Spiritual War: The Firmament and Fun Astrology

We hear lots of talking about the Firmament lately. In fact, there it was a rocket that Elon Musk sent towards the firmament on November 18, 2023. And many were the people that were wondering what was really the intention launching this rocket, while others were wondering if he was going to cause harm on the planet below by breaking into the firmament with this stuff, of which we find this be hilarious.

Long and Behold, the rocket was launch and after deep enough into space, it burst into a million useless pieces of dust. However, before we continue, let us look at the date and month of the launching: November= 9th month on the Creator Calendar. Nine represents planet Mars. Mars represents arms forces as navy, marines; military, etc. Mars likes getting rid of what no longer serve. Mars is associate with Archangel Michael, the one with the sword of justice.

So now we have 9+ the DATE, that is the 18th.= 9. Further, if we were to add 9+9= 18= 9. Here we can discern that this means double reinforcement with respect to Mars intentions and or assurance of what it needs be done. Alright then, now we have the year that is 2023= 7. Number seven represents the invisible planet Ketu or South Node that has to do with spirituality; our heart; doing the right thing; letting go and moving forward. Ketu also has to do with diseases. Further, the DAY of the launch was on a Saturday that represents Saturn. Planet Saturn represents number 8. Number eight represents balance; infinity; eternity; death, karma, rebirth. Saturn also represents the working people; the mass. So now if we add 8+7= 15= 6. Number 6 represents planet Venus. Venus represents finances; money- how to make money. It also represents relationships whether personal, or business like, or work environment like. Venus represents sex. It also represents family; security, adventures. Venus is also a teacher and or a counselor for demons. So here we can discern that Saturn+ and Mars approved the launching of this rocket for whatever intentions planet Venus had in mind. Maybe Venus is trying to tell us to look UP. Up the firmament. After all, everything below- where we all are, comes from the firmament; everything inclusive prosperity. Inclusive life itself.

More fun. Now if we were to figure out in numerology what number for the name Elon Musk is, and according to English Gematria, it comes out to number 10. Elon= 10= 1. Musk= 10= 1. Number One represents the Sun. The Sun represents authority. Authority as in government. Keep in mind that the word government is expansive. The Sun also represents light. Masculine/male characteristics. Consciousness. It represents the elements of Fire.

So here we can see that Elon does have a strong connection with the vibration from the Sun according to his main name. But before we continue keep in mind that according to Vedic Astrology, there are nine entities.= seven planets and two luminaries. The seven planets are, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, Mars. For your knowing, Rahu and Ketu are invisible planets that are also call nodes. Rahu means the North node of the Moon. Ketu is the South Node of the Moon. They are also call shadows planets. Further, there are more planets but they are not concerns with direct humans affairs.

Elon is as we speak, fifty two years old. 52= 7. You know by now what number seven represents. Elon was born on June 28, 1971. Now we are going to bring all these digits to a single digit, we would start by adding the date that is 28.= 10.= 1. Now we add the digits 1971.= 18.= 9. So now we add 1+ 9.= 10.= 1. According to Elon birth chart, Elon is rule by the Sun! And do you know who rules the Sun, yours truly planet Mars that deals with armed forces, army, navy, marines, police and fire fighters, etc. He also deals with electrical engineering; computing engineering, competitive sports/sports fitness; Food business, real estate business; real estate agents, hotel managements, restaurants owners chefs; ER, medical doctors in the area of surgeries; heart specialists, and blood disorders. And before we forget, Mars is also Horus, in Egyptian Mythology, the son of Isis and Osiris. Osiris represents the Sun. Isis is another name for Virgo/ Earth. So actually Mars/ Horus is the son of Earth. They say that Horus was raised as any other human child until he found his purpose in life. His purpose was/is destroying evil and helping the meek. Helping the vulnerable.

Further, we all know that the New frontier is SpaceX that is all connected with Elon. We figured out what SpaceX comes out in Gematria, and it adds up to number 5. Number five represents planet Mercury. Mercury has to do with that that concerns with transportation whether by air or earth; marines merchant. Starting new business. Mercury is very detail, and it has to do as well with all about communication, publishing, writing, social media, journalism, public speaking. Accounting management as that of counting money, economics; banking management; auditing. Astrology, numerology.

And do you know that the allege Twitter is now call X. X is the 24 letter of our alphabet. 24= 6. And do you know what planet 6 represents, right? And before we forget, the Moon is represented by number 2, Jupiter is represented by number 3, and Rahu represents number 4.

The Moon is associated with care givers as, mothers, home, nurses, therapists, counselors, psychology; water industries, human resources, labor and employees relations. The Moon is also an energetic body catalyzer. Meaning that it catalyze energies and thus the Full, and New Moon.

Rahu represents the Ego. Ego is never satisfy with enough. Enough is not enough for Rahu. Rahu is malefic. Rahu is evil. Rahu does not have a heart, in fact it is only a head. He never stops and he is very stubborn. However, Rahu represents technology, harmful technology as radiation inclusive artificial intelligence.

Now, Jupiter is the Man! And it represents number 3. Jupiter represents the male masculine characteristics; and it also represents the female feminine characteristics. Jupiter is the Guru. Guru means teacher. In fact so powerful is Jupiter that he is the teacher for the gods! Jupiter represents all that has to do with education, marriage, marriage counselor. Spiritual counselor; projects management and administrative positions. Content creation. Advertising, media. Architectures, writers, interior decorations; civil engineers. Lawyers. Judges. Medical doctors in the field of respiratory, endocrinology, and public health. Jupiter is a benevolent planet who’s god name is Brihaspati, according to Vedic mythology. Brihaspati is a lover. In fact, he is the one that grant a spouse to you! And in fact, he knows you before you were even born! Jupiter wants to give you plenty of everything and go your way having the time of your life if it wasn’t for Saturn that needs to check and analyze everything first- something that ends up slowing down everything!

And it is written that Jupiter put a tiny spark of sacred heavenly light within every human, and within every animal, and within everything that moves, and or within everything that is created. He did this because he saw that every human+ and every animal+ and everything that is created was going to be lost within the vastness of the earth and thus the only way to be found was by their light within. He said that by every human for example, becoming aware of its own light, the more the light would grow and thus they can find their way back home. So this basically means that Jupiter impregnated light within us that basically would grow with knowledge and thus would serve as well as a form of protection. As a form of direction. As a form of knowledge of oneself. As a form of recognition of who we are and where we came from.

Jupiter does have a million names just like the Divine Mother does. Same as all the planets do. He is Zeus in Greek mythology. Also in classical Latin, the ancient Greek of Hebrew, we find the names, Yashuah. Yeshua. Yaweh, Jehovah, Jesus. Etc. And do you know that our first breath when we are born, it is giving by Jupiter. Yes. Jupiter Jesus as I call him, gives us the air we breathe. Jupiter represents the ether, and it is also written that he is the brother of Neptune and Pluto. Also keep in mind that the planets represents distinctive forces. Distinctive energies. Distinctive vibrations. And those forces do indeed affect our daily lives whether we acknowledge these or not.

Are you getting tired reading about these stuff? Sorry, I am almost done. But let us analyze by us discerning all that is taking place here on earth. By us observing all the events taking place we can most certainly agree that Mars,= Archangel Michael and his army. With his arms forces worldwide, has taking control of the planet as he rightfully should. It is the only way that evil can be eradicated. And along with him is his cousin, Christ Yeshua, I mean Christ Jesus, his friend Mercury, and his aunty Venus- all making sure that during this great earthly transition we are navigating through, all goes basically smooth regardless the many lives lost due the obvious events worldwide. By this being said, it seems then that Elon is the mouth speaker for the bunch. Elon represents/is the FORCE behind the scenes among a few other of course.

The gods and goddesses have taking over the direction of the planet for the greatest good. Genius.

Most people are oblivious of what has been taking place for the last ten years worldwide that we would think, it will take the final blow for them realizing they were dreaming. However, fear not, we’ll overcome. We are the toughest souls within this physical realm, and we can practically handle anything thrown at us. As this has been the case for much too long.

And last but not least, the year 2024 is govern by Saturn. The fact is right in front of us.= 8. Worry not as no one can escape Saturn. Saturn is the judge. He sits on the board of the scale of justice, waiting to see if our heart level up with that of a feather. Deep is it not? Saturn can see and or read, past, present, and future. And further, just as ‘Jupiter Jesus’ is a defender and or protector of children, Saturn is a protector for the older generation, such as our elders parents, grandparents; elders siblings, etc. If we harm these people any way possible, make certain that Saturn makes you pay for it. Saturn wants us being responsible beings. Saturn wants us doing good till the day we die. This is one of the ways for keeping balance not only within ourselves, but within the cosmos as well. And guess who he has for an agent working for himself,= Evil Rahu! So with this being the facts, let us all help all those that are within our reach; whomever we can. Further, helping feeding,+ and taking care of our animals, keeps Saturn smiling always.

Oh well, such is life. Such is the responsibility of living. Such is our life ahead. No one would be left behind. We are lucky being here during these extraordinary times, and the gods knows very well, we earned our rewards in heaven.

Worldwide, bliss be upon all our people within every nation. Bliss be upon all the children. Bliss be upon all the families. Bliss be upon all the creation. Prosperity. Health. Courage. Wisdom. Knowledge. Responsibility. Accountability. Fun. Joy. Heart. For ALL.



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