The Surprise we all were Waiting for: the Royals Clowns


Most people in this country and around the world are very much aware that the elite Royals from England was an evil empire that captured an entire civilization to its knees.

Along with the most analytical, cunning, hypocritical, and sophisticated minds from around the world, these criminals had the audacity throughout their reign make the people believe they were benevolent behind their luxurious lifestyles.

The truth is, they were all pay for hire actors deliberately and knowingly sucking the blood, and life essence from every human being on the planet by every known and unknown possibility. They looked upon our people as cockroaches. We were their property whereas they could do with us whatever they wish. Which is why we were their chattel under Maritime law Or law of the Sea. They took away from us our God giving Natural Law.

Which is why they owned every government within every country on the planet. Another tactic they used for making the people of every country believe their own government was working for them, when the naked truth was, their government was working for the Royal Queen doing exactly what it was told them to do- doing harm to their own people by stealing their own resources that they needed for survival. Resources that ended in Communist China so Communist China could sell them to everyone around the world. Communist China was their right hand for doing their finest dirty work, inclusive the United States that supplies their ammunition of defense, along with those war warriors from those  [ Three. Letters. Agencies.]

The United States and Canada was their primary milking cow. And there it was NOT a politician from every country that was not being paid millions of dollars from the Queen’s treasury via the ferocious agents from the Vatican; public, and private banks; and all the scoundrels from the distinguish families across the world that were all working together for the same goal. But let us not leave behind Ukraine, and Israel.= both the snakes pit.

Distinguish AGENTS as those from the Medical Industry,= doctors, pharmaceutical+ and theirs assistants; so call scientists; educators from private and public schools inclusive universities; clergies from all religions; the court system/judges; financial; journalists; the police; Hollywood’s entertainers, sports athletes; and last but far away from the least, the boys and girls from the distinguish BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB named the BAR, were very well aware that their loyalty was to the Queen, the CCP, and Israel. And especially, the United States of Israel, NOT to the people. Not to The We The People.

Little were the American people aware that their country, the United States and Canada, was under communism. Which let us remind everyone again, that communism originated in England. Truly, all nations of the world were under communism. Communism is a way of government where the people are trapped in a system run by thugs, psychopaths, narcissists, malicious ferocious criminals, war mongers, and thieves. These people have no intentions of changing behavior, let alone having any respect for our humanity. Which is why they knowingly wanted destroying our youth; our children, our women, and our men. Indescribable atrocities of the killing of our people were rampant everywhere, but most heart breaking, the abuse, the disrespect, the kidnapping, and the killing of our children within schools, hospitals, and even in their own homes!

I can never forget when a sweet, healthy, and happy seven years old little girl was brought to school as usual that day by her parents. And then a few hours later, her parents got the news no parents should ever hear—their child died while in class! People in their neighborhood were heart broken. And many felt in their hearts that something very wrong happened here. But of course something very wrong happened there! How about if the school’s principal, the teachers, the police, the doctors, and even the person that did autopsy to the dead body were all involve in the killing of the child? People like you and I would never think of such of atrocity being done by the people we so dearly trusts with our health, and our precious jewels as are our children.

And I can never forget how a mother took her five years old child to the hospital early in the morning when he was not feeling well+ and had a fever. The child was a healthy child as usual, except that he had a fever. The mother panicked, and she took him to the hospital. And after taking four tubes of blood from the child, he died in her mother’s harms! The woman went crazy, and desperately screaming, “What happened! You have killed my child!” With heart shattered into million pieces, and crying to the heavens, she said, “Bury me with the love of my life!”

I can go on all day writing incidents like the ones above, not only from children but from adults. And I can also tell you that all these deaths were not a coincidence. They were deliberately Done. The thirsty demons needed blood and someone must die. The agents must do what it was told them to do. That is all. Withdrawing blood is a form of vampirism. Young blood is very lucrative. The most expensive.

And how can we all forget how a dozen children disappeared from a school in Canada after Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth from England, and her husband went to visit the school. Horrific statements from the ones that survived are on the public record throughout the world. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, the Queen and team left their blueprints all around the world mass murdering children deliberately, or by other means as genocide, or by wars. And they made sure that killing+ kidnapping+ and blood withdrawing was being done on a regular daily basis at all medical+ and blood donating facilities. And as if that was not enough, prescribing the vulnerable so call medicine that would kill them faster than what they think+ and butchering them with unnecessary surgeries,+ and etc., etc., is not a bad idea either. And why not brainwash all the children in schools with sexual immorality; raping them. And how about turning little boys into little girls, and little girls into little boys! “Being a transgender is cool. Castration is cool too!” They would tell deliberately to our youth beside navigating them taking dangerous hormones. Hormones therapy!

Enforcing what the Queen and team ordered, was one of the main responsibility from every government within every country. Which is why all politicians and related assistants were made so very rich; they bribed them. For them all, human trafficking in a million ways was the only thing that matters. The only thing that brought them all kinds of pleasure and fame. That is where the money is inclusive of trafficking drugs+ and selling it to the rich and famous pedophiles baby killers from Hollywood,+ and sports affiliates. And further, spreading it throughout all American neighborhoods,+ and schools where our youth could get addicted and die. These people sold their brothers and sisters for a few dollars in their pockets.

And speaking of Hollywood, and especially those respectable top actors.+ and big sports stars, without mentioning any names- they are all slime balls pedophiles baby killers too that belong to certain society that main objective is eugenic. Just ask any kind of doctor what BOULE Society is, or ALPHA PHI ALPHA, etc., etc. Top agent Oprah Winfrey knows exactly what we are talking about.

And about the court system; the Justice Department that practice no justice. A department run by top prestige criminals, pedophiles baby killers, and war mongers. The number one department enforcing human trafficking. The ones that take pride in throwing families+ and old people on the streets when no one can effort paying their mortgages or their rents. The ones that will take away our children, and all our possessions because we are Not worth of anything. A department that takes pride being run by the BAR, and the slime balls, panty sniffers partners from congress, and our local police.

Enough said because I am getting sick. Most of you know all these I am talking about. I am just informing the ones that do not know the real truth. And I am going to make clear, that most people; the average people were completely naïve of what was taking place within their work place. We were just happy having a job that could pay the bills and feed the family. However, those that tuned in their heart intuition found the real truth without much efforts. And many of them left their jobs inclusive many of us leaving behind an entire career that we have gotten through expensive college. Integrity came to the rescued.

AND THEN on September 9 of 2022= 9/9, when publicly it was announced that the Queen died, on a Full Moon. That same instant; that same day, all her Maritime Law became Severed. And many were the ones that were READY waiting for a long time for this EVENT taking place. And many of her top agents worldwide died before the announcement of her death.= executed. Ongoing. Since 2017.

And that same day, a shifting of energy occurred worldwide as well. A shifting of energy not only within the planet, but within the hearts and minds of everyone. And officially the entire planet shifted from Maritime Law, to Natural Law. All those Maritime law+ and Corporal law since almost one hundred and fifty years back, are dissolved.

This is Huge!

And if you think that there it will be a continuation of the same hierarchy, of the same kingdom  within England, you are badly mistaking. Their Kingdom formed by parasites, lizards, and top sophisticated criminals that only cared about themselves, IS NO MORE. Not all is as it seems.

And many are the rats that are still loose. And many are the ones that are jaws dropped thinking that their ships are already ten feet down- and to think that no one will come to their rescued. Well, this is what happen when Mommy and Daddy are already buried and no fortune was left behind for them. This is very bad. And have you heard? Well, I am afraid to even say this but I am taking the chance any way. Someone said, “That Xi Jin Ping was hired as a short order cook in a wanton factory somewhere in China.” Meaning he is cooking wonton! Well, that is not so bad, isn’t? Goodbye communist China. Goodbye communism worldwide. And say goodbye as well to ALL the agents that worked so faithfully for the deceased Queen and team, and that worked so hard too, mocking, belittling, stealing, and destroying the spirit of the American people. The distinguished scumbags and traitors BAR member that called themselves lawyers.

And if some hungry politicians think that millions of dollars+ and fame are waiting for them after winning “some suppose election”, think twice before gambling your time making false promises to your people. POLITIC IS OVER. Basically, power has been giving back to the people, and we think we’ll do mighty well without political tyrants. Perhaps this time a benevolent Queen Or a benevolent Goddess would handle direct the needs and affairs for the people worldwide! Imagine a Queen or Goddess working with the people and for the people. That seems for us like a reality come true. Perhaps the true law would be, Direct Benevolent Royal Decrees for everyone.

So many CEOs resigning; and so many BIG corporations are bankrupt; even some huge banks! Well, this is what happen when they cannot do business through human trafficking. We guess some people never learn their lesson. And some of these criminals should know better than surrender before someone knocks on their door. Surrendering is better than having an unexpected bullet on your head. Nothing is a secret. You. Know. Who. You. Are.

Be not worry of anything, as everything would work out for the best even if we have to step over a few stones. Keep in mind that this is a huge changeover, and inner standing is indeed needed. And the rewards are huge! And the timing is very close!

Let us pray our Divine Father Mother God for protection for our family, our children, and our country. And let us pray for the souls from all those children, and from all those adults that died in the hands of these criminals needless. Let us pray for guidance, and balance navigating through these changing times, and giving us courage, health, prosperity, freedom, hearts, and a better future. this posting

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