The Situation in Israel: the More You know

If we remember a while back, maybe at the beginning of 2022, a ranking official from Israel came to visit the White House, where Joe Biden was welcoming him.

The ranking official was exciting having his first visit, representing the people of Israel with the New Joe Biden in the White House.

While doing all that he could impressing Joe Biden, he was not the least aware that J Biden has fallen sleep from the instant that he started speaking.

And when he noticed it, he did not know what to do. Instead he continues saying what he need it too say.. And then after, J Biden woke as if he was in the most profound sleep.

This was being televised worldwide. And many American people were jaws dropped, as they could not figure out what was this all about. In fact, some American thought that this was very rude; very odd indeed. However, for many of us, that was not the case, as we wholeheartedly  knew this was done intentionally, and the message was clear. This meant, “Israel, we are done with you. You are done with. Is over. Take a hike. You make us vomit. You are broke. No more money for you and your gangs of high class criminals.” Till these days we are laughing our ass off.

The truth of the facts are, that Israel is completely broke. Meaning, the Zionists government of Israel do not have any more funds to work with. Keep also in mind that the suppose STATE of Israel is run by the most ferocious criminals that comes for refuge here from all over the world inclusive babies murderers, pedophiles, and wars criminals, etc. In fact, Israel is the Sodom and Gahmorah of the entire planet. Further, Israel do have hidden connecting tunnels that goes all the way to Rome, and to many other countries throughout the Middle East. These tunnels are for funneling organs, and all kinds of people inclusive children. These way of human trafficking is the only way for the production of adrenochrome, and distribution of human flesh.

These criminals are the ones that disguise as Jewish rabbis, clergies, nuns, priests, pastors; doctors, CEOs; generals, and politicians, etc. One of the most ferocious genocidal politician from Israel, has been the alleged Benjamin Netanyahu. A demon that delighted killing and mocking the American people, same as he has done with the Palestinian people. Netanyahu, we are most certain left this plane long time ago. What you see now is a look alike acting as such, and until the entire conflict of Israel and the Palestinian people is done with.

The stolen land from the Palestinian people by means of the Balfour Declaration from the British in 1917 must be null and void. It was not for the Zionist built a nation and or a State. It was for the Palestinian people allowing the Zionists a settlement, and or a community in their country. Not for the Zionists grab almost the entire land of Palestine, and or destroy their people.

By these actions for decades and decades, is enough for the entire so call state of Israel be dismantle, and as well destroy all perpetrators. The Zionists that call themselves Jews, have been the entire plague for this planet earth. Other names for these criminals are, cabal; Kahzarian mafia, communists, socialists, democrats, republicans, libertarians, elites, lawyers, the eugenics, Jesuits, illuminates’; Satan worshipers, freemasons, etc.

And we Quote:

The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government in 1917 during the First World War announcing its support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a small minority Jewish population.

What did the Balfour Declaration impact?

It meant British support for bringing into Palestine and implanting a foreign majority at the expense of the indigenous population’s rights, and ultimately at the expense of its existence as a people in its own land.

Why was the Balfour Declaration a problem?

The Balfour Declaration became a highly controversial document. It disturbed those Jewish circles who were not in favour of the Zionist aim of the creation of a Jewish State.

When did Great Britain rule over Palestine?

The British Mandate for Palestine (1918-1948) was the outcome of several factors: the British occupation of territories previously ruled by the Ottoman Empire, the peace treaties that brought the First World War to an end, and the principle of self-determination that emerged after the war.

As we can see, the British have always been the cause of so much chaos throughout the world inclusive in the United States and Canada, where they basically thought they own the entire North America by infiltration and deception.

Until Now.

And going back to the war in Israel as we speak, Much of it is for what we can discern, propaganda although there it has been many casualties. Most likely, the good guys are at it doing their thing on the Israeli side, and the Palestinian side. The goal should be, destroy what no longer serve, and reverse the Balfour Declaration. We suspect that the entire Palestinian land, with Israel or without it, would be under the rule of a kingdom as it was before.

What was taking from the people will return to the people.

Meanwhile, we the American people do not need to hear Pastor John Hague making a full of himself defending the suppose state of Israel. John Hague has been a good buddy from many years to the Israeli mafia. In fact, he had recently an interview with top war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu. He actually praised this guy as if he was a saint sent from heaven. Not only that, but he honestly believe that the land of Israel is a holy land; the land of Jesus. Well, metaphorically, yes. Thinking that Israel and or Palestine is the only holy land, that would be insane. How about if the entire land that compose the planet, is all holy. Right now, anywhere where anyone is walking, no matter at which piece and or place on earth, is all holy. Further, the name Israel do have many meaning, one being, land, cells, children of the sun; children of AmonRa= children of the sun and the moon, and or children of Isis and the sun. it also means, atoms; Elohim, etc. Enough for now. More later.

Right now John Hague should off had taking all the contributions he had made to the Israeli mafia, and giving it to his community, especially those that need it the most. Be an example of what you so much preach about. Traitor. You. Are.

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” ~Luke 8-17

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but do lie — behold, I will make them to come and worship at thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” ~Revelation 3:9

Meanwhile, let us all pray that there it would be peace on earth. That there it would be Prosperity. Health. Wisdom. Unity. Courage. Bravery. Responsibility. Accountability. Family. Truth. Sovereignty. Joy. For all our people worldwide.

We the people are what we were waiting for.

So be it

Be it so

Happy Indigenous Day 2023!


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