Russia-Hysteria Mental Disorder Linked To Magnetic Field Collapse After Unknown Asteroid Barely Misses Earth









An astounding new report circulating in the Kremlin today issued by the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities (ROSCOSMOS) that notes specialists are working to fix the problems on the Spektr-R space radio telescope after it stopped responding to commands, states this “malfunction” [нарушение функции] occurred after this spacecraft had to make an emergency evasive maneuver to keep it from colliding with 2019 AS5—a previously unknown asteroid that “appeared out of nowhere” and flew past Earth only 8,600 km above our planet’s surface on 8 January—whose sudden appearance coincides with an unprecedented collapse of our Earth’s magnetic field that’s caused an emergency update to the entire global navigation system that affects everything from satellites to aircraft and smartphones—and whose greatest hidden mystery may be in revealing why the Russia-Hysteria mental disorder has infected so many peoples in the West.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Previously unknown asteroid 2019 AS5 appears without warning among Earth orbiting satellites on 8 January 2018

 According to this report, one of the greatest enduring mysteries currently being examined by ROSCOSMOS scientists is why and how the nearly combined 1 billion peoples of the United States and European Union suddenly collapsed into hysterical fears about everything Russia—that on its surface makes no logical sense as Russia has a population of barely 143 million, occupies the largest land mass in the world, is totally self sufficient in food production, and has the world’s largest natural resource wealth of over $75 trillion—thus meaning it has no need or want of anything from the West.

A superficial examination of the causes of the Russia-Hysteria mental disorder infecting the West, this report explains, would place its blame on Western mainstream media propaganda efforts to destroy President Trump—but that ROSCOSMOS scientists pinpointed to a mysterious 2016 geomagnetic pulse beneath South America that came at the worst possible time, just after the 2015 update to the World Magnetic Model—which meant that the magnetic field had lurched just after the latest update, in ways that planners had not anticipated—but whose occurrence, also, happened during the 2016 US Presidential Election that caused the West to erupt into spasms of illogical fears about everything Russian, and that are increasing by the day out of all proportion to any threat posed to these Westerners.

 Upon ROSCOSMOS scientists pinpointing the unprecedented 2016 magnetic planetary disruption being when the Russia-Hysteria mental disorder began to infect the peoples of the West, this report continues, they began an exhaustive examination of Russian research into the biological effects of magnetic fields—that Western scientists readily admit affects all life on our planet, with the exception of their being able to acknowledge its effects on human beings, too.

During the past decade, however, this report further details, the wall of Western scientific refusal to acknowledge the effects of our Earth’s magnetic field upon human beings began to crumble—with some of the first blows against being struck by the Department of Pathology, Hospital General de Castellón, Castellón-Spain—who released to the US National Institute of Health their scientific studies titled “Are Neuronal Activity-Associated Magnetic Fields The Physical Base For Memory?” and “Neuromagnetic Dialogue Between Neuronal Minicolumns And Astroglial Network: A New Approach For Memory And Cerebral Computation”—that shockingly posited that human memories are too vast to be stored in our brains, but are, instead, stored in vast magnetic fields.

 Further attacking the wall of Western scientific thought against believing that human memories are stored in magnetic fields, this report says, was the late American-Canadiandoctor-scientist Michael Persinger—whose groundbreaking scientific research papers into this phenomena include “On The Possible Representation Of The Electromagnetic Equivalents Of All Human Memory Within The Earth’s Magnetic Field: Implications For Theoretical Biology” and “Billions of Human Brains Immersed Within a Shared Geomagnetic Field: Quantitative Solutions and Implications for Future Adaptations”.

Building on the astonishing findings discovered by Doctor-Scientist Persinger, this report notes, is the American doctor-scientist Joe Kirschvink, who heads the Kirschvink Laboratory at the world renowned California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena-California—and among whose discovers prove, beyond all doubt, that all living species are able to access memories contained within our Earth’s magnetic field—and that in human beings he calls a “magnetic sixth sense”.

American doctor-scientist J. David Dickman, the head neurobiologist at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston-Texas, this report further notes, also, stunningly revealed in his scientific research paper titled “Neural Correlates of a Magnetic Sense” the biological mechanism that enables animals to both send and receiving information from magnetic fields—and with animals being able to sense and respond to Earth’s magnetic field no longer being in doubt, human beings, too, are believed to have this magnetic sense—but how this sixth sense might work remains a mystery, though some researchers say it relies on an iron mineral, magnetite, while others invoke a protein in the retina called cryptochrome.

 With even the world’s top scientists now concluding that human consciousness does not reside in the brain (callednon-local consciousness”), this report concludes, the abounding new discoveries that human memories are stored in our Earth’s magnetic field provides the strongest clue yet to understanding the Russia-Hysteria mental disorder now sweeping the West—particularly due to after the sudden and mysterious 2016 massive magnetic pulse deep under northern South America and the eastern Pacific Ocean that since has seen the north magnetic pole racing towards Siberia at unprecedented speed—a polar wandering” event not seen since the Ice Age, and was when Siberia became a global refuge for life—a fact stored in our Earth’s magnetic field memory that the Western peoples are now accessing, but without their truly knowing that their irrational fear of Russia is, instead, their deep instinctual knowing of the winter soon to come to their countries, while at the same time their knowing the Russian peoples will survive virtually unscathed—or in more simple terms, their mental disease is rooted in fearful jealousy.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

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