. That filing is described in the recitals as “an action in rem”, and FOR the “res”. So all the filings were an “action in rem”, a claim against collateral, the “res”, in all it’s forms, and which amounts to a replevin. It could also be described as the “salvaging” of an abandoned public trust. A perpetual and perfected, commercial claim.


So what did you do there, at Doc. 19? What you did, as did Heather, was you filed an Addendum of Law, Presumption and Perpetuity; Cancellation of True Bill, identifying your lawful and legal standing and identifying the precise nature of your perfected claim, superior to any other claim, of any nature or kind, to compel you to perform, in any manner whatsoever, particularly in commerce and also, in particular, Cancelling that purported “TRUE BILL”. Specially Annexe I and II of that Cancellation, which are:

(1) ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF FACTUALIZED TRUST and (2) ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION OF ISSUE BY ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY. It’s all in there. Your Underwriting. Your duly secured value, title, rights and ownership, of property of all that you are in lawful ownership of, inclusive of history of funds and origin of funds. It’s all there, the entirety of your legal and lawful standing and your original authority to ISSUE, VALUE, as an ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY. As an original store of true and actual value, to transmit and receive as you see fit, without hindrance, contrary to all others. A walking, talking, living, breathing, smiling depository and bank! All duly SECURED against the DEBTORS; who have appeared up to now to be still running around amok, in an entirely delinquent fashion, in respect of a COMMERCIAL claim.

Original Due Declaration and Notice of Factualized Trust, by Original, Randall Keith Beane.

Now we know it’s a lot more than just commercial, but for our purposes now, we must keep it to that. Just to actually pin it down to what it is at face value. If you analyze it, it’s a perfect demonstration of exactly how a whole banking system came about, and how it was used to hoodwink you into believing that something was true when it was not, and thereby commandeering your true value and your life essence. These are deceptive acts and practices, which of course render any commercial instrument a nullity from the beginning. Or any instrument for that matter.

Remember now, this entire commercial/banking/slavery construct could only be maintained by good faith, clean hands operation at the highest levels, but only for the purposes of actually maintaining a system designed to deceitfully commandeer the true value of original beings, for personal, private and special interest power, profit and gain.

Anyway, you neither consented, nor authorized the ISSUANCE of any such commercial instrument. You were and are duly SECURED as SECURED PARTY against the purported issuer of that “TRUE BILL”, who is a DEBTOR in your perfected claim; and which defeats that DEBTOR’S purported claim; thereby making you the holder-in-due-course of that “TRUE BILL”. The sole custodian, trustee and lawful and legal title holder thereof, with sole authority and authorization to CANCEL that commercial instrument and render it a nullity, with no lawful, legal, or commercial force whatsoever deriving therefrom, should you so chose; and which you did.


However, at this point you still had no evidence of who this DEBTOR actually is. So you had to go off and make inquiries as to who the actual principal or agent might be and to verify and validate their identification and authority in that regard. Before you even start talking about any commercial claim against a DEBTOR at all.

Meanwhile, you are locked up, beaten up and DETAINED (commercial code word) in CUSTODY (commercial code word) and subject to inhumane conditions down at Blount County Jail.

At this point, your enquiries present you with evidence that nobody is willing to produce any Identification or Authority for what they are doing, claiming to be doing or had done. On that basis then, every instrument issued and noticed to you thereafter, in relation to that “TRUE BILL” had to be rejected, without dishonor, for due cause. It had to be written on the face of the actual instrument, a commercial instrument, subject to a commercial procedure, ultimately a banking procedure. The Uniform Commercial Code had been once described as “the bible of banking”. Now that’s interesting isn’t it? A bank deals mainly in what? Negotiable instruments. So it would appear, on the surface then, that “U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee” is purporting to be a bank, and it looks like a clearing house bank, dealing mainly in negotiable, commercial instruments and which often relate to cargoes, apparently.

See Part 5 of the Uniform Commercial Code generally and specially ;-): Dishonor.

Particularly, Article 3-503(b) thereof; Notice of Dishonor.

(b) Notice of dishonor may be given by any person; may be given by any commercially reasonable means, including an oral, written, or electronic communication; and is sufficient if it reasonably identifies the instrument and indicates that the instrument has been dishonored or has not been paid or accepted. Return of an instrument given to a bank for collection is sufficient notice of dishonor.

And; Article 3-505(a)(2); Evidence of Dishonor

(2) a purported stamp or writing of the drawee, payor bank, or presenting bank on or accompanying the instrument stating that acceptance or payment has been refused unless reasons for the refusal are stated and the reasons are not consistent with dishonor;

See also – https://www.justice.gov/usam/criminal-resource-manual-1649-protection-government-property-goods-transit

So everything that you and Heather REJECTED, those original commercial instruments that you recieved from a purported “court” (“bank”), whether a Notice, Motion, Order or otherwise, and which you filed back into the record, is Evidence of Dishonor under the former Uniform Commercial Code. So while the “unidentifiables” were all running around headless, spouting inanities in “law”, you and Heather were proceeding away merrily using a commercial and banking procedure. Namely rejecting those instruments, evidencing the dishonor on their face and duly noticing that status by filing it back into the record and serving every alleged party with that Notice. Ooooooh.

Now we should go just a little bit deeper, just so we can open up the perspective a bit more. This former “TRUE BILL”, and the “Indicatement” on it, also has “vested” in it a further commercial claim, of a third alleged party. A purported bank, with a “res” identifier of “USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK”, and who claim to be at a “loss” (commercial code word). However, it turns out that they are definitely a DEBTOR to your duly secured position, and pursuant to your perfected claim, and you are, in actuality, the lawful holder-in-due-course of that bank and “they” (if they could be found) are in fact indebted to you in a sum of any value you like up to the value of 10 BILLION, pre-1933 lawful money of the United States, gold and silver … in EQUITY and DAMAGES. Perfected, registered. No doubt whatsoever about it. None.

So any claim of a “loss” on their part could never be sustained. “They” cannot claim that value as a “loss” against you and in any event, because you are the holder-in-due-course of that purported “loss”, which never actually existed, and in exactly the same was as you are the holder-in-due-course of the purported “TRUE BILL”.

So “they” are not at a loss in relation to you in particular, nor do they have any claim whatsoever against you, Original, Randall Keith Beane, because they cannot even be identified in the first instance. They refused to identify themselves and their authority to be able to even talk about a “loss”. An artificial person and legal fiction, such as USAA, cannot speak for itself. It can only speak through some body. No body surfaced. And therefore “they” do not actually exist, in commerce, and on that basis could not possibly have or have had any commercial claim whatsoever, of any nature or kind, against the Original Factualized Trusts, Randall Keith Beane or Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

On top of that there’s has been another delinquent DEBTOR running around amok, with a “res” identifier of “FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK”. Hmmm, now what are they claiming? They are claiming no loss. They are claiming they can confirm that transactions and “transfers of funds” did take place on particular dates, between certain accounts. But that’s about it. They’re claiming that they did not own any funds and that those funds came from a “Ginnie Mae Securities account” which they claim belonged to the “U.S Treasury”. But they also knew things that they should have revealed, “under oath” and did not.

There is another DEBTOR to your Factualized Trust. “U.S. Treasury”. On that basis then, you are the true, verified and validated lawful legal owner and holder-in-due-course of that particular account and any funds contained in it. We know there is an account there, with a “res” identifier of “RANDALL KEITH BEANE” and with the your account number, being your former “social security number”; because we know there was a “transfer” of funds. But not from some “fictitious” account, with “one digit changed”. Oh no, that’s another matter entirely. That was not good faith. That was malice. Whoever it was that declared that. Naughty, very naughty. But you did transfer funds from your own account, that you can prove title, rights and ownership to.

It’s getting better all the time Randy. Nobody claimed title, rights and ownership of any of those alleged “funds” despite due and fair notice and command having been issued to do so. Now if you could find some body, who claims ownership of those funds, well, maybe then you could start talking about the specifics of the UCC filings in relation to such claim of ownership. But you cannot so it’s not even a topic of discussion. Your perfected claim is entirely unrebutted, as you say. Mostly because of the delinquent behaviour of the former and purported “principals” and international private bankers involved. Foreign agents, who can’t actually be found and seem to be hiding. Can you believe that? Hiding.

That is the actual position, in commerce. Therefore there is no claim on “their” part; and therefore there is no dispute as to the actuality that you are the true, verified and validated legal owner of that account, those funds and a lot more besides. Yes, it may sound preposterous to some, but that’s how it worked. Either you have a commercial claim or you haven’t. There were no in-betweens.

Now in the duration since the filing of your Cancellation of True Bill and today, Heather has done some very diligent paperwork in relation to the entirety of your perfected claim, and hers, and which will be obvious from a study the record of what has actually been going on for the last 10 months. This now is only and specifically in relation to your claim and Heather’s claim. Not any one else’s. That’s a different “matter”, although inextricably connected it’s true.

We could get deeper into the specifics of each of those filings, but in their simplest form they are either a Rejection without Dishonor for Due Cause, a Praceipe, a Notice, an Order or a Declaration; of the Original Trustee of a Factualized Trust, by way of a commercial and banking procedure in relation to the specifics of a perfected commercial claim and in relation to all the “particulars”/alleged parties involved in this so called “criminal case”.

So now, at this point, we’re at a very interesting juncture. Because that aspect of the absolute requirement of good faith, clean hands operation in order to maintain a slavery system, has just come home to roost, at the very highest level, in a very, very big way.

Because your perfected claim is effectively every body else’s perfected claim, that is, and only if, they so chose, and because it involves the highest levels of banking and the former “principals” and “operators” thereof, who are in hiding, or may have even left altogether at this stage. Dark side of the moon maybe.

Money – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0kcet4aPpQ

So if these ones had to operate with clean hands at the upper levels to maintain a banking system of slavery in existence, then they always had to “settle” in good faith, if and when required. Think “Bank for International Settlements”. But if they “settled” all ledgers in this “matter”, then power and control is lost forever and that system of slavery is defeated, utterly bankrupt, never to be seen again.

If they didn’t “settle”, then power and control is lost because yet again they would be CLOSING on their own system, by the simple act of default. There is no option about it. It is already DONE, as a matter of mathematical certainty.

There is an inevitability about this that simply cannot be avoided. So chin up my bucko!. When you hit the motherlode by transferring 29 million bucks from that account, that was the the end of slavery as we knew it. It is over! Now you have power and control over your life essence, just as nature intended, once and for all and never, ever, ever will you be going there again. So chill out for the moment, when the coast is clear we’ll have the celebration in your party coach!!

You’ve got all the aces Randy. Nobody but nobody has a ANY claim against you or Heather whatsoever. That is the simple actuality of the “matter” before us. Nobody!


So ANY body obstructing that position as and from 5th May, 2018 will make themselves immediately presented for CLOSURE. Oh do roll up!!! … get it while you can! Because we’ve got things to do and places to go; in like, Randy’s Party Coach … and this time it’s not over to San Antonio. Lol! So you make sure you keep that baby in tip top shape and run the engine now and again Parker, you hear me y’all … and valeted!

Lots of Love,




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