The Outmost Deception


This is a descriptive layout of the tunnels that the well- known Park, known as DISNEY created as ways of delivering merchandise to its prestigious clientele called by many names inclusive of demons in human form.

Such clientele were politicians from all walks of life, Hollywood elites; judges, lawyers, doctors; scientists, teachers, sports athletes as those from baseball, football, tennis, crickets, etc. Clergies from all religions; distinguish Royals, CEOs, and etc., etc. The merchandise were kidnapped people: men, women, and the MOST wanted by all, the vulnerable children. Once the kidnapped people entered these tunnels, they were never be found again.

They say that the CI_A created these facilities for a better service. And if this is not enough, these tunnels went connecting to mayors hubs across the entire country+ and Canada+ and Mexico,+ the entire world.

Mass graves of children,+ and that of men and women found around the world. Not to mention the degeneration of our societies with sexual immorality showing all throughout all medias,+ and being enforced within schools by the so called teachers and principals that were more than happy raping minors for having sex with. This was also taking place within churches, and the work place; selling drugs on the streets by trained rescued youths by the mafia themselves; and prescriptions drugs by the finest+ and prestigious drugs dealers called themselves doctors and scientists that as well, and with a smile on their faces were more than glad doing a sex exchange operation to your minor child whether you like it or not, because what they said and what the child wanted, was the ultimate choice. In fact, teaching children in schools about sex exchange at an early age was just fine, inclusive that of them learning drinking alcohols, and taking streets drugs. And do not let us get started with the vaccination agenda,+ and made up diseases on behalf of our ultimate death. Healing the body is prohibited, to say the least from these criminals that infiltrated our ways of life everywhere, destroying moral values, and violating all ethics.

Could the same pattern be within all Disney Parks around the world? Definitely yes.

The Magic of Disney, and that of our societies went down the drain while we were all asleep, a disgrace indeed for our humanity.

The good news are, that these activities are forever Stopped, and most tunnels are destroyed; and this is ongoing. The worldwide clean-up crew has been at work for many years now. Many are the jails throughout the world that are at full capacity with all these criminals that knew exactly what they were doing. Countless already have been executed long time ago, and others are awaiting execution, while many would be in jail for life. And those that knows very well who they are, do not hesitate if you haven’t been served with a warrant for your immediate arrest. Your time will come sooner than later, you know this. Nothing is hidden under the sun.

For now, pray the Almighty protect us from evil, and all ways, always protect our children. And let us also use our authority of hearts and minds for cleaning up the evil all throughout the entire planet!

So be it!

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