Politically Speaking, What Happened in January 20, 2021?


Some of us decided not to say a word about what took place in January 20, 2021, politically. Regardless, this is written for those that have eyes to see, ears to hear, and the ambition to learn the truth.

Many of us have been writing for many years about the political establishment from Washington DC., or should we say, the alleged corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We say alleged because the worldwide grand corporation or the worldwide grand imperious as many used to call it, has been for eternity dissolved do to human trafficking in all forms, terrorism, and wars activities all over the world along with partner, the Federal Reserve Bank and branches worldwide. It was dissolve in 2012-2013, however, the transition of power apparently would take a while, and on January 20th of 2021 that [while] came to an END precisely on the day of the suppose inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That event was the Transition of Power from Washington DC to the American people.

In another way, the Inauguration of Joe Biden, whether he knew this or not, or whether he is an actor or not, was the Transition of Power from the alleged, foreign+ and defunct corporation named the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA= USA to the sovereign Nation, the Republic for the United States of America, NOT the transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden as many people think. Which explain why Washington DC was/is seized/guard by the military, and or the National guard, and or the American people.

So we can all understand this more clear, Washington DC was in itself a sovereign State or sovereign foreign nation within a State, just the same as was the City of London within England, and the Vatican City within Italy. Actually, these three famous cities worked altogether committing the most hideous crimes against humanity as we said, along the worldwide Federal Reserve Bank that used to handle them whatever funds= money they needed it to commit their crimes on each and every nation of this planet. Actually, all governments around the world were sponsor by the Federal Reserve Bank that in truth was a private entity working together with the Vatican City, the City of London, and Washington DC enslaving our humanity in all forms possible.

And the shots were heard all over the world, and quote. This mean the salutation they= the military gave on the inauguration of Joe Biden was the salutation that one, and or the military gives to anyone and or to One that have died. The presidential salute is 4 guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. Biden got 3 guns and 10 second pause between firing. This is the salute for funerals and also for visiting foreign dignitaries. Further, the day of Joe Biden inauguration he has to chartered his own airplane. Usually a real president is transported on AF1. And did you notice the National Guard turning the back on Joe Biden during the inaguration? And we hear that the Pentagon told him to fuck off! And did you notice that when DJT left the White House Premises, he took off on a AF1 Helicopter?  After he left, the White House closed its doors permanently. Enough said.

The military does everything by the book. These was done intentionally, and we do not blame them. The entire inauguration was against the founding principles of our country, and so was the election that [supposedly] Joe Biden won. Think, how can a guy that the most audience it ever had during a rally was thirty people, can win almost one hundred million votes?  This is an example of how these criminals could care less throwing upon our faces their lies+ and fraud through their communist media propaganda machine.

How much stupids do they think the American people are?

Now, you might wonder, how can an imperious so famous and huge could end just like that! Well, very simple. We destroyed that that handled them the money; and thus the Federal Reserve Bank is dead; and along are all governments around the world, as well as the Vatican City, the City of London, and Washington DC. A Government would exists on each nation of course, but not as a mafia that thrive at destroying their own people.

Washington DC would be as any other city within the United States whether there it will continue being our Nation’s Capital or not. But this will be a subject for another day. Keep in mind that all is being done according to our founding principles= laws.= a waiting period for all Being normal again, but regardless, the important thing here is that Washington DC is no longer a foreign entity. It belongs now to the American people. They say that perhaps Washington DC would be another state; no, that is not happening. Further, it is not so much Washington DC that matters, but what it is underground Washington DC.= Sophisticated tunnels that runs/connect to all part of the country, mainly for human trafficking/ murdering them for the daily demons consumption, specially children. So the right thing to do is bulldozer the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court. Then, let the American people make of Washington DC’s land, beautiful gardens, and a sanctuary for birds.

So, if the alleged USA corporation is ceased and desist, then Joe Biden is an impostor, right?


The real president is Donald Trump. Trump won!  Trump would never leave us hanging in the air. Never. And specially not when the ultimate cyber attack happened in the history of our country during an election year.

Below is the letter that Trump sent to Joe Biden before he exited the White House from being the CEO of the alleged, foreign, and defunct USA corporation, to being the 19th president for the Republic for the United States of America.


Are you still confuse? We do not blame you. Oh, and in case you are all wondering, Is the country of the United States broke? The answer is NO. In fact we are the richest country, we are debt free, and believe this or not, the fate of the world would depend upon the nation of the United States of America. However, there it would be no money for Joe’s Biden defunct corporation, and or for any executives orders and or project he has in mind. Nor do we need continue on listening to judge Anna Von Ritz telling us about the Vatican City and their evil, pedophiles agents inclusive the POPE,+ and his minions, the law of the Sea; and the City of London that for a fact, these cities, and along with Washington DC were running our country with an iron fist, as we previously said. Nor do we need Cindy K Currier plagiarizing what Heart of Source= HOS already did. Cindy, take a hike, fucking working for foreign agents like M1 that is part of the England’s CIA. The ones that want to destroy our country. Natural law is already within the founding laws of our country, thus we do not need Cindy K Currier supposedly safe the day. She thinks that the most ferocious criminals in this country and around the world are paying attention to her filings that just as we have said, are fragments of plagiarism from HOS work. Cindy then goes on publishing her work on YouTube on Rise Together channel. Oh, and she also claim being Sophia, meaning nature herself. Nothing can be further from the truth. Cindy K Currier, fuck off! You are with serious mental illness. Demon possessed.

We are free from the foreign agents, and the foreign pirates. In fact we are as free as when our Forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence; and thus the Spirit of 1776 within the heart of every American. We are learning that freedom/liberty is not free, and we are learning as well that we are totality responsible for our own BE’ing and DO’ing. And we are also learning that together as national patriots we are a strong and unstoppable mighty force.

And thus the exiting of Donald Trump from Washington DC. DJT is the man that made possible the final transition from our nation being a foreign corporation that congress then, sold to foreign entities without the consent from the people in 1871, to a [sovereign nation] as has been the intention from the birth of our country. Trump put an END to the slavery system that manifested in all forms against the people, and against all living systems not only within our country but worldwide. He gave back our country to the rightful owners that are the American people. Keep in mind that Trump did not do this on his own but with the American people, and as well with the brightest mind working together for this purpose for decades. Lawfully, DJT is still the president of the Republic for the United States of America. DJT is the people’s president. Do your own critical thinking… This is why the alleged corporal whores from the alleged corporal congress still want to impeach him after DJT left the CEO position. Little do congress know or they pretend that do not know, that when the alleged USA corporation dissolved, so was the entire congress; and many of them would be in jail if not already are. Hopefully as well, all Chinese communists agents, and or the infiltration of communism within our country, the United States, and or the infiltration of communism throughout the American Continent should also be bury, if not bury from the entire planet.

Nor do we think that DJT would ever again would be pushing vaccines for the American people, let alone for the rest of the world. This kind of activity is for the alleged and bankrupt corporations making money regardless the consequences that would bring to the human body; our humanity. Setting testing sites, taking mandatory temperatures with laser guns, wearing mandatory masks, and pushing vaccinations against the will of the people, are all against Federal law. It is a violation of public trust and public safety. It is a violation of Natural law, and the culprits must pay the consequences for their own evil actions, including the dismantling of such vaccines- making laboratories+ and the execution/deaths of the Orsini black nobility family that is the main force behind pandemics since medieval times when they have engineered the black plague, and also the main force behind vaccination programs. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros, together with certain people at the top levels of Chinese government are their main minions who made the pandemic and lockdowns possible. ~and quote. This apply as well to the entire medical industry that is full of black magicians; sorcerers that thrive in harming our humanity all ways, always for a fee.

Nothing is as it appears Be’ing; and what you see on the Media is propaganda. A montage if you will concerning Biden’s suppose government arrangements, and etc., etc. As we said, the military is in control for a while of course until ALL is settled. Keep in mind that the military represents the American people. They are there to protect our country and our people from domestic and foreign enemies. And anyone that is taking order, and or working with a foreign government in all forms against the country of the Unites States of America, and or against the American people, and or working with an unauthorized government within our country, is subject to execution, 20 years in prison and or life in prison,+ and seize of all their assets. Joe Biden, real or an actor+ and team members need ALL be arrests and put in prison for life, and if not immediately be execute. The American people have had it with the drama, belittling, mocking, invasion, and subversion by these so call public servants that in truth are political prostitutes.

keep on praying. have courage navigating the truth. make a difference to whomever you can. use your guns only against predators when real danger is upon you and your family. our country and our people are the light of the world, and THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

On picture below, whoever was doing the montage for the impostor Biden, forgot to noticed that the original Oval Office does not have a parking lot on the back of its windows. Can you see the cars parked behind the windows. Imagine that. Lol..


And here we are comparing the wall/decor of the real Oval Office with the fake one.


This is a Studio somewhere in Germany, or is it in Hollywood? Where Joe Biden impersonate the Oval Office. In other shots we can see the reflection of the Studio within the windows!


And on this short video below, is the White House Castle Rock, that is in California. Here is where the suppose White House get recreated, and specially the Oval Office for the suppose president Joe Biden. Notice that the entire media is part of the lies and propaganda for the American people, which by the way, the media would hang itself without us, the people firing a single shot. And if we are not mistaken, Q warned us about Castle Rock. Unbelievable!

https://www.bitchute.com/video/hIikBN85YQYE/ via @BitChute

As we said, the City of Washington DC is seized by our people. In any moment think that this city is being taking by a foreign government like China, and or that Nancy Pelosi have these soldiers there for protection. To the contrary, they are there to protect this property against foreign agents as Pelosi and all congress. The entire city is fenced off from miles and miles. It is a ghost town. And Joe Biden from a studio from California= and Oval office that resemble the original one in DC, he does all his executive orders that the military would then put them all in the garbage. Our real enemies are the foreign agents as Pelosi+ congress, and the Media. Regardless, ALL is safe. Keep in mind that what you see is not what it appears to be. Trump is our president but now during the final transition, the military is in control, and thus Trump must let them do their mission that is protecting DC+ the American people,+ and arresting all the criminals. This is worldwide as well.


A Video full of great outcome for us ALL

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