Take Charge of Your Life


wtop_logo_MEDTake time to listen to this video, it will open your eyes even more if you already are pretty much aware of “The White Coats Criminal Activities”, as well as the FDA Mafia and all its corporate buddies throughout the country. Let us remind you all that your health is not anyone responsibility but yours. Let us repeat this, “Your health is your own responsibility, not that of a doctor, or a government.”

Eat fresh food; do not take any vaccination or give it to your children; do not send your children to public schools, as there are hundreds of schools programs online starting from kindergarten all the way to high school!  Expend time with nature like going to the park, the beach, walking barefoot, sun gazing, stars gazing, creating your own vegetables garden at home, etc, etc. Make sure you do not take your children to fast food restaurant! In fact do not eat out at all, unless it is an emergency! Fights back everyone fight back! Or you are not going to have a future for your own family. The same goes for your own freedom, it takes responsibility to be free, so start by educating yourself more and more every day.

Take charge of your life, be responsible, and then you can be free, and healthy.


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