Take Time Out




When so much information everywhere keep bombarding your mind, please cancel everything and just go within where all the answers are. Listen to a good tune or just take a walk in the park, in your neighborhood or the beach. Deep breathe the fresh air, say hello to the trees, the birds, the children passing by, or just have a laugh by yourself or with a friend. Or better yet how about crying your heart out, go, for god sake cry your ass off if that is all that you can do at the moment, then you’ll see how good you feel after worth, along with a good hot cup of tea.

Or better yet go and buy a meal for a homeless in your neighborhood and share a chat with him or her for a while. Let that homeless person know that she/him is loved and that the future is looking great, and then finally give that homeless person a hug and a smile from your heart full of love and acceptance.

Remember that you are the power, have courage! And remember that you are the change you want to see in this world. Moreover gather information that you can manage, or information that will empower you if you will. Keep a notebook with that that is important to you for safe keeping, and very important learn to use discernment so that way you let your heart navigate clearly that what you hear, see, and read.


Enjoy the video

Nature from Puttugam Sri on Vimeo.





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