Summer Solstice of 2022, and the Astrological Sign of Cancer: Wonders in the Sky


The Summer Solstice means that the Sun has reached the Highest point in the sky after a long journey that started where it ended. And that is in the Sign of Cancer on the date of June 21st, that is as well, the date of the Summer Solstice!

On that day of the 21st of June, the Sun entered the sign of Cancer, that for a fact is the house of the Moon; the house of the Mother, and there it is said, he rests for the longest day. Translation,= the Summer Solstice is the return of the Son= Sun.= coming home to perform great work after we have done certain amount of clearance within. The Summer Solstice carries the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. And whatever is taking place in the heavenly realms, it is also taking place within us; within our body whether we are aware of this or not.

The energy of the Solstice is High energy. This signifies that we have worked through the five mayors elements, and thus the energy crossed above the heart and thus the Christ is born within the heart. This is a mayor spiritual initiation that take place through our spinal cord. This energy then has to be crucified. Meaning, the energy formed a cross that goes from above to below, and from east to west. This cross we must carry behind our back. And on this day we get to meet the Mother. Actually we work with the mother continuously. The energy of the Father and the Mother is intrinsic within us. We are the light but we are also the earth and thus we have male and female characteristics. And have you noticed that just before the Solstice in June, we have Father’s Day? Nothing is a coincidence, and it is not a coincidence that on the 6/6/6 of June, 2022, which was in reality the opening of a portal full of heavenly energy= exchange of energy, another mayor initiation took place! More below. Father’s Day, as well, applies for all our great men within this physical realm.

On the day after the Solstice, the sun makes a turn towards the Southern Hemisphere and thus he starts his journey where the seasons of the Fall and Winter awaits. The cycle of life must goes on. With this being the facts, we can say that the sign of Cancer is the Alpha and the Omega,= the beginning and the end, not Pisces as we thought. Pisces stands for END of things; end of a karmic cycle; The end of boundaries. It also has to do with the Deep; deep ocean waters; confinement. Which makes one think, the age of Pisces was the age where there were more jails than there were places for the people to live. This was due, the people being living in dirty waters. Meaning our body and mind were polluted; poisoned and thus just about everyone was insane. However, with awareness being on the rise, we can liberate ourselves from our own prisons. Matthew 24:37. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Keep in mind that the moon does has to do with fluids within our body and thus contraction and expansion and thus the phases of the moon! The moon also handle the oceans waters, which by the facts, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, and Pisces also handle waters- the deep heavenly waters; elements of waters.

As a human species, our journey is that eventually we all go back home. Home is the union with our own Creator. And it is by means of the Christ being born within our hearts that we starts our journey home. The Christ and the Father are ONE. And only a virgin mother can have a spiritual son= sun. Virgen means the finest and transparent of substance within and outside our body. And here it is when LOVE and experiences comes in. And this is very hard. And this is why we must keep on praying our Father Mother God guide us with knowledge and transparency; to give us wisdom, courage, and love, love, and love. Only through love we can see the light, however, for this we must keep eyes on our own experiences because it is through our experiences that we can grow and learn. And also keep in mind that we are either working with divine light or we are working with dark energy. The dark energy is the ego. The ego is a defender but also is a liar. The ego contradicts, and also dress himself with a gown of white light! The ego is there to challenge us; to tests us if we are serious about joining the highest realms. And for this, we must listen to our hearts- be guided by our own heart’s mind; intuition.

This year of 2022, and especially during the month of June, for certain is the month of wonders in the sky, and this goes all the way through July 12, when the planets as Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, are all aligned and in their own houses, resting! And the Moon is on a crescent phase passing literally through all of them. This is significant! We see this as a sign of great things to come! It is as if the heavenly bodies are all in unison wishing us GOOD LUCK from this date on, and the moon is there to witness this EVENT! Actually we can see this event from the 24th of June in the sky. Awesome! And as you may noticed, these planets each handle the five primordial elements that without them, life on earth would not be possible. For example, Mars in Aries handle the elements of FIRE, Mercury in Gemini handle the elements of EARTH, Jupiter in Pisces handle the elements of ETHER; Venus in Taurus handle the elements of WATERS, and Saturn in Aquarius handle the elements of AIR. They say that event like this one would not be seeing again until 2040. And the last one we had was in 2004.

May, June, and July are months of great wonders in 2022 for sure. May- June= in Gemini is concern with children; communication, technology. June- July in Cancer is concern with the birth of the seeds; human seeds; the Christ is born; exchange of energies; the fourth house= home= the square= government. And July- August= in Leo is concern with destruction. The end of an empire; the end of a people. Perhaps the end of Politicians, Bankerscrats, Communism, Nazism, etc. The Lion is a very fierce animal, and nothing stands on its way. Enough said.

And speaking of birth, the nation of Canada was born in July 1st of 1982, when they declared freedom from the British Empire. Very much close the day our nation of the United States was born, that was on July 4th of 1776! Is this telling us something? Yes! The United States and Canada mirror each other.= One. Fascinating indeed.

With all these being the facts, we are wondering if we are all going through an initiation of a deep cleansing within, due mainly from all these heavenly energies that are upon us,+ and the mercy and kindness from our heavenly Father Mother God. We are being rebirth again, and so is the Nation of Canada, the United States, and all nations of the world. All things are possible. And the time is Now.

Let us pray. Let us call upon the heavenly hosts, and our Father Mother God, send us much energies of blissing, health, wealth, courage, spiritual growth, peace, and love.

We are ready for the party. We are ready to dance!

So be it. = this posting




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