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Our New America


Quick read of our Constitution:

Statements of Responsibility

Statement 1

Freedom and the right to self-determination is natural and lawful, inherent in all living systems, and does not regard any state of mind, condition, or national identification; as such, we form Statements of Responsibility around these principles:

All living systems are free.

The value of living systems is unlimited.

Each living system is equal in value to all other living systems.

All living systems who violate these principles are pardoned on correction.

The human community intervenes in all situations where these principles are violated regardless of local customs, ethics, or practices.

Statement 2

Humans are eternal in nature and in and of themselves, ecosystems. Since every element that exists is living, interconnected, and interactive, ecosystems are defined as communities of elements nested in larger ones, to the universal level and beyond. Every element is vital to the structures supporting it.

Statement 3

Each inhabitant may, by free-will choice, join with one or more others to form a couple, family, band, tribe, confederation of tribes, or nation; each nested within a larger community.

Statement 4

Each human is, by free will, a sovereign nation and self-governing. Inhabitants join with others, by free will choice, to form governing frameworks for human communities that align with collective and individual customs.

Human communities develop ethics, customs, and practices consistent with the rights and protections of all living systems in recognition and respect for diversity of values, knowledge, skill, practices, and standards of all world cultures in alignment with natural law.

Statement 5

Mother Earth is an indivisible part of all living systems, inclusive of human communities, interrelated, interdependent, and complementary, all sharing a common destiny. Where human communities interact with other aspects of nature, the integrity and natural processes that sustain regeneration is preserved.

Mother Earth, the waters, skies, air, airwaves, minerals, forests, beaches, mountains, wildlife, and all other natural resources, human and otherwise, in, above, and below the earth are expressly protected as living systems. Natural resources are utilized in sustainable ways and may not be commercialized, commodified, nor privately “owned,” inhabitants being guardians and custodians of such. All activities such as building, farming, harvesting, and producing are done in a way that preserve nature’s dynamic balance and life-cycles, assuring regeneration and future integrity.

Statement 6

By natural law which deems Mother Earth and all living systems, human or otherwise, to be title holders of inherent rights, interrelated, interdependent and complementary, we declare Mother Earth to have a lawful personality able, through her human representatives, to bring action to defend her rights.

For the protection of her rights, Mother Earth takes on the character of the collective. She and all her expressions, including human communities, possess all the inherent rights recognized in these Statements; and the rights expressed herein do not preclude the existence of other rights.

As part of the community that makes up Mother Earth, all inhabitants exercise rights in a form compatible with both individual and collective rights. The exercise of individual rights is limited by the exercise of collective rights in the living systems of Mother Earth, and any conflict between these rights are resolved in a manner that preserves the functionality of living systems.

Statement 7

Communities, once regulated according to physical geographic boundaries arranged as cities, counties and states, now form and regulate themselves according to free-will choice. Customs, practices, and constitutions are developed by inhabitants in harmony with the symbiotic relationship of all life systems and in alignment with natural law.

Communities may be stationary or migratory, occupying and utilizing natural resources as custodians and guardians of the land.

Statement 8

The land, being equal in value to all other living systems, once regarded as real estate, property or possession, is now free. Each human inhabitant is declared a lawful guardian and protector of Mother Earth.

Statement 9

Inhabitants freely enjoy activities of exchange, business and travel, unhindered and unrestricted, as done in a form that maintains the capacity and conditions for regeneration and the balance of all living systems and ecosystems.

Existing infrastructure remains as long as it is maintained and utilized in harmony with regenerative cycles of surrounding life systems. Individuals, groups, or communities sharing an interest in roads, pipelines, railways, etc. possess guardianship of them and are responsible for their care and operations.

Statement 10

Decisions regarding personal health care, wellness, education and safety are the free-will choice of each inhabitant.

Statement 11

Free movement through and across land, water, air and space is a natural function of life and remains unrestricted, uninhibited and unlimited. Modes of transportation safeguard the integrity and regenerative cycles of Mother Earth.

Statement 12

Inhabitants and communities freely form alliances and enter into written or oral contracts and agreements consistent with the common good and within the framework of the balance and rights of Mother Earth and all living systems.

Statement 13

The human community intervenes where violations of rights occur. Protection coalitions, consisting of one or more inhabitants, assist in ensuring rights and protections guaranteed in these Statements.

Statement 14

Representational value systems (money) have traditionally been used to measure an amount or level of human energy invested in a product or service. These systems are unnecessary, cumbersome, and create fictitious hierarchies; therefore, all money systems dissolve as human consciousness, understanding of our symbiotic relationship with the earth, and access to alternative technologies provide.

Concepts of ‘work for hire’ adjust to reflect continued expansion of available technologies, multicultural understanding, and the primacy of integrity among and between all living systems.

In witness whereof, we set our hearts this moment, heirs of creation.

~the people




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