The September Equinox and the Sacred Elements and Deity: Happy Equinox!


On September 22- 23 is the Autumn Equinox. This event manifest every year at the appropriate date and time, and it has to do with the changes of the seasons that as well involve the Mighty Sun. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, this event is signaling the arrival of Autumn+ and the Winter, while in the Southern Hemisphere is the Vernal Equinox! Vernal means Spring, and we all know that after Spring it is Summer. So while some of us are freezing during the Winter, in another part of the world many are having fun during their Summer Season.

The September Equinox is when the Sun CROSSES the Equator from North to South. During the crossing of the Sun, a portal opens and thus sacred energy is pour upon the entire earth besides a day and or few days+ and nights during the Equinox, are equal. Equal days+ and equal nights. Then after, and during the Autumn and Winter, the Sun light decreases.

During the energy of the Equinox we must pay attention and take advantages of this energy by setting our intentions in creating a better world for our greatest good. These intentions must be verbalize, and accompany by rituals, whether by fire rituals, prayers, mantras, and or meditations. This is very critical, as it is during the Autumn and Winter where we must pass through some challenging times; some karmic challenging times, therefore we must take time by acknowledging the sacred elements, and some deities that can help us clearing the path.


In your sacred space, take time to thanks the sacred element of Water for their hard work, and how much grateful we are for their service to us, as without them life could not exists. Do the same for the sacred elements of Earth, Fire, and Wind. As we said, light candles and never blow them off! Do fire rituals at your backyards, and or prayers, and or meditations, and or mantras at your sacred space as well.


By the power from the sacred elements of Water; the sacred elements of Earth; the sacred elements of Fire; and the sacred elements of Wind, we thank you for your service for our humanity. We acknowledge you. We honor you. We respect you. And we ask for you accept our humble request for forgiving us if we ever offended you; If we ever disrespected you; if we ever manipulated you for causing harm; If we ever until now were ignorant of your mighty power.

Guide us to the path of light, guide us knowing wisdom; guide us maintaining health, prosperity, courage, and liberty. For all. So mote it be. Amen. Amen. Amen.

 Mantra: Deity

With faith in your heart, speak and or pray and or do mantra to Lord Ganisha, the deity that can clear our Karma; our obstacles so we can be liberated from bad things happening to us. Remember that the most obstacles= karmic debts are ingrained in our past inclusive that of our ancestors, the more difficulties we most likely face ahead. Lord Ganisha also can help with the karma of/ from our very own ancestors- ancestors from thousands of years back that carries on our very own DNA. Karma is hereditary, in case you did not know.

Pray Lord Ganisha help liberate our ancestors from karmic debts, so that way they can ascends to higher realms. Our ancestors future depends on us! This is critical. This is why it is very important that we do rituals for their behalf. This is why we must carry on this tradition throughout our families and generations to come, so we all can help each other even after we passed this physical realm. Lord Ganisha works beautifully with all the sacred elements. Lord Ganisha loves for us be prosperous, healthy, and full of courage. Lord Ganisha is our deity, is it not?

In your sacred space, say one hundred and eight times the mantra:


This mantra is magic. Great things; great changes will start happening to anyone that keeps the faith and always seek help and guidance from the sacred elements and sacred deities during the equinoxes, and all ways, always.

Heart. Faith. Courage. Liberty. Health. Prosperity. Blissing. One. All ways always. So be it!

Happy Equinox everyone! = this posting

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