Our Organic Constitution



We the people of this country the United States of America, and the rest of the world are under Common Law since October of 2012. It is very important that we take time to educate ourselves our friends and our family about the basics of Common Law, which is very simple for everyone to understand when we read our Organic Earthly Constitution. Our organic Constitution is full of common sense and wisdom.


Now let us inform you that there are about five constitutions that since the organic one was written have been created or amended by the “money bags” congress and the Federal Mafia so they could steal away our native rights and dignity.  To give you a clue, whenever you hear the word “taxes” on a constitution just remember that it is not the original one, as taxes are totally unconstitutional.


During this transition of government that we are very close to experience, let us all collectively think and take actions with our hearts, as this is the only way we can “transcend” to the changes that will ultimately will take us to the many challenges that lay ahead of us, and it is with our Knowing of Who we are, and the Knowledge of our rights that we can navigate these challenges.


Imagine that you just signed up to take a class about our organic Constitution at Hillsdale College which is one of the colleges or maybe the only one in the world that never accepted money from the “so called government of the people” to run their college. This is monumental because once a college accept money from the government they will tell the college what to teach and what to say, which has been the case of the educational system in this country or should we say the entire world.  Education sucks, and it is our responsibility to change this so our children will navigate to learn real Art, Music, numerology, Astrology, and Love, that when putting all the mentioned together it’s add up to just one science: the science of Love or universal science.


Please take the time to watch these series of videos, even if it will take you a week! You will be glad that you did. Welcome to Hillsdale College.















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