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Dear Friends,

With “thanksgiving” coming up in a week I’ve decided that it’s time to share some True American History… This is entry #1 of a 5-part series on the subject, and everyday for the next 5 days I’ll be posting another segment.

Personally, I will not be observing “thanksgiving” as this is a false holiday and, if you read the history provided in these blogs, you’ll see that this fake holiday/ritual stands as an ongoing insult to the memory of our ancestors (across all races and colors).  Part 2 is especially informative on this front.

The following blog and associated articles contain literally hundreds of links to primary source legal documentation, which places them among the most well-researched pieces on American History one is likely to find anywhere, as most other history we learn in school mostly comprises of conjecture and opinion without reference to such valuable sources.

This comes from the Ucadia blog, which is associated with Ucadia and One-Heaven.  To learn more about One Heaven and Ucadia, check out their section on my blog... or better yet… simply click on the links above and start exploring!  In a nutshell: Ucadia is a complete model of society and all that comes with it, and I assure you that there is nothing else like it on the whole planet…

We’ll speak more about these matters in the coming days, weeks, months, and even years…



Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Tuesday 9thJuly 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week in which we will begin the first of a three part series on the true history of the law and controls behind the scenes in the formation of the United States of America.  This first part today is entitled “True History of America Part 1 (1666-1840): The Pirate Curse against the Patriots”.

Before we start, I want to cover a few points first about people who come to read and listen to this blog and audio as well as those who have had a profound impact on its research and creation.

The first point I want to cover is about any possible immediate negative feeling, or concern, or cynicism some might feel, purely on the description of the topic of this blog and the very fact that we will be speaking about the history of the United States of America. Few people or places or empires have felt as strongly about their history as those born upon the soil of the United States of America. Few people have been as brave and as steadfast in their willingness to defend what they perceive is their rights and the rights of all free people of the world. So for this reason alone, I fully understand and say to you truly that you have nothing to fear from this blog or audio.

From the perspective of most of the people on planet Earth today, the United States was founded on the highest and most profound set of principles and ideals as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence; and sealed then in the blood of patriotic men, none of whom were professional soldiers who were then willing to die in the face of overwhelming forces during the War for Independence, than live one more day under the boot of tyranny. It is no wonder that the memory of such heroes should rightly be considered sacred and inviolable and not subject to debate or revision. It is also no wonder that so many people who claim to be aware and honorable have joined such movements as the Tea Party against what they perceive as the destruction of such rights.

To all of you then I say with absolute integrity that tonight and over the following two audios and blogs, far from desecrating the memory of these founding heroes and patriots of the United States, I will endeavor to honor and restore their memory by challenging the propaganda and lies of over a hundred years that hid and desecrated the very sacrifice of these more than ten thousand men in New York at the hands of the Red Army of the United Company of Merchants.  Far from dishonoring such history, I am speaking tonight to try to restore a terrible injustice which continues to be perpetuated by every single American who chooses and wishes to remain ignorant to the truth. Anyone who has sat down to devour turkey in November who has never once said a prayer on the most holy and sacred day in the history of the United States has perpetuated a great injury and stain against the true history of the United States in forgetting the memory of Martyrs Day and the wholesale slaughter of more than ten thousand patriots over a weekend, rather than months or years. In any event, I will have more to say on this during the course of this blog and audio.

The second point I want to cover is to all who come to this call who were not born on the soil of the United States of America but who may have their own opinion of the effect upon the world because of the United States.  It is true that the United States has been tricked by the bankers to be at war with at least some part or all of the world for more than two hundred years.  It is also true that the United States has caused untold damage and hardship across vast continents of Africa and South America and Asia, in perpetual service to European and Wall Street bankers in prosecuting perpetual warfare and piracy. Yet whatever you feel about this history dripping in blood and deception, the United States of America is also the birthplace of an extraordinary dream – an image of utopia – of rule of law, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is worthy to stand beside the great utopias of history. This is the utopia developed and promoted through the dream factory of Hollywood and the mass marketing of Wall Street and American Corporations.

Yet I want you to consider a thought and keep it in the back of your mind as we go through the details of this blog and audio tonight- is this dream any less real if the world itself is a dream?  Is this ideal dream and Utopia promoted by the United States to the rest of the world for decades any less worthy just because the people in charge and bankers have used it as a façade to hide their real intentions? I put it to you: there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can justify the desecration of the American Dream- as this dream is one of the greatest hopes of humanity – for there remains nothing defective or dishonest concerning the words of the Declaration of Independence today much less over two hundred years ago. If anything, the revelation of the truth is about exposing the lie- that all of it – all the treaties, the statutes, the bonds, the trusts, the corporations, the rituals are an elaborate ruse to keep those who run America and the military of America trapped and subservient to an old and rotting world of the Roman Cult and elite families. There is no reason that the American Dream cannot be made completely real once the corruption and madness of how we got into this mess is properly revealed.

The third and final point I want to cover is a heartfelt thanks and to pray for forgiveness by the man who showed me so much of this and who inspired this journey and to assemble this three part series. He was the one who showed me the connections of the United Company of Merchants and their first flag in America; and he was the one who showed me the key Headquarters for the United Company of Merchants after the War for Independence hidden in plain sight; and he was the one who showed me the tables of Admiralty and Annuity calculations and was insistent in expressing that the world is entrapped by the curse of Admiralty; and he was the one who propelled me to search for the truth in an experience which he left me no doubt was a matter of the utmost honor and reality that all he had shown me and shared with me was true. I am only sorry that it has taken me so long to prepare this blog and audio to honor him and those with whom he created so much history. I pray he forgives me for doubting his intentions and for those with whom he founded the basis of the American dream. I only hope that what we discuss tonight and over the following series goes someway to restoring the dream and vision he and the other brave men had for the United States of America.

I am not going to mention his name for now, not because I fear reprisal. As far as my life I am an open book.  Those who control the world know there is more to life and existence than the flesh and blood of our bodies. Yet the reason I will not mention the man who was chosen to speak with me and is ultimately responsible for this discussion, is that I do not want those who are suffering mental illness and the mind virus of arrogant stupidity to belittle anything that is shown tonight. Maybe, sometime in the future, I will recount the full events of this meeting, but for now let’s get started in the detail of part 1.

The Law of Nations and the Reality of the Commercial World

To begin this journey, we need to consider the reality of the politics and power of the world leading up to the War for Independence in the final quarter of the 18th Century and the aspirations of those men who had come to the new world in search of something better.

To begin this journey, we need to consider the reality of the politics and power of the world leading up to the War for Independence in the final quarter of the 18th Century and the aspirations of those men who had come to the new world in search of something better.

The phrase “Law of Nations” began with a work first published in 1749 by German writer Christian Wolf entitled “The Law of Nations According to the Scientific Method”. The word Nation is a direct loan word from the Latin term natio meaning “lesser tribe, or race, or breed or class of animals”. Unsurprisingly, the appearance of the word “nation” within the “enlightenment” or “illuminati” movement of the 18th Century is obscure at best and positively “Jesuitical”.  Suddenly, all across Europe the word Nation was being associated with new ideas and concepts of philosophers such as Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (1646-1716), Denis Diderot (1713-1784), François-Marie Arouet known as Voltaire (1694-1778) Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), David Hume (1711-1776), Adam Smith (1723-1790) and Emerich de Vattel (1714-1767) to name a few.

What these brilliant minds started to almost unanimously proclaim is the idea that the old world and hierarchy of religion, then church, then monarch, then government, then people was outmoded and outdated and that this “new” concept of nations under Natural Law where religion was to be kept completely separate was the future. The only problem with this idea was that it did not resemble or align with the history of civilization from the beginning of time, nor the history of law nor the present world then or since. Instead, it created a kind of idealistic overlay on the raw machine and apparatus of power.

As I have discussed in these blogs and audios before – and even last week, there exists a natural hierarchy of law and of authority that begins with the recognition that: we are more than animals; and more than just conscious minds; and that we are divine immortal spirits- that can never die or be sold, or enslaved except with our consent or willful ignorance. The strongest possible law, authority and legitimacy is when a people recognize their spiritual, intellectual and physical presence and unity in some sacred covenant of formation, such as we have discussed and outlined through Pactum De Singularis Caelum and the individual will and testament model Voluntatem Et Testamentum.

Yet from the middle of the 18th Century moving forward, there was this huge momentum to embrace the concept of the secular state and the secular nation based on “natural law” that disowned such history. One of the most influential of these works to affect the thinking of countless world leaders for more than two hundred years was a work heavily adapted from the work of Christian Wolf by Swiss born Emerich de Vattel, called The Law of Nations or more formally called “Principles of Natural Law Applied to the Conduct and to the Affairs of Nations and of Sovereigns” first published in French in 1758.  In four books, this work outlined in unprecedented detail the nature and function of a nation, its relation with other nations, the principles of war and the principles of peace.  In fact the work called the “Law of Nations” was so detailed and superficially comprehensive that no one thought to question the strange density of admiralty, commercial and pirate banking principles of Westminster within its maxims.  Yet today, “Law of Nations” still stands as effectively the foundation of what most people perceive to be international law.

In fact, the reality of real power and control between nations, resembled something vastly different than the fictional work of Emerich de Vattel and the Jesuits. Far from religion being on the decline in the 17th and 18th Century, organized religion and in particular the Roman Cult controlling the Vatican was on the ascendency as the power alliances across Europe strengthened not weakened – despite the contrary appearance through war.  Take 1666 for example and the formation of the Grand Luciferian Alliance with London as its Capital through royal treaties between the Crown of England and various other crowns including the Crown of Sweden, the Crown of Denmark and Norway, the Crown of Portugal, the Crown of Spain, the Crown and Algiers, the Crown of Tunis, the Crown of Tripoli and the States General of the United Netherlands.  This Grand Alliance of Commerce and Navigation under Admiralty, sealed by the auto de fate of burning alive of more than sixty thousand heretics through the ordering of the burning of London by King Charles II, also signals the birth of the infamous Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 and the principle of Proof of Life declaring all the poor of the world to be “dead to law” and subjects of Lucifer, personified by the Black Pope.

Far from America being isolated from such madness and delusion, such treaties as 1686 Treaty between Spain and England, set the future tone for America to become the headquarters for this Grand Luciferian Alliance known as the New World Order- exemplified by the absurd amount of Luciferian occultism blatantly built into the city of Washington over a hundred years later. By the way, have a look at the document outlining this treaty published in the 18th Century- do you see it mentioned Great Britain? Of course Great Britain was not created until 1706 or 30 years later, so the document should be treated with great care.

In the early 18th Century, the vision of America was far more basic- America was the home of the pirates and privateers. Take for example an Act by Queen Anne in 1707 (6Ann.c.37) promoting licensed piracy and supported by an act nearly thirty years later under King George II in 1740 (13Geo2.c.4).  This has nothing to do with the high ideal of Rule of Law, but blatant organized crime.  It is no wonder we see a whole string of Admiralty acts concerning the repatriation of prizes and bounty and goods to England from the piracy trade of those in America willing to sell their soul, such as in 1710 (9Ann. c.27), 1711 (10Ann.c.22), 1713 (12Ann.S.1c.9), 1721 (8Geo1.c.12), 1742 (15Geo2.c.31)and 1764 (5Geo3.c.11).

It is also not surprising that because the founding of America is intimately connected with the implementation of Admiralty Law upon the land, that the original county courts of America from 1756 (29Geo2.c.27) have always been under Admiralty; and that America is the only place in the world condemned and cursed by the global bankers to be their pirates and privateers forever under perpetual Admiralty by an act in 1761 (2Geo3.c.31).

For many, an even deeper curse of the United States than the history of forced and encouraged pirate activity for the Crown and Bank of England was the history of slavery and in particular the importation of millions of African people.  In truth, the African slave trade into the colonies and plantations of North America did not begin until after the War for Independence in 1783 across the coffee plantations (23Geo3.c.79) and then all the colonies in 1785 (25Geo3.c.1) through the control of the United Company of Merchants.  The claim that more than 250,000 slaves had been imported, much less even 20,000 slaves into the colonies prior to 1783 is a complete and terrible lie. Yes, when you read the acts of Westminster they continue to be obscure at this point, because of sensitivities by calling slaves Live Stock amongst other terms, but you heard correctly. The black slave trade did not commence until after the War for Independence.

So some of you might be scratching your heads saying – “hold on, there are all kinds of testimonies and stories about even the founding fathers owning black slaves”. Of course, this same history never mentions white slavery or the “distempered cattle” or the “horns unwrought” from Ireland, or Scotland does it?  So I will speak a little more about this apparent anomaly after we fill in the blanks on a major piece of history about the connection of the United Company of Merchants and their control in the United States of America.

The United Company of Merchants and the United States

It seems incredible that the involvement of the largest and most powerful multi-national corporation of the world in the 18th Century and its involvement in America and throughout the War for Independence could be so whitewashed from the history books of every single American and student of the world.

Just in case anyone reading or listening has an instant doubt about the complete involvement of the United Company of Merchants in the history of America and the United States, let’s talk about tea for a moment – you know the famous stories about the unjust tea trade and tea duties? Well guess what, it was the United Company of Merchants who were behind the control of the tea trade amongst other things such as the acts of parliament of 1771 (11Geo3.c.7) and 1773 (13Geo3.c.44) and (13Geo3.c.67).

In fact, the United Company of Merchants was the major trading power importing and exporting goods from the American colonies and enjoyed an unprecedented position of having to pay no duties such as in 1768 (8Geo3.c.27) and 1772 (12Geo3.c.32) and 1773 (13Geo3.c.2). So you could imagine how incensed and furious those early settlers and business people in the American colonies were facing such an unjust and one sided game where the largest multi-national corporation of the day is paying virtually no tax, while the individual farmer or trader or merchant was forced to pay huge duties to get their goods shipped or imported.

So who was the United Company of Merchants and what other evidence as to its involvement in the history of America is there?

In 1707, Queen Anne issued an act (6Ann.c.17) that the Funds of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies, commonly known as the “East India Company” and the “English Company Trading to the East Indies” be united temporarily as the United East India Company and then once debts discharged and redeemed, that a new company be formed called the United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies. Yet in 1711 (10Ann.c.28), the time to conclude and redeem the temporary fund called the United East India Company, or East India Company was left open.  So despite all the writings to the contrary, if you look at the acts carefully, you will see that from 1707 onward there remained essentially still two “East India” companies.

Now one of the growing points of influence of the East India Companies was the rise of annuities or slave bonds, as was also primarily marketed through the South Seas Company, which ultimately became the primary vehicle of the Bank of England for promoting annuities as effectively slave bonds of all races of people unfortunate enough to encounter the British. We see the business connections in 1720 (7Geo1.S1.c.5) and (7Geo1.S1.c.27and again in 1750 (22Geo2.c.22).

The two East India Companies operated on a large scale business model – they would enslave the local population, using milita employed under the authority and protection of Great Britain to keep the populations fearful and compliant, then would use the cheap labor to manufacture goods to ship back to European markets, while also controlling the import of goods. So long as there was no general uprising, the business model worked reasonably well for them – except in its Asian markets, most notably China and India, the cost of organized terror was becoming prohibitively expensive and the company as large as it was, was at risk of collapsing in an even greater economic calamity than the South Seas Company. The risk to the control of the elite of England was clear – if the East India company collapsed, then their control as the chief slave masters and criminals of the world would be over. The solution was to look toward the plantation colonies of America.

For the standard business model of the United Company of Merchants, the vast expanses of land of North America was a huge opportunity. However, the biggest problem was the non-availability of a sufficient class of people to blatantly enslave. By 1749, it is conservatively estimated that the population across all the colonies of North America was less than 800,000. To be viable, the United Company of Merchants would have to important potentially hundreds of thousands of white slaves from Ireland and Scotland and black slaves from Africa. In any event, the United Company of Merchants was granted a two year lease in 1767 (7Geo3.c.57) for the control of the North American plantations.

The United Company of Merchants soon found that even amongst the existing plantations of Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Rhode Island of white indentured servants and convicts mainly from Ireland and Scotland, there was resistance to the massive plans for large scale industrial slavery. To make matters worse, the free colonists of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire and New York were vehemently opposed to the moral principle of slavery. In two years, the company had failed to improve its financial position, while still having to pay £400,000 each year to the Exchequer for the lease. By 1768, the Company cried for help and a new lease over the plantations was granted for only five years (8Geo3.c.24), with the plan to conduct a limited and violently brutal war to eliminate opposition amongst the colonists. In other words, the deadline for the United Company of Merchants to deliberately start a war in order to try and kill all the patriots was by the year 1773.

Now, if you think this sounds unbelievable, just have a read of the prima facie evidence I am providing in the links. Go ahead, see for yourself.  In any event, it turned out that the populations of the British Colonies in America were not that easy to stir into rebellion.

First the British tried their old “divide and conquer” method by pitting New York against Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Bay and the rest of the colonies, by permitting New York to print its own money in 1769 (9Geo3.c.35). Yet instead of causing division, the colonialists adapted and began accepting currency of New York as money across the colonies. When the United Company began raising prices of imported goods in its monopoly of trade granted by the crown in 1771 (11Geo3.c.7) and in 1772 (12Geo3.c.32), the colonialists looked to return to their knowledge of piracy and privateering in smuggling goods in and out of the colonies. Even when the crown granted the United Company of Merchants the power to use its own magistrates in 1772 (12Geo3.c.60) to pervert justice and unfairly imprison and murder patriots, there was no rebellion.

1773 was now upon the United Company of Merchants and there was still no rebellion. So the British aristocracy and the United Company of Merchants could no longer be subtle.  They effectively declared open economic war against the colonies to starve the people into rebellion, beginning with the embargo of basic food stuffs into the colonies (13Geo3.c.3) and then completely outlawing any local money bills within the colonies, destroying the currency of New York (13Geo3.c.57). Finally, the United Company of Merchants had rebellion in Massachusetts Bay by 1774 and used this argument to remain in control, despite the expiry under the so called laws of Westminster of their lease. So in 1774, (14Geo3.c.19) Massachusetts Bay was made an example and the population threatened by complete starvation. Riots ensued and the United Company of Merchants was then empowered to use its resources to kill any patriots or those who resisted in the Massachusetts Bay colonies (14Geo3.c.39) and (14Geo3.c.45).  It also gave the company the excuse to start building up its Red Army and Blue Army as a completely banker controlled war, with the Blue Army eventually to become known as the Continental Army. The Company then appointed one of its most devious, sociopathic and dishonest mercenary leaders to be the leader of the Blue Army.

Once open warfare was successfully ignited by 1775 (15Geo3.c.15), complete trade embargo was implemented from 1775 (15Geo3.c.10) and (15Geo3.c.18) and continued in 1776 (16Geo3.c.5).

Yet, this is where the prima facie evidence becomes overwhelming. Because, guess what? While the War for Independence was continuing, the United Company of Merchants was granted through, Westminster from being exempt from the blockade as evidenced by the act in 1776 (16Geo3.c.37) and 1778 (18Geo3.c.55) and 1779 (19Geo3.c.22) and 1780 (20Geo3.c.10) and (20Geo3.c.19) and 1781 (21Geo3.c.29). In fact trade expanded by the United Company of Merchants during the War for Independence and by 1781 (21Geo3.c.65), they were granted a new 20 year lease not only for plantations but territories under dispute – with the lease ending around 1812 and the power to appoint a Governor General for Fort William in Bengal and Fort William at New York on Manhattan Island.  The first Governor General being a position granted as reward to the hired mercenary leader of the Blue Army (Continental Army) of the United Company of Merchants who successful tricked over 10,000 patriots into an ambush and their slaughter by the Red Army of the United Company of Merchants. A supremely wicked and disgusting soul who then had his ultimate act of military treachery and cowardice immortalized in a canvas of him at the head of a single boat looking like some crazed figure of the story Moby Dick.

Yet the deep connection between America and the United Company of Merchants is but an element of the picture and we need to move on to establishing the final key timeline of events for this blog and audio of what actually is meant by America and the United States of America in Westminster Statute as well as the creation of the dominions of Upper Canada and Lower Canada at the same time by the elite bankers and pirates of London.

What does the word America mean under international law?

As we discussed some weeks ago, the laws of Westminster are not only a fraud, but a fraud littered with deliberately occult, convoluted and hysterically obtuse concepts. When you actually read their claimed laws you see that there is nothing lawful about them whatsoever. Not one of them, not one matches the Golden Rule of Law, or Justice or Fairness.  All of it is designed to keep people permanently distracted, divided and tricked, as they did to those brave patriots more than two hundred years ago.

Yet, given this blog and audio is about evidence of what these bankers and elite families did, we need to investigate once more some of these horribly tricky Statutes. I will start with a Statute under George 1st in 1719 (6Geo1.c.5) on declaring the Kingdom of Ireland a dependency and thereafter any mention of Ireland becomes interchangeable with the concept of a kingdom, or nation, or people who have had their own sovereignty stolen by Great Britain.

So this is the beginning of the multiple functions of italics, with Italics meaning a title, or name of a ship, or technical term being defined, or foreign word such as Latin.  Proper case then in Westminster statutes for a time meant a proper noun such as a corporation and lower case meant a common noun as well as an estate or trust of the same name. So keep this in mind as we go through this final section of this blog.

We see an obscure act in 1710 (9Ann.c.17) that actually defines what is meant in Westminster Statute by the word America when defining colonies, provinces, countries and plantations being the whole of North America not just the east coast of America. The act makes clear that there is no distinction between colonies, provinces, countries and plantations in North America whether they be in land now known as Canada or land now known as the United States of America. All of them and all of it was considered the dominions of the Crown of Great Britain.  We see the same brutal and emphatic claims under an act in 1766 (6Geo3.c.12) where it is made clear to the colonies that despite their own assemblies and early adoption of principles of freedom and democracy, they remained dependencies and under the foot of Great Britain and its vultures such as the Bank of England and the United Company of Merchants.

That is why the military-banking model of control from Great Britain in the 18th Century installed military officials called Governors in colonies and larger plantations, to enforce martial law from time to time and to stamp out any signs of people waking up, or starting to rebel against the utter insanity and tyranny of bankers. It is why today any place that has a Governor as its highest official, still holds ties and dependency back to Great Britain today – no matter what lies, or distractions are claimed.

So when the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada were formed in 1791 (31Geo3.c.31) for North America, it meant the whole of North America and not simply some adjustment of the previous Province of Quebec. Just for the record, the word Quebec is not some native American Indian term for narrow water, but Latin Que+Bec meaning literally “The Bill”. In any event, the creation of a Legislative Council for Upper Canada with its Capital of Newfoundland saw the uniting of Newfoundland, St John’s Island (Prince Edwards Island), Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, St Peter’s Island (Saint Pierre and Miquelon), Rupert’s Land and North West Territories. The first act of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada according to its own Statutes was to pass and ratify the act of Westminster that defined it, thus legitimizing Upper Canada.

The Capital of Lower Canada by the 1791 act was to be Quebec and the fourteen other colonies, provinces, countries and plantations of the crown of England in North America including Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and Vermont which was formed in 1791. However, according to the 1795 print of the original statutes of Lower Canada, the act of its formation was never ratified by this body and so the government of Lower Canada was loosely observed until finally abolished under the Act of Union of 1840 (2&3Vict.c.35).

Now, I know that many people who come to this blog by this stage are going to find their heads spinning and asking the question – hold on a second, there were treaties signed with the King of England such as 1783 recognizing the United States as well as an act of Parliament that explicitly recognizes the United States of America, so that is all this about Upper and Lower Canada then.

If this is what you were thinking, then you are correct. There is a treaty signed in 1783 in the hope of forming a Union – which struggled to be realized until 1789 because the colonists were not prepared to see such a Constitution put in place that kept them under the thumb of Great Britain and the United Company of Merchants. So lets have a look at the statute of Westminster that ratified the treaty in 1796 (36Geo3.c.97). What do you see? Now remember that the way words are presented in official government printing of acts of parliament is no accident. If a word is in lower case it is supposed to be in lower case. Similarly, if it is in italics, then that is the way it is supposed to be listed.

So what we see in the official act of 1796, as opposed to any deliberately corrupted reprints of the treaty is that the act recognizes a trust and an estate called the united states of the British Colonies of America, but nowhere does the act recognize a sovereign country, or nation called the United States of America in this treaty. Instead, it is saying effectively “go right ahead” and function as the trust and estate called the united states but we still own you.

So here is yet another question with these tricky and deceptive bankers and merchants that seek to continue to divide and conquer the world, as there are plenty of acts of Westminster of the same period that does list the United States of America in proper case- so what is this body?

Well, in 1783 in the same year that the Treaty of Paris was signed, there were two acts passed by Westminster (23Geo3.c.26) and (23Geo3.c.39) that did have the United States in capitals and America in italics to indicate it still considered America as its dominions. So what was this United States in capitals?  It was the corporation known as the United States established by the United Company of Merchants with its 20 year lease until 1812 remember?

So was there any legitimate sovereign positions recognized for the United States by Westminster? Actually, yes – but only one. It was the creation a new position within Admiralty and the Navy called the Treasurer of the Navy in 1785 (25Geo3.c.31) based originally out of Annapolis and then forced to move offshore after the Civil War to the Philippines, then Cuba and finally to Puerto Rico.  From this act which grants the position full military, admiralty, financial power from the crown and the Bank of England, it is unquestionably the most powerful position of the United States and the only banking position that can command its own forces acting as mercenaries to go out and act as pirates and privateers.  You know the position as the United States Treasury.

Now you know

If your head is spinning about now, don’t worry – you are not the first. Now you know how and why countless generations of military generals and leaders born on the soil of the United States of America were tricked, threatened and trapped into serving the interests of a few global bankers and ruling elite to continue perpetual warfare and service.  Hopefully, such blind obedience is coming to an end.

Now you know and enough is enough. Next week, we will discuss the evolution from the 1840s through the Civil War up until just before the changes before World War II on the never ending cycle of banker funded and driven wars this machine was intended to serve.

To all of you who continue to support and help Ucadia- thank and until next week, please be safe and well.

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NOTE: ever since we published these content, Frank website has been highjacked by the British.



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