The Sound of Freedom and Beyond

On July 4th 2023, it is the premier for the Movie, “Sound of Freedom.” Reserve your seat! This movie touches the Deep Disgrace from our country and worldwide about the murdering, kidnapping, and abuses done upon our children by those we trusted the most.

Those we trusted the most are/were adults that should off known better than doing harm to innocents as are children! These adults came from all backgrounds of education, cultures, societies, religions, political, and prestige, naming a few.

These crimes committed against our children by these criminals, was the secret of all secrets, where only THEY knew about it, except us, the people. Scum bags, how wrong you all figured this out. The secret, was no secret, and you all got caught with a bullet on your head. Someone was much smarted than you all, is it not? Be Gone where ever you may be. Let our children be children. Let our children play free! Let our children live and enjoy their responsible loving family here within our country, and worldwide.
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