The Enemy: the Law








If you are an enemy combatant within our country, calling death to America+ aiding at destroying our way of government+ our laws+ destroying our cities+ killing our people+ our children any which way+ destroying moral values+ enforcing propagandas with lies+ racial division+ doing business as usual with fraud without limits+ no law. Further, wiping your ass with our flag, then let exodus begins= Bullets. Gitmo. Deportation.”









Enemy Combatant:

These two Chinese communists Mossad agents crypto jews[ the Obamas] brought nothing to our country except disease, disgrace, lies, and deceit, racial division, hatred, huckstering, socialism, poverty, world embarrassment, a poor healthcare system, tyranny, economical downfall, and almost the destruction of our mighty military.

Their intention was destroy our country.

The American people should be very careful who they give their power to before it is too late.

MAKE IT RAIN. RAIN. RAIN ON THEM. You both are no difference from any other criminals.









For what is the Monroe Act?

For what is the 1952 Maccarran Walters Act?

For what is Common Law?

For what is Natural Law?

For what is Public Law?



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~ the people


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