The Ways Of The Light

The Ways of the Light:

1. Choose a journey of Light, Infinite God Realization, and Eternal Peace For All Throughout the Cosmos.

2. Always choose the white light, “I choose Source and the White Light”, with God’s grace.

3. Resolve everything with Wisdom.

4. Always receive Divine Permission, before Forgiving. God knows when the karma has been rectified enough for the person to be forgiven.

5. Keep your karmic slate clear.

6. Take responsibility for one’s actions.

7. Hold others accountable for theirs.

8. Protect one’s energy field.

9. Respect the Sacred, which includes the planets, animals, and people.

10. Have a Cosmic Justice System, which is the goal of this New Cosmic Cycle, called The Sacred Cross of Governance, which is Cosmic Stewardship.

11. Have Truth in the Heart, and Heart Consciousness.

12. Stay balanced, so that the consciousness can keep up with the Soul, with rest, proper diet, enough exercise, prayer, meditation, play, and service.

13. Manifest the Highest Good for All concerned in the Light, each and every moment of one’s journey.


Transmission: Art Kelly



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