Seers Are The Alien Invasion’s Ultimate Weapons

“There are limits to technology. There are limits to travel. There are limits to what anyone can do with machines. You have not yet reached those limits, but they do exist. There are older races in your neighborhood who have reached those limits, and that is why they seek to use power in the mental environment and to develop this power both for their own defense and to take advantage of whatever opportunities may exist within their sphere of influence and within their local regions in space.”

Technology is ubiquitous in the universe. Species seldom maintain a technological edge for very long. New devices and ways of doing things are routinely bought, stolen and copied. That is why technology is not considered the ultimate prize. In this fiercely competitive sector of the galaxy, races compete in the mental environment in hopes of keeping an edge over their rivals. The mind is their key tool for doing this. It is a communication bridge between our physical and spiritual realities. Its frontiers have never been reached. It can go far beyond what technology is capable of.



A Key Advantage

Every power in this region of space uses seers. These are gifted individuals that are especially trained in the ways of the mental environment. They can pierce through a world’s most hidden secrets without being anywhere near it. Discerning truth from lies is no challenge for them. We must become competitive on this level to hold any hope of maintaining our freedom in the universe.

In every world, psychically gifted children are sought out and trained from a very early age. They are valuable resources for their races. Seers serve in a variety of ways. For instance, they accompany diplomatic missions and are used to facilitate understanding between fundamentally different species. Courts use them to ascertain truth. Government forces use them to ferret out criminals and rebellious individuals. Species with gifted seers hold a decisive advantage.

During the Cold War, both sides employed psychics to spy on each other. The remote viewing programs were successful and opened the door to further research in this area. Who can say how far these programs have gone? World powers may have hidden teams of seers at their disposal. For humanity’s sake, let’s hope they do. We need them to compete with Greater Community forces.

The Power of Knowledge

“The free nations have seers as well. Their seers are employed for the same purposes, but they are guided by a deeper Knowledge which can make them more powerful and more penetrating than the seers employed in nations that are not free. This gives the free nations power and a certain degree of advantage that must remain hidden from foreign awareness and scrutiny.”

Knowledge, also known as Higher Self or Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature, is the greatest power in the universe. It is our spiritual nature – the part of us that has never left God. Seers that utilize Knowledge are far more powerful than those that don’t. They can discern events before they happen. A race guided by this wisdom is well positioned to compete with powerful and aggressive forces, even if it is militarily weaker. Humanity must cultivate this greater strength.

The fire of Knowledge has been kept alive in the world. It is our greatest hope. In the future, human seers that are guided by Knowledge will be our race’s most valuable assets. The alien invasion does not even know of Knowledge. We will be able to discern their intentions, pierce their secrets and thwart their ambitions. Telling friend from foe will no longer be a challenge. Advanced individuals throughout our history have reached such heights. The greatness of our times now calls it forth from many more people. Will you rise to the occasion?

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