~: POTUS with First Lady Melania above representing our country the United States on a special visit for the Royals that for a fact is a straight message for them realizing that the Party is OVER.







~: Nothing is by coincidence: Nothing: A Ninety two years old woman Queen not being escorted by her own family?~>> Left. All. Alone. [next picture above where POTUS walks in front of the lonely Queen]. ~: Meaning the United States[the people] are sending a clear message that we are no longer playing puppets+ being a milking cow for these high class criminals that disguise as good samaritans+> ironically portraying being the perfect family when the facts are >> they are fucking German talmudic Jews that serve Satan[baby killers+> endorsers for the degeneration for our humanity+> besides being control freaks whores]. ~: They+ along with the Chinese stooges banking cartels are the perpetrators for the dilapidated filthy disgusting+ filled with lacking the basic necessities for the daily needs for our planet’s inhabitants[all living systems].+ ~: For the situation gotten so bad we the people for a fact have been denied the lawful god giving rights having a piece of land where we could do whatever we wish> for example build our own homes+ planting the seeds[food] for us surviving.

~: For go and tell the American people about this. For we know[can tell anyone] what living in hell is all about.

~: For we got so sick and tired watching these fuckwits enjoying their lavish fortunes they posses all over the world[where greed + more greed is never enough].+ Where the facts are their own people+ the American people [their uneducated piece of shit people] as they call us all died: are dying on the streets hungry+ homeless.

~: For all the Royals+ Prime minister Teresa May+ >> Go and fuck yourselves.+> Do take with you your partners the great whore, Angela Merkel from Germany+ Macron from France+ the top demon war criminal, Netanyahu from Israel.+ The Dragon Family control freaktards from China along with the Federal Reserve banking cartels+ All your 33 degree freemansonry demonic faggotards fuckery all over the world.+ All your BAR agents that are in the united states.+ All the fucking corporal Jews traitors: mafiosos criminals that covertly infested our country+ belittling+ killing our people. ~ – = The ones that call themselves Jews and are Not [Jews]. ~ – = For. All. Be. Gone. Deep. State. Dirt. ~ – = For all the properties these criminals have taking from the people>> be all return for the people. ~ – = For all the people [+ the American people] are not public properties.

~:  For. So. Be. It. Be. It. So.

~: Below> POTUS sitting on Winston Churchill chair during visiting the Royals. For those that are not aware> Winston Churchill was a demented being that had the notion invading others sovereign countries for fun+ stealing their wealth was the right thing to do. He brough much suffering for the people from India+ Check Republic to name a few.+ By POTUS sitting on that chair the clear message is: ” The United States is doing now the opposite of what Churchill did.” + = MEGA= Make the Existence Great Again. ~: For. Love. Love.+ Courage. Courage.+ Responsibility. Responsibility.+ Unity. Unity.










~: Picture below is POTUS with prime minister from Croatia taking at the alleged NATO meeting. Croatia did win over England football game. ~ – = Yes! Love. Love.+ ~: For those that are not aware> NATO was killed in 2012.+ = Meaning NATO is dead. Buried.+ ~: For what you see now is just a show for the masses>> that is all.










~: Enjoy the Show:





























WWG1WGA   = Where We Go 1 We Go All

~: Make America Great Again= MAGA

~: Make the Existence Great Again= MEGA

~: For. Peace. Abundance. Honor. For. All. The. Existence.

~: and we quote:

Consciousness (including the state of consciousness defined as “human”), Existence, Love, and Unity of all that is…was NEVER up for negotiation. Let alone the control by the few. ~ in love~ hatj.


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~ the people


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