The Light Bringer



Beloved, from Heaven you come, and you come to share light on Earth for the sake of humanity and all sentient creatures and the Universe forever and a day.

You are here to reveal light as a signal of glorious life to come.

You are not here to reveal drapes of darkness hanging over light. Light is truthfulness. Light shines through to the human heart no matter what coverings may figure in. You are indebted to light. Light is yours to reveal. You are indebted to the light of love, and so you set light and love aflame in a burst of radiant light. Radiant, you are here on Earth precisely to light up love to reveal itself beyond a doubt. Be gracious with the light you shine. The more the merrier. Light up the world, and light up life.

This isn’t a whole lot I ask of you. Shine your light on the world. You are certainly not to hide your light. Shine your light far and wide. Make what I say come true before everyone’s eyes. Shine on, Harvest Moon. Shine My Light of Love. Shine high and wide. Yes, love is to be taken as a matter of course. Introduce bright light under whatever dusk you may imagine you are hidden. Come out of the shadows now into the bright stage lights that reveal all. Absolutely, you are here for something. You are not here for nothing. You are not here on Earth just to float around. There are good reasons why you are here. You are not interim. Maybe you are here on Earth simply to shine light to sparkle forth with brilliance and get-up-and-go.

You do know that light is known, and light is known as a gift. Who does not like to look at sparkling light beaming off the waves of the ocean with joy? Who does not like to look at eyes that reflect their inner light? Who does not like to look at iridescent light splashing light itself? Light thrills your spine and heart. Everyone knows that light universally suggests a treasure. Starlight reflects volumes of light deep to the core.

There are light displays all over the world. There is light to spare, to say nothing of dawning and setting suns.

What kind of Earth would there be without rising and setting suns? Who could think of an Earth without light dazzling? Who would want to get up in the morning without such a spectacle?

Hail to the Sun!

It stirs your blood. There is nothing like it, this radical radiating moving light that reveals itself brightly. What natural light than this can be released without cease?

Now is the time for you to shine for all the world to see. Not even once again are you to cover your eyes. Stand out now in front of the stage lights. You are not a second string light-bringer. When you hide yourself, you diminish yourself. This is not the way you are to disclose yourself. Stand up straight. This is the way to open yourself up to life and declare life beautiful. Your eyes are to be seen in front of God and everybody. No longer do you shield your eyes. Your eyes are to be seen front and center.

Forthright are you now. Stellar are you. Take your place in the firmament. Make your voice heard. You are a singer of God’s wares. This is not arguable. Stand in the open where you are destined to be.

No longer are you even to consider taking a back seat. You are God-bound. You are elegant, once and for all. Rise to your natural height. Declare yourself once and for all as God’s beloved child.




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