Solar Eclipse: Mayor Cleansing Worldwide


Soooo many mayor changes are taking place worldwide that in truth we cannot discuss now. Anyways, what it is important noticing is that today a mayor Solar Eclipse is taking place, visible in South America.

This eclipse is bringing the gestation of a new humanity, and it starts as cleansing all feminine wombs from ALL past mistakes/darkness= disposing what no longer serve so it can make room for the I AM or the super God that is coming to earth. To understand this we must think that the earth is us. This is a fact. And when we say womb we are including all feminine wombs whether from younger women, and old.

The goal is dissolving all darkness to light so the super God can enter the earth’s womb!

This mayor event will connect with the Winter Solstice that would be on December 21st, where Jupiter and Saturn will be so close as forming a single unit that would look as the Christmas star. This event has not happened since 800 years.

All day today, and starting at 1pm to 2pm is a good time for all women across the world making the intention for cleansing themselves- focusing in their wombs. Bringing all past/darkness to light.

Now you might ask, and what it is the work of the male then? The answer is that the masculine energy then would ankh the forces of space with matter.

Great times to be alive everyone! Make sure to eat light, pray, and or meditate, make a difference to whomever you can, and as well start getting your dancing shoes in order because in a not too far away future, you are going to use it!

courage. patriotism. love. for. all.

If you would like learning more about Knowledge, then you might want to take the time to listen to this enlighten being explaining what is taking place worldwide, within us, and the Universe. He is kind enough to translate from English to Spanish. Mind Blowing! = this posting



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