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On the evening of the 26th of September, 2015 Pope Francis has taken the throne of Father of all Families and this title is being celebrated by the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Francis was seated on a golden throne and given gifts and was defined as the Holy Father of Families.

When the golden throne and the title was accepted and acknowledged, (agenda 30) the Catholic Church lost its Pope and the Christians lost its world leader.

The reign of the heavens, the Government of The United States of America and The United States of America has already made its position clear on this matter. LINK

It is very clear that the Illuminati and the Jesuits have been at war against the original Catholic Church and Christianity. The Illuminati and the Jesuits started with the infallible claim of the Pope in 1962, and various  other ritual sacrifices of children and child sexual molestation. The Jesuits took the Papacy and named their leader Francis, and now the new title, the Catholic Church is dead because of the lack of a real Pope.

With the claim accepted and acknowledged, this takeover by the Jesuits and the Illuminati means that Francis now represents those entities and has abandoned the true Catholics and the true Christians.

It will be hard for the Catholics and Christians to believe this abandonment  because the Illuminati and the Jesuits will do its will in the name of the Catholic Church and the Christian religion, therefore it will appear as if the will of the Catholic Church and Christianity is being represented.

All of the legitimacy of the brands of the two organizations will be spent by the Jesuits and the Illuminati. The Catholics and the Christians have been subjected to some real weird edicts; However, one day it will go too far and they will wake up from their illusions.

World Trust Protocols:

Christianity and the Catholicism is re-entered into the “World Trust” under the category of non-population. Those religions will remain in the World Trust until a real Christian or Catholic signs for the religion and begins its true practice according to its original customs and traditions.

Re-claiming Christianity and Catholicism:

The claim can be done in a newspaper of general circulation and a 90 day period has to expire. If the claimant(s) is in need of the wording of such a claim, then don’t bother, that particular claimant would not be worthy.

Purpose of the reign of the heavens society Temple:

The reign of the heavens society Temple is concerned about this unprecedented transfer and abandonment and therefore will guard the true Catholics and Christians until this matter is resolved and the majority realizes what has happened to them. Please keep in mind that the treasury of both organizations will be wildly spent into oblivion and then the perpetrators will move on.  In other words, the Treasury of the two organizations is now in the hands of the prodigal son. This means that every ones inheritance is now being spent without their knowledge and consent. The inheritance of the people is no longer being preserved. It was stolen, and is now being spent and used against them.

General Information:

One of the purposes of the reign of the heavens society Temple is to maintain original organizations while they go through turmoil. It does not take those organizations over in anyway. It guards other organizations until they are re-established and stabilized.

Therefore, the reign of the heavens society Temple is now guarding the original Catholic and the Christian organizations and those organizations shall remain behind the flaming swords until Catholicism and Christianity is re-populated and re-established.



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