President Trump Receives Briefing from Senior Military Leaders







Tonight President Trump dined with military leaders in the Cabinet Room. The president answered a few questions from the media at the beginning of the briefing.

Defense Secretary James Mattis is seated to President Trump’s right, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford seated to his left.  President Trump delivers remarks then answers more questions about: Jamal Khashoggi; the Central American migrant caravan; and Space Force.

Attendees include:

Lieutenant General Joseph Kellogg, Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to the Vice President;

The Honorable Mira Ricardel, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor;

The Honorable James Mattis, Secretary of Defense;

The Honorable Patrick Shanahan, Deputy Secretary of Defense;

General Joseph Dunford, USMC, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;

General Paul Selva, USAF, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;

General Mark Milley, USA, Chief of Staff of the Army;

Admiral John Richardson, USN, Chief of Naval Operations;

General Robert Neller, USMC, Commandant of the Marine Corps;

General David Goldfein, USAF, Chief of Staff of the Air Force;

General Joseph Lengyel, USAF, Chief, National Guard Bureau;

Admiral Karl Schultz, USCG, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard;

General Joseph Votel, USA, Commander, U.S. Central Command;

Admiral Kurt Tidd, USN,”Commander, U.S. Southern Command;

General Curtis Scaparrotti, USA, Commander, U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe;

General Thomas Waldhauser, USMC, Commander, U.S. Africa Command;

General John Hyten, USAF, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command;

General Paul M. Nakasone, USA, Commander, NSA, CSS, Cyber Command;

General Terrence OShaughnessy, USAF, Commander, U.S. Northern Command;

Admiral Phillip Davidson, USN, Commander U.S. Indo-Pacific Command;

General Stephen R. Lyons, USA, U.S. Transportation Command;

General Vincent K. Brooks, USA, Commander UNC/CFC/USFK;

Vice Admiral Craig Faller, USN,Senior Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense;

Brigadier General Andrew J. Gebara, USAF, Director of Strategic Capabilities and Plans, National Security Council;

Colonel Adam K. Ake, USA, Director for Defense Policy and Strategy, National Security Council;

Lieutenant Colonel Ryan D. Skaggs, USAF, Director for Defense Policy and Strategy, National Security Council.

~ from the Conservative Tree Houseon October 24, 2018


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