Remember Who You Are


We need to turn our vital flowing energy towards what we want not to what we do not want. This is one of the best-kept secrets of all time. By now we all pretty much are aware of the term “energy” and the roll that it play in our lives. For those that are not aware of this let us just say in a nutshell that YOU/we are a vortex of energy evolving/navigating and creating within this vessel we call our body, and that our WILL or choices will dictate our very own future, as well as of those around us, our community, and ultimately the world. This is something that it must be taken very seriously. Imagine your thoughts are the ONLY tools that will trigger your command to your desires objectives. This is very powerful. So powerful that you will need to be careful what you wish for, so be watchful of your thoughts, be vigilant of what comes to your mind and of the attention you give to it. Remember that attention means accepting and accepting means creating.

If for example you are driving and start thinking about getting caught by the police because you were driving over the speed limit, ok you are aware of your mistake, and you do not see a police car around, and you did no harm to anyone, so great, thought finished. Say then to yourself, “cancel this thought and no policemen confrontation, that is all.” This command asserts your rights of what you want manifested or not. You must learn to use the power of your Will as well as the power of your thoughts to do exactly as you wish. Now I advice strongly to use this power only to empower yourself and others because anything that you bring upon yourself and others to cause harm it will be back to you in a double whammy. You do not want this!

By now we pretty much are aware of the mess this country is, and the massive changes that we need to implement. See that I said WE. Think for a moment and recollect what is it that you/we want for our country and the world. Let me think, if you are like me in the same sphere we want more economical freedom (and when I say freedom I am referring to not be a slave of so many bills, and working ten to twelve hours a day, etc, etc), we want to have good health, great friendships with our family and friends, and of course we want our daily bread, and when I say “our daily bread” I am referring to the daily bread of spiritual knowledge. Or if we want a new currency based on metal or the use of our Universal Value all we need to do is say so, moving each day consciously to that goal.

We also want to have a law of Nations/ common law that it is our birthrights. We should not be a slave of any corporation or foreign entity that have no authority in our land sucking the people of their god giving rights! This must stop, and it is up to us to start not abiding by their rules.

All these are not hard to achieve if we all consciously and united call upon! Our energy is an all-giving manifesting machine. I can tell a million stories about this, but this will be another topic for another time. For now just start practicing little by little the power of you, and you’ll be amazed how powerful you are! Creator is waiting anxiously for you to “open up to your infinite potentials.” Ask to your “I AM Presence” to guide you to your highest potential, that is all.

Remember Who you are. You are the power that BE.


Please show me my highest purpose in serving the healing of myself and humanity with super clear directions on how to do this.

Assist me on what to do today so that the words and actions I share come from my absolute highest level of love and consciousness.

Help me to look deeper within myself and acknowledge the divine all powerful creative being Who I Really Am.

Allow me to slow down and feel the sweet healing presence of my infinite soul, so I may awaken fully to the most empowered and enlightened state living in total bliss.
Give me the strength to be patient, humble, always loving and curious.

Help me to have the courage to take on those inspired actions that make me feel unstoppable and live a life free from fear.

Allow me to feel all the love and support from my friends and family who truly cherish me and want the best for me.

Help me to live in a relaxed super healthy body that is light, energized and bursting with excitement for life!

Allow me to deepen and strengthen my connection to the God Source everyday.

Help me start my mornings overflowing with peace, joy and appreciation for this blessed gift to be alive.

Allow me to be at peace with all beings, loving and accepting each one exactly as they are.

Fill my heart with deep peace, tremendous love, and a clear mind so I’m always living with divine intention and purpose.

Thank you! I now let in all your love and feel a strong, solid connection with who I am.






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