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It is awesome that many people are beginning asking serious questions about Religions. About the confusion that for hundreds of years has had this humanity in darkness. It is because of Religions that there has been wars fought, and countless people dead.

Heart breaking Indeed. And what it is more heart breaking is the fact that those that are supposedly guiding the people with their innerstanding of religions, are part of the confusion.

But why are they part of the confusion? because people, and from a very long time and till now, are shifting consciousness for a higher level of innerstanding, and is obvious that some teachings are no longer resonating with them thus they leave kindergarten and moving forward to high school. You cannot possibly be in high school while attending kindergarten. The clergies are not going to teach you high school level. That is not their responsibility and thus the confusion for not encouraging the people towards highest purpose. Towards highest spiritual growth. Somehow they seems it is alright keeping you in kindergarten all your life.

People are beginning to feel that their own salvation rests wholeheartedly within their own power and within their own hands, so they move forward.

Now, I am not saying for anyone stop going to church, or synagogue, and or Mosque, and or temple, nor am I saying that clergies are doing anything wrong, what I am saying is that there are many levels for stepping into your own spiritual power, and step one is attending kindergarten class by going to your own designated place of wordship until you are ready to move forward to a higher level.  That is all.

When it is clear for us that The Passion of the Christ not only apply to Jesus Christ, and or the Universal Christ but indeed for all our humanity, all start changing within our lives. Therefore, all religions main aim, and or main first step, is for us applying the Passion of the Christ into our daily lives until we are ready for Self- Realization. It might take us more than one life time, but regardless, we’ll get there.

There is a purpose to life: to become the best person we can. This is possible when we know how to develop our capacities for cognizant innerstanding, patience, and selfless love. That is the original purpose of humanity’s most important.~ quote.

Innerstand that holy days as Passover, Ramadan, Baisakhi, Fù huó jié or Resurrection Day, to name a few, are all about Easter. This is a mayor holy day worldwide that starts with the March 21 Equinox every year, but this does not ends here, mayor attention are giving to the second Equinox that is on September 21 every year, as well as the Solstices that are on June 21, and December 21 every year. It is call the segments of the Solar Year, or The Passion of the Christ! In order for us to have life here on Earth, and or eternal life as well, this is the way it must be.

With this being said, you are now starting to figure out all religious texts one by one because they are all related to these events, and the events of the Christ being born within us, that we call as well, astro-physiological events.

When we hear and or read that the Israelites left Egypt within the Scriptures, be sure that this does have a symbolic significance as, well, the word Egypt means a place where you reside, whether in lower Egypt or upper Egypt. Egypt means land, and or our body. Israel means also land and or our body, and or cells; the cells within our body. So if we are in Egypt, we are either living in misery in Lower Egypt, or living in heaven in Upper Egypt= the brain. Lower Egypt means we/ our cells are in hell- more or less like we are living now.

So when the Israelis left Egypt, what they are saying is that when the Christ cell navigated to heaven through the sacred waters within our body, all the Israelis= all our cells got illuminated and thus they left Egypt- Lower Egypt, and are now as if they are living in heaven in Upper Egypt.

This have got nothing to do with the people from Israel, nor the people from Egypt, although in the physical realm it must mirror reality. Further, the word Jew comes from the word jewelry mainly+ and historically speaking. There it was a society of illuminated people that were as jewels of the Spiritual Sun. Jewels means something that shine, something that is crystalline; something that is brilliant. Only history is left from this society although some contemporary good men that called themselves Jews might of have achieved highest enlightenment. And the same thing happened to the historical Christians or for better said, Jews. Keep in mind that the word Christian is associated with Christ; fire, Illumination.

And the same drama took place and or has been taking place with all other religions that in truth were practicing the same goal: Illumination.

So with much truth being disclose, be sure we are all on the first step towards stairs way to heaven.

Happy Easter for all our brothers and sisters across the world that celebrate Easter on April 16 2023.

Blissing. Courage. Unity. Harmony, and eternal love be upon all our humanity and all the creation.

So be it


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