The Secret Covenant


We are publishing this for some people that are still in dreamland surrounded by ignorance and fear. Take time to read this to be self evidence then understand what for so many years we’ve been talking about, bringing awareness with issues like water fluoridation, poisoning of the air we breathe, the FDA and its agenda to kill us all with prescriptions drugs, and food poisoning as well just to name only a few! This secret covenant by the elite will send you free from the illusion we’ve been trapped.

Now that you know this, then lets move on with the NEW changes that are upon us all because we are kicking ass!

And believe it or not we are digging fifty feet deep to bury your covenant and actions for good; we want you back to Creator Source as if you never existed.

Thank you for the lesson learned, and you were right to say that when we’ll find out of your vicious secret agenda we’ll bury you.  Guess what, you are done, and you are gone!


>SecretCovenant-EliteNetwork by Brian Kelly


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