The Passion of the Christ: Holy Week, and Full Moon

The time has come for us all profoundly comprehend what in reality is the “Cosmic Christ.”

It is urgent to know that the Christ is not a historical figure. No, Christ is not someone that existed 2000 years ago. That idea, that concept is very wrong. That concept is very erroneous because Christ is not of time. The Christ is timeless! The Christ unfolds Itself from instant to instant, moment to moment; Christ is the sacred fire, the cosmic, sacred fire. ~quote

The Passion of the Christ is the Passion of the Christ Sun since the beginning of the world. Since the beginning of creation. The Christ Sun is the Creator itself, the one that gives life to everything. The Christ Sun is the Midnight Sun. The Christ Sun is a Star from our stars system that represents authority. The name Sun is the name of a Star(s). Actually, Sun= Sol= light, and or light from a star, or stars and thus the name Solar, or Solar system according to modern society. In truth, the name of our solar system or system of stars is Ors, according to ancient teaching from spiritual scientists.  

Symbolically, our physical sun represents the Christ Sun within this physical realm. No, our physical sun is not the Christ Sun, however, and for those that have eye to see and ear to hear, is through the physical sun that the Christ Sun communicate with us. For example, when our physical sun rises through the East, our Christ Sun is telling us that something beautiful and full of love must be born within us; within our hearts. And when the physical sun is retiring after a long day through sundown, our Christ Sun is telling us that something within us must die.

The Christ Sun is a star that gives the sparks of life through the elements of Fire. The elements of fire, and speaking from astronomical and astrological points, are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius,= a trinity, that in combination with the trinities from the elements of water, air, and earth, create life; stars, cosmos, and universes, but this would be a subject for later. What is important to understand here is that the Christ Sun, since he is the Master architect of our own stars system, he must goes, and or pass through tough challenges,+ initiations navigating throughout space his yearly solar calendar that revolve around the equinoxes and solstices, and that ultimately he triumphantly overcome when he reaches the highest sky on the Summer Solstice in June. 

It is clear that Christmas is a wonderful event upon which we must profoundly meditate.

Each year the Sun performs an elliptic journey that starts on the 25th of December, advancing and returning to the South Pole, towards the area where we find Antarctica. It is worthwhile to reflect precisely on the deep significance of this journey.

In the north on those days of Christmas, winter reaches its peak, precisely because the Sun has withdrawn. Thus, on December 24th, the journey of the Sun towards the south reaches its end. If from December 25th onwards the Sun did not move northward, we would die frozen; the whole earth would become a mass of ice, and every creature, everything that has life would actually perish. So, therefore it is worthwhile to reflect on the event of Christmas.

The Sun Christ must move forward in order to give us life. Thus, on the spring equinox, the Sun reaches its northernmost position. Then, the grapes and the wheat ripen. It is precisely in spring when the Lord must go through his life, passion and death to then resurrect. 

Thus, as the physical Sun advances towards the north in order to give life to all of creation, likewise the Sun of Midnight, the Spiritual Sun, the Christ Sun, gives us life if we learn how to fulfill his commandments.

The sacred scriptures clearly address Bethlehem and a stable where he is born. This stable of Bethlehem is within oneself, here and now. Precisely within this interior stable dwell the animals of desire—that is, all those passionate “I’s” that we carry in our psyche. This is obvious.

Bethlehem is an esoteric name. The village of Bethlehem did not exist in those times when the great Kabir Jesus came into the world, so Bethlehem is entirely symbolic. Bethlehem in Chaldean language is Belen, and its root signifies “tower of fire.” Therefore, Bethlehem is Belen, a Chaldean term that corresponds precisely to the tower of BEL, the tower of FIRE. Thus, Bethlehem is completely symbolic..

The name Jesus, and or Yeshua, Osiris, Krishna, and or messiah, etc., are in reference to the Sun Christ, are symbolic of the Sun Christ, or for better term, the Spiritual Sun. Those that achieved the incarnation of the spiritual Sun, are said to have worked hard for this achievement. Imagine for example a fish that swim upstream with one purpose only. That purpose is mating at a safe place so the continuation of the species goes on according to his senses. For that fish, swimming upstream is hard work; he does face many challenges inclusive that of almost being caught by a big bear; a big bird, and whoops, unexpectedly he got stuck in a sidetrack small pond that it is not his final destination.

And now what? Well, the fish is trying hard to get to high waters, and against his will, it is stuck in the small pond for a few days! Then after, and unexpectedly the fish jumps with all his might into high waters, and full of hope it continues with its journey. Then finally the fish arrived at the final destination where it gets greeted by a Big fish, and hundreds of other fishes that are gather welcoming him? Then suddenly, and like magic, the Big fish and all the other fishes disappeared, leaving him alone. What? the fish asked. Then a sounded voice said, “Worry not warrior! You are safe now. You made it to heaven. You are in heaven. Welcome my son.” Then the voice disappeared leaving him at a huge void of space where it seems only him exists. Then restless, he remembers the journey that led him where he is at right now.. that wasn’t easy, he said. And now what? he asked again. And then he thought that if he is in heaven, then any wish can come true. Any wish can manifests instantly. Then he fell asleep. THE END.

The narrative of the fish is indeed something to reflect.. which lead us to think that perhaps then a cell from our body; a corpuscle to be exact, is brave enough to navigate the finest waters within our body- swimming upstream until it goes back to where it came from,= the brain. After all, a corpuscle when in the human body, it is for a fact, a human fish. However, before it arrived there, that cell went through many challenges inclusive of being stuck at the cerebellum where for a fact there are some small bones that form a cross where only the chosen ones can pass through. But regardless, and like stuck on a cross, the cell is there for a few days, three to be exact before a ventricle opens and the cell continue its journey to the brain. When this event happens, an electrical current get discharged all throughout the body where the person that it is going through this event, is experiencing his or her body as if it is on fire. Only though, it is a fire that do not cause harm to the flesh. It is a gradient fire where one feels elated with bliss.

So grandiose is this event that all of the sudden the person finds itself on top of the world witnessing simultaneously all that is happening in the world; it is as if one find itself watching a movie, only that the difference is, you are in it. You feel and know in your heart that you are the actor, the observed, and the observer. And then you cry endlessly for hours and for days until there are no more tears. Yet you are still on fire, and your heart is filled with love and compassion for everyone and everything inclusive the animals, the birds, the trees, the flowers, the leaves on the ground, and even an ant! In fact you find yourself listening to private conversations people are having with each other; among themselves on the other side of the continent.. and then swiftly you find yourself in another country. Walking for a fact the streets of another city in a country that you never been before even if you are sitting on your bed right now at your own home.

And then you feel; are witnessing that in the city, and or the neighborhood where you live, all of the sudden there it is an earthquake- a subtle earthquake that caused no harm. Thank god, you said. Regardless, the local shaking off the earth continues repeatedly, and people are starting to question the darn shakes. But the shaking of the earth got worse when next day when you went to work, and just second of stepping foot at the front door of the building where your office is, a sudden shake happened where it sent everyone running outside the building for their lives. And the entire building was closed for that day.

Then next day when you have to take your mother to the doctor for check up, and while being at the front desk, a trembling of the earth happened, where it left everyone in suspense, and suspicion. Suspense because it is not easy running outside with a bunch of sick people; older people to be exact, so everyone stood still before running outside. Suspicion because a female young doctor that seems bliss with high spiritual vibration pointed her finger right at the daughter with her mother, that for a fact was the last people entering the office. She looked the daughter with fixed eyes and told her that the trembling of the earth happened because of her. She also told her to leave the office immediately, and to go home and ask for higher assistant immediately. Take your mom home now, as she would be alright; she is fine.

Then the daughter got home, and with tears pray for help. Praying that the fire within her heart cause no harm to her or anyone. Then she took ice cubes and rubbed it all over her body so it could cool her off. And then she falls asleep. Only be woken after a while by something magical. Something that she never experienced before. She sat on the bed with her eyes closed in amazement, as she does not want let go of what she is observing.

She is observing the figure of a golden sun! Then the sun evolve into a golden cloud of fire that then evolved into a golden male human form. Then this human form of golden fire is dancing eloquently and in ecstasy as in performing a perfect valet dance- an extraordinary and perfect dance. And then he is sending her a message that says, “I AM! I AM I. I AM YOU. YOU ARE I! I AM ALL!” And then still dancing his heart away, slowly, he vanishes within a white cloud.

And praying on her knees, she gives thanks for the honor. She gives thanks to the Almighty God that opened the door of her heart.

THE END. More later.

Do this seems as something you read in scriptures? Sound familiar? You bet.

This is indeed a human event of tremendous significance. The descent of Christ into the heart is a cosmic and human event of an immense transcendence, which indeed corresponds to the Venustic/ Vishnutic initiation.

He is Vishnu. The word Vishnu comes from the root “vish,” which means “to penetrate.” He penetrates everything that is, has been, and will be. We need him to penetrate us so that He can change us radically. He who pretends to disintegrate the ego with only the intellect, marches along in error.

The Jesus that we know of, was a regular man that was the son of a Roman soldier and a Middle Eastern woman. And his name was Yeshua Ben Pandira. It is written that those that achieve the Venustic initiation have great spiritual powers, and they can live for millions of years. And one of the gifts given to them, is keeping their physical body even if they were to die. This means they have conquered death. Conquering death in this sense means that if these people depart to another sphere, or another dimension in one of their non physical bodies. And if they wish, let us say for example, visit the physical world to do some good deeds, at will, and at any giving moment and time, and like magic, they would manifest, let say, in front of your front door, and or at your grocery store for example.

They also say that these humans with tremendous power stay on this planet helping the evolution of the planet, and that for our humanity, as well as doing all kinds of deeds; miracles throughout the planet for all those that asks for assistance. Yeshua Ben Pandira taught universal law; spiritual law; spiritual science, and he was filled with courage, bravery, dignity, compassion, and love for the common people, something that was not very welcomed by the scholars, and politicians of those days and thus they say they killed him; crucified him. The ones that killed him are the same people without scrupulous of now days as are politicians and shills that sells their own brothers and sisters for a few bucks. Sound familiar? These are the legions, or demons that lives within our psyche as well. 

Nonetheless, Yeshua is not the only one to receive powerful spiritual initiations. Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice-great God Ibis of Thoth, also incarnated Christ, and many more. 

It is written that we all must carry our own cross. This means that we ought being courageous, and responsible for our own evolution. For our own spiritual growth. For our own healing. Healing here means changing or bringing to dust destructive patterns of behavior that can destroy our lives needlessly. We also must be responsible for all that we ingest; for all that we eat and drink. This is basic awareness, and this believe it or not are some of the first steps towards the Spiritual Sun be on the way illuminating us. When you least expect, Jesus would come knocking at your door announcing you, your first initiation that is you seeing him right in front of you! 

And in time when you are ready, the children of Israel, I mean, the cells within your body; within your blood would be happily ever after, doing their function of keeping you alive, working hard,+ and drinking the blood, and eating the flesh of the Christ Sun Or Christ Jesus because they know very well now that the threats they had from all the legions/demons within you, they all burnt to dust when the sacred gradient fire burst within your heart. When the Holy Spirit recovered his Holy Temple. After all, know that this is a very personal intracellular event that when it occurs, the entire cosmos tremble, where the gods, and goddesses are happy for your success. And this success, this event must be known all across the cosmos.

Israel is a word that always has been in reference to the entire earth and her seeds, or for better term, our body. Our body is also call earth, and our body is filled with the children of our Creator(s). Those children are call CELLS and thus the children of Israel.

Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 18: 3

For now, be with peace. Be courageous. Be brave. Use discernment. Pay attention to your heart, and your intuition. Pray to your innermost. Pray to your own Father Mother God. And pray to Jesus. He would help you out, and more so now that you finally found out Who he really is. Pray to the Moon, after all she works for us, the people. Pray to the Divine Mother too, as nothing can be born and or created without the feminine aspect from the divine Mother inclusive the Christ Sun itself. Address the divine Mother as, “Mother Mary.” All these deities/gods are glad to assists you; to assists us if we are sincere within our hearts. Step into your own power. We are all connected. 

Also know that the Bible is an astrological and physiological book, aiming at educating the society and or people that are working with the sacred Fire; that are on the path for higher spiritual initiation, worse, it is all written in codes to keep the secrets of secrets hidden from the mass. However, let it not this discourage you from reading the Bible indeed, do you know why? because we are all looking for spiritual growth whether we are at the embryonic level of inner-standing then are others. Just ask your innermost; your sacred heart guide you inner-standing what you are reading, and guiding you through the right path. And we assure you that like magic, something wonderful would start happening to you. And by the way, this apply to almost all written spiritual texts without prejudice.

And know that it is beyond absurdity thinking that a historical Jesus would be responsible for our own doing, especially our crimes committed against ourselves and others. Right now I do not know if laugh or cry, but what it is important here is that We The People have had enough of the propaganda. Know that the Passion of the Christ is honored and or celebrated by all mayor religions, starting from late March, and throughout the entire month of April. And some even do the same during June and July! Not a coincidence, is it not?

And know that you/we are on the path of knowing truth and facts where ever they may be, and know that the more we learn, the more confident we would walk the path of life. And know that the Passion of the Christ is an universal event! Obviously, this solar event is addressed in the holy scriptures, yet one must know how to read that event between the lines. Each year, in the macrocosmos, this entire cosmic drama of the Sun is lived; I repeat, it is lived every year.

In reality, it is the fire that is Christic, that has the power to transform all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. Without “INRI,” it would not be possible to Christify ourselves. INRI= FIRE.

“And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.” – John 1: 16

With patience will ye possess your souls. – Luke 21:1

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. – Mark 12:30

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? – 1 Corinthians 6: 19


”Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, because thine is the kingdom, the glory and the power, forever and ever.”

” Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Bliss art thou amongst women, and bliss is the fruit of thy womb, Yeshua. Hail Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, who have the sinning ‘I’, now and at the hour of the death of our defects. Amen.”

Enough said for now.

More to come.

Excerpts were taking for writing this article from Gnostic writings.

Happy Easter 2023 everyone. Blissing be upon all our humanity, and upon our beautiful planet and its creation.

So be it

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