Our Life Purpose








Our Life Purpose

Life is a journey of exploration and experiences bringing wisdom and knowledge to our higher selves, as we grow in our lives, we learn why we came into this lifetime, and the purpose of the true meaning of why we are here at this moment in time on Earth.

What Is My Role Or Purpose In This Spiritual Awakening?

What is my role and why am I here? Many people often wonder what role they should be playing during this spiritual awakening while others ponder their purpose during their present incarnation.

Before you incarnated here

Before you decided to incarnate here, you were connected to Source.  While you were on the other side, you made thousands of soul contracts.  Actually, you wanted millions of them because they all seemed attainable on the other side but as we have found out, this incarnation gives us enough challenges to overcome!

Your soul contract

Some of the things we agreed upon before incarnating include who our parents or guardians are, what type of socioeconomic situation we will be born into and what energy signature we will have by being born into the zodiac sign we all have.

Each one of these zodiac signs contains a specific energy.  Your personal energy is as unique as a snowflake.  In order for someone to have the same exact energy signature as you, they would have to be born at the exact same time in the exact same geographical region as you.  The next opportunity for this to occur won’t happen for another 4.1 million years and for that to occur, they would also need to be born in the same exact geographical region and at the same time as you.

Like the humorous saying goes, “You are unique, just like everybody else.” Yet, the truth is found within the humor. It is true that you are unique, but you are also part of the mass consciousness that ties us all together.

So, what is my role?

Everything you have done in this incarnation has been part of your role and that includes every hardship, pain and ache, as well as every moment of happiness and bliss.

Every choice you have made in life had led you to where you are now and if you are reading this article, then chances are, you’re already playing your role.

Some people are unsure of what their role entails. They have a feeling like they are supposed to be doing something specific, yet they are unsure of what that role might be.

You might be comparing yourself to other people’s achievements and perhaps feel like you are not doing enough.  Let me assure you that we’re all playing a huge role in this awakening and while some roles are larger than others, no role is any less important!

Here’s an example.  A popular spiritual healing youtube channel has thousands of subscribers and the videos have been viewed millions of times. While it’s great that so many people have connected to these videos, this is no larger of an accomplishment than the person who has a handful of subscribers and his (or her) videos have only been viewed a dozen times.  Perhaps, out of those dozen views, you changed the life of someone who was suicidal?  Perhaps you helped to facilitate the spiritual journey of someone by encouraging them to think outside the box?

In turn, these people tell other people about their experiences, while the other people tell even more people about these experiences.  So, while the video only has a dozen views, you could literally be helping thousands upon thousands of people!

One of best advice is to look inward for the answer because only you know all of the soul contracts that you made before incarnating to this planet.  Also, try not to over-think this too much because there’s a good chance you are already playing the exact role you agreed to play, even though you feel like there is more to do.

How can I make a difference right now?

Meditate.  Through meditation, you can tap into the grid of global consciousness by sending out positive thoughts and energies to the world.

How can I make a difference this week or month?

Every day, you have the opportunity to send out positive thoughts and intentions to the world.  Here is a simple way to do this:  Similar to meditation, envision a bright white light emanating from the center of your body.  While doing this, (in your mind) silently tell people, “I love you”.  You can do this at the grocery store, riding the bus or at any other social situation that you find yourself in.

What is my purpose in life?

Many people are curious about why they decided to incarnate here at this particular point in time. Some people are here simply to share their inner light with others while helping to unlock the planet’s grid.  Others are unknowingly empaths who absorb the negative energies of other people and are playing a huge role in the shift of consciousness. Some people simply came here to learn how to cook or to be a carpenter, while others wanted to be part of the Earth’s graduation.

For many people, they are receiving cues from their spirit guides and guardian angels every day through synchronicities, such as 11:11, 1:11, 1:23, 4:44, etc… Whenever these numbers start coming into your life, be aware of what you’re thinking about or what is on your mind when these synchronicities occur because chances are, they are guiding you towards your life purpose.

Once again, only you know what is on your soul contract.  Look at the direction your life has taken you and try to use those experiences to figure out your life’s purpose.  Everything you have experienced has led you to where you are now.  These experiences are not coincidental, as they are constantly guiding you toward your life’s purpose.

Don’t be afraid to ask a close friend what their opinion might be.  Sometimes, the answer might be more obvious to other people than it is to ourselves.  The bottom line is to use your discernment when asking other people, because ultimately, the answer was always within you.

Also, look at the relationships in your life to see where they are leading you.  What have your relationships been like? What types of people have you gravitated to and how are these people leading you in a specific direction?  What was the connection between you and these people, did you learn something important from them that changed your life for the better thereby creating a more positive reality for yourself that is part of the outcome of meeting someone special who helped you along on your spiritual growth.  In turn how did you influence these people as well in your relationships to help them?

What will your life review look like?

As evidenced by many people who had a near death experience (NDE), when you cross over to the other side, you will perform a life review where you relive your life in a panoramic 360 degree view of everything that happened in your life.  Then, you see your life through the eyes of everyone you have touched, through their perspective.

For some people, their life review will show them going to work, coming home and sitting in front of a television in their recliner with a remote control in their hands.

Is this why we decided to incarnate here?  Did we come here to become economic slaves during the day and hypnotized zombies at night?  Is this how we want to see ourselves in our life reviews?

Your goal in life is not to be happy

Happiness is an emotion, not a goal.  Your goal is to experience as many things in life as possible that help to enrich your spirit.  Some of these things might bring sorrow and pain which allows you to grow spiritually by learning from these experiences, but it is within these vast life experiences that you will also find happiness. Additionally, you’ll fondly look back at your current incarnation during your life review and will see how fulfilled you were in the time that you were here.

We were alive before we incarnated here

Santos Bonacci stated that once the sperm fertilizes the egg, we begin dying.  We were alive before that moment in time.  This is the beginning of our soul contract because at this point, we already know the energy signature that we will be born into.

By the time we are born, we have forgotten our life’s role and purpose, but we also begin to fulfill our soul contracts by choosing our parents and life’s situations that we want to achieve.  From this point forward, we are simply putting the pieces of the forgotten puzzle together.

It will come to you

Your time here on Earth is precious. You chose to be here. You have a mission, a role and a life purpose and it doesn’t involve religion or watching TV.  It might be as simple as “just being you” or it could be as complex as living up to the daily expectations of a personality such as Deepak Chopra.  In either case, it is no less important than the other. You are perfect exactly the way you are and you are heading in the direction you’re supposed to be going.

If you are not sure of what your role or purpose is yet, don’t worry too much about it.  It will come to you when the time is right. Please know that you are always being guided toward your life role or purpose every day that we live here on Earth!

The Return

The barriers of separation between people are beginning to dissolve. Those of us who have chosen to walk this Path of Return to our SELF and to our higher frequency realities are releasing the strict differentiation between YOU and ME to become WE.

Most of us know that something is different now.  Those of us who want to know this fact can feel it.  Some people will float in unawareness as if they are asleep.  In fact, they are asleep because they are asleep to the higher frequencies that are now swimming around them.  They will awake to a different reality then the reality of those who have been able to accept that something is very different.  But we won’t know what is different until we create it.

Those of us that can feel this shift are the ones who have been serving others.  We have created the reality in which this 3D version of the planet is on the edge of a frequency reset.  However in order to know what frequency it is resetting to, we need to take a long look at the creative consciousness of humanity within this collective.

Within this collective of humanity we are moving beyond the polarities of good, bad or smart or dumb, rich or poor.  In fact, we are releasing all of these polarities.  We are creating a NOW in which there is a great deal of creative attention on receiving that which is channeled through us. What we are channeling through us is actually from us.

Our channeled messages are from us because we are channeling from the fifth dimension and beyond where I, me, you, are all US. That is the “us” of our SELF that we have not met—yet.  Yes, that us, that me, that you, is our higher dimensional self who is Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan and/or our Angelic, or Elohim Self.

All of our higher expressions of SELF are connecting with this particular collective consciousness in which we (the members of the awakened ones) are realizing that we chose to incarnate in this NOW. We chose this NOW to incarnate so that we could pull together all of our alternate, simultaneous, parallel, past and future lives.

This version of reality into a higher frequency, and we have no intention of visiting this frequency again. Therefore, we are in the process of connecting with all of the versions of our Multidimensional SELF.

We are moving, and we are not coming back.  Therefore, we are going into every cupboard of our self.  We are going into the attic, we are going into the cellar, we are going into the garage, we are opening boxes, we are finding who we want to take and who we need to let go.

Yes, some components of our self will need to be released, as they are unable to change. Therefore, we must let go of those energy patterns that were once important to us. However, we will transmute these patterns with our unconditional love and violet fire, as we are assisting Gaia to release ALL lower dimensional energy fields.

Hence, we need to let go of all of our third and fourth-dimensional log-ins.  A log-in is what we are called when we log-in to that third-dimensional reality. We logged into this reality as candidates for return.  We use the word “return” because we will return our life-pulse back to the One.  Hence, we are collecting all versions of our SELF that have ever logged into this reality.

We are returning to the ONE. The 3D party is ending, so we must clean up ALL our third and fourth dimensional remnants of self. Gaia has been a wonderful hostess for our adventures in form and we do not wish to leave a mess behind for Her to clean up. We are especially careful to clear and release any lower frequency energy residue because it is moving too.

In fact, all who wish to participate in this RETURN are welcome to join us. All they need to do is expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions and give service to others in preparation for this shift. We are leaving the frequency of service to self, because we are moving into a frequency where “self” means “our collective SELF.”

Some of us, the humans on Gaia, will continue within the component of our self that is consciously moving into the higher frequency reset.  However, other humans may wish to continue to resonate to the third/fourth-dimensional wheel of life and death.  Hence, they will need to relocate to another planet because Gaia is returning to Her SELF.  She can wait no longer for Her service-to-self humans.

Those who wish to join, and assist, Gaia in Her transition are collecting all components of all our incarnations, energy patterns and thought-forms. We are leaving the 3D party and cleaning up our own messes before departure.  We are collecting all the versions of our self, which our fifth dimensional consciousness reminds us is every one, and asking them: “Would you like to return to the One?”

And we have to give them the choice because Earth is a free-will planet. We are asking them NOW because we are ready to submit our “Petition for Ascension.”  We have passed the first part of our ascension because we remember that it’s NOT about us.  It’s not about our personal life.  It’s about something much more important.

This life, this incarnation, this beaming down, this bilocation onto Earth and going back Home, this in and out of the wheel of life/death, life/death, life/death is closing. Therefore, we need to turn around now and look inside of ourselves to see our own Multidimensional SELF in our Home. With this reminder that our 3D self is a member of our Multidimensional SELF, our SELF can send unconditionally love to our self. This unconditional love for our “individual, collective and planetary self” is the key to our return.

At first we might think that we did something wrong here, but then we realize that everything that we did, we did because we needed to learn something.  Indeed, we did learn many things.  Then, we stopped learning, then we remembered again that we came here to learn.

One important thing that we learned was to catch our self in the act of being our self.  We learned to stop and observe our self in the act of being human. In this manner, we learned to feel our reality. Thus, we could remember to look into our life to see how we were doing with our 3D experience. It is this observation of our own self that has allowed us to remember who we are.

It was our ability to say, “Wait something is wrong.  This energy field is not the energy field in which I wish to live.” Then we stopped to look at the energy field and say: “Did I create this energy field?”  The answer is – of course.  It is your energy field that you are seeing.  Maybe it is not just your/our personal energy field, but if you/we are participating in the energy field, it is the reality that we are consciously, or unconsciously, choosing to live.

As we move into our fifth-dimensional self we will not have that separation between you personally and you the person across the street and you the person in another country. You is becoming We.  You/we are One.  We will be the group of the Oneness returning to SELF.

You will realize that you took a physical form in order to be a Portal opener and to allow your multi-dimensional consciousness to flow through the Portal of your multidimensional form and into the Core of Gaia.  In this manner, you have merged spirit into matter.  We have merged Spirit into matter.  As Spirit increasingly merges with matter, the separation between you and we diminishes because we and you have become One.

The differentiation between saying we and saying you has no meaning for We and You are One. And, what we/you remember is to keep our Portal opened because WE came for Gaia.  In other words, we must expand our consciousness from personal consciousness:

• To family consciousness and to community consciousness, to state consciousness, to country consciousness,
• To hemisphere consciousness, and to planetary consciousness. But that is not where it ends.  That Planetary consciousness then keeps expanding into: Solar consciousness, and Galactic consciousness and Universal consciousness.

IT is then that WE just begin to be our SELF. We came to open the Portals of Unity Consciousness.  These Portals were closed by a collective consciousness that chose fear rather than truth.  You might say that truth is not a thought or even an intention.  Truth is mental and it is a loving. Truth is a decision to return home.

That truth tells us whether or not we are ready to RETURN Home.  But where is home? What is home and how can we get there? We spend life after life after life trying to find Home.  We have searched this planet and other planets and we followed saints and multi-dimensional selves but we could not find the location of home.

When we finally gave up looking out there for Home we had to accept that that which we had treasured, that which we had so wanted to remember so that we could fulfill it – we forgot.  We forgot because we became lost in illusion. Within that illusion we have had long, beautiful, or horrible and everything in between lives, journeys and plug-ins into the body of Gaia.

Some of us forgot everything – that is everything beyond the lower fourth dimension. But now more and more of us are remembering.  At first there was just a few of us that remembered, but now the “cakes are in the oven and will soon be ready.”  More and more, that treat, that sweet treat of remembrance is cooking its way and being prepared. The “treat” is almost ready.

Now, WE, your higher dimensional family asks that you, who is a member of We, release your “our” attachments to all that is past and all that may be future, to live with in the NOW.  This NOW is so sacred and important that we do not want you to miss a moment of it.

When this energy hits you, and it’s not if but when, you will instantly (and almost unconsciously) say Yes or say No.  You will say YES by being loving and you will say NO by being fearful. Within that millisecond that it is there YOU will be within the NOW of the ONE.  You will not have “time” to make a decision.

It will all happen so fast that all you will be able to DO is just BE yourself.  You will be the YOU that you have created as your SELF. You will just BE love or you will BE fear. There is no judgement.  It’s just that Love is Yes and Fear is No.

Every perception that you have goes through an invisible filter, which is the state of your consciousness.  Every thought, emotion, creation goes in to the filter of your consciousness.  This filter can take you into the second dimension, the third, the fourth and/or the fifth.

• If you go to the second dimensional filter, then you are on flat land and there is no volume.
• If you go into the third dimensional filter, then you go into must, should, guilt and time.
• If you go into the fourth dimensional filter, you have creativity and great amplification of emotion.
• If you go into the fifth dimensional filter, you have the TRUTH.  And, the truth will set you free.

But isn’t truth different for everyone? Yes the truth is different for everyone but remember you/we have come for Gaia.  Therefore, you/we (humans, Galactic’s, celestials) CAME FOR GAIA. WE all came to Earth because it is Gaia’s Now for us to serve as Her.  Gaia has almost sacrificed her life force waiting for the Keepers of the Land, humanity, to unite and Love Her land free.

But, beloved Mother Gaia cannot wait any longer. She cannot heal Her planetary kingdom at this low frequency.  Since humanity created this planetary problem, humanity must be the one to fix it. Therefore, whether you remember or not, YOU did not come for yourself. YOU came to BE among the ONES to help Gaia.

Gaia needs You/We/Us to transmute our human form into our fifth dimensional Light body of NOW.

You have all volunteered to lower your frequency into an earth vessel in order to assist Gaia.  You are awakening NOW.  There are those who have already awakened and have been serving Gaia for decades. There are also those who have become lost in the battle for Truth.

What we (meaning those of us who are here for the Truth – not your or our truth, but the truth) must remember is that:

• WE are all so much more than we think we are.
• We are the Portal openers, and within our Portal is the TRUTH
• WE are the TRUTH of our fifth-dimensional Light body SELF
• WE are the Truth of the Light that we pull through ourselves
• WE are the Truth that we share with the body of Gaia
• WE are the Truth that we plant into the Core of Gaia
• WE are the Truth that we ground into her Core Crystals so that WE can assist GAIA.
• Therefore, as we return, we assist Gaia’s return. AND as Gaia returns, she assists our return.
• As we return we realize that we are not alone.
• As we return, we remember that we are our Multidimensional SELF who includes:
• OUR personal self, OUR family, OUR community, OUR state, OUR county, OUR hemisphere,
• OUR planet, OUR solar system, OUR galaxy, OUR universe
• WE are all one NOW!, and WE are the creators of OUR reality, blessing, WE are YOU

Star seeds, Star People, Indigos, Light Workers, – Your Journey to Earth

Here is how star seeds, star people, indigos, “aliens” and most light workers get to earth. There are many different ways of getting here into a human body. What we are about to tell you will probably shock you, your mind will begin to spin and try and find reasons why this is NOT possible.. However in your heart you will know that what you are reading here is truth. Nevertheless, if this does not resonate with you.. then it is not how you came to be here on planet earth. Those that come from the Angelic Realm, come through incarnation, and not through the process that we are describing below. Yet there are others who are actually walk ins, etc., here we are going to talk about a star seed’s journey to earth.

What happens to most Star seeds, Star people, etc., to most of the light workers anyway is that we are not born in the traditional understanding. It appears that we are, but really we aren’t. Star people and star seeds, do not come directly from the source into a human body. However we ALL come from ONE source, and are SOULS first and foremost. So when you are told that you come from a particular planet, what this means is that you have first incarnated onto that planet and THEN have come onto planet Earth.

What this means is that we come from other planets, we are sent to earth from a physical body into a physical body. If you try to find this information online, you won’t be able to, nobody talks about this, for fear of people not understanding and ridiculing this as some sort of sci-fi.. Which it isn’t.

And so, when we were ready to go back to earth yet again on our missions, what happens usually is we are condensed into a little ball/pill like blue chip, having to go through “7 heavens” which are the star systems.

Often people also talk about The Doorway of Antares. Antares is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. It is the interdimensional bridge to Andromeda from our galaxy. Some souls, upon physical incarnation, choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory. Here on Earth, a lot of people that are referred to as Starseeds, actually have come through Antares (or Arcturus). They are highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn and reserved people.

Delivered into our mother’s womb. There we would merge with the DNA structure and cells of the human embryo, taking up residence in a human body. Looking like a human should, with our “alienism” coming through once in a while in our facial features, especially when we would activate (connect to the star family/source), but there would be absolutely NOTHING human about us. We would remember everything, on a deeper level, our DNA would be fully activated, all the chakras would work perfectly fine, we would think differently than other kids, would act differently, there would always be something different about us (vibration) but overall we would fit in, at least at a first glance (physically).

And so what we would then be is a Soul in an “Alien” body… within a human body. There is a thin film separating our Alien body from our human body, it is bluish in color. Once again no one will talk about this. We are the first ones to say it, so you will doubt it most likely, but it is truth.

The reason that we are placed on earth in such a way instead of going to the source and incarnating here as a soul within a human body is because should that occur we would come into this life completely separated from the source, forgetting everything we have been sent here for and automatically be bound unto the wheel of Karma. While the point of us coming to earth was specifically to awaken the rest of humanity. To show humanity (souls within a body) that they are FREE, that they are POWERFUL! That they too CAN do what we do, because it is so!

We are here to break through the veil of forgetfulness, forgetfulness that each and every single soul dwelling in a human vehicle here on earth is a CREATOR of their own lives, is in control of their reality and CAN change anything and everything in order to experience what they wish to experience. We are here to activate the grids, activate the portals, activate humanity and GAIA as a whole. We are here to illuminate, transmute, transform, assist, and make way for a new peaceful, harmonious understanding of life. We are here to open the doorway for humanity to enter into a coalition with our star families to CONSCIOUSLY be part of the process of creation. To consciously understand that what happens on earth affects everything in the cosmos. We are here to bring peace, through the understanding of SELF. We are here to be the way showers to show by example what any soul dwelling one earth is capable of!

The human body is comprised of molecules, atoms, cells, everything that is always in motion, never standing still. The same thing that comprises our bodies, comprises the bodies of animals, insects, plants. We are all made from the same material, only our DNA codes are different. And what are these DNA codes anyway? Where did they come from? Who created them? It is said that people who live on Earth are made up of 22 different genetic codes comprised of various seed races that contributed to placing sentient human life on the planet for civilizations to grow, learn and thrive on Earth as they evolve through various ascension processes throughout time.

The Human Light Body

As human we are comprised of four bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four bodies are interconnected and woven together creating our entire human being. Our being is linked to all existence through our body of light.

Our body of light is far greater in size than our physical body and is not limited nor constrained by our physical world. This body is able to move through time and space connecting us to other dimensions of reality and other life forms that exist throughout Creation.

Our Light Body holds the essence of our multidimensional self and in shifting our consciousness and accessing our Light Body we are able to move through different dimensions and to view other realities. Through our Light Body we have the ability to access and to communicate with different dimensions for the purpose of our growth, learning and development.

For the most part this process of communication happens unconsciously or during our dream time. But part of our evolutionary process involves building and integrating our Light Body into our Human forms. In integrating our Human Light Body it will become possible for us to consciously access and communicate with other dimensions, gathering knowledge, wisdom and guidance. By being conscious of the guidance and wisdom available to us, we will then be able to apply this knowledge within our own lives, healing ourselves, our world, and enabling us to progress further along the path of our Soul evolution.

For many thousands of centuries, our lives have been controlled by the belief systems held within our societies and cultures. These belief systems have become the blue print by which we create our own lives and our own realities. We buy into the beliefs of others and recreate their reality thereby replicating the damage and destruction of humanity and our Earth. All this recreating and replicating has created an energy pattern that has been grounded into the energy field of our Earth through us.

The original blue print for the Earth was one of peace, love and harmony between all living things. That blue print still exists beneath the energy patterns and structures that we as human beings have initiated.

At some point in our history we allowed ourselves to think we were superior to all other life forms on this planet. We allowed these thoughts to become the basis of our belief patterns and thus began our journey of separation and the grounding of these patterns into the energy field of our Earth.

Our Earth is a living, breathing energy field and as we walk upon Her body an energetic connection is formed between us and the Earth. It is through this energetic connection that all our thoughts, feelings and creations are transferred, grounded and held in the energy field of the Earth. It is this energy field that assists us in creating our physical reality.

In creating our physical reality we tap into these energetic patterns of memory. If these memories are of old, outdated and negative patterns we will have a very difficult time trying to create a life of love, peace and harmony. We are all here on this Earth because we need to heal and to evolve and in order for us to do that we are required to change our patterns of belief, structure and behavior.

As we evolve, grow and develop we begin to access our inner truth, held in the deeper aspects of ourselves. As we uncover our inner truth we realize that our material world does not define who or what we are and our search for a deeper meaning to our life begins. On this journey we discover that it is only through the Spirit that we can gain any understanding of what is occurring in our world. With this understanding we are able to begin a process of healing; releasing old patterns of belief and behavior and allowing our Spirit to guide our day to day life.

As our connection to our Spirit strengthens we are able to tap into the true essence of ourselves, which at its core is an essence of love. It is only through healing ourselves that we are able to tap into our essence of love and it is only through the love of self that we are able to pull light into our physical bodies, thereby activating, building and integrating our Light Body into our physical beings.

In connecting with our true essence of love and allowing that energy to be channeled through us, we are able to begin transforming the energy patterns held within the Earth, allowing for the original blue print of love, peace and harmony to arise.

Accessing our true essence of love initiates changes in our molecular structure enabling us to begin building our Light Body. As we build our Light Body we allow the healed aspects of ourselves to merge and combine with the love of our true essence thus allowing our physical body to hold more and more of our Light Body.

Our task is to heal ourselves and merge all aspects of ourselves with our true essence, as we do so our challenges will gather force and our unhealed aspects will be brought to light, assisting us in healing any separations that we continue to carry. This in turn will transform the energy patterns held within our Earth Mother enabling us to build and integrate our Light Body ultimately becoming the light and love of our true essence in Human form.

In Order To Incarnate To Earth You Had To Master Manifestations

In order to come or incarnate into the 3rd dimensional reality on Earth, beings needed to be master manifestors.  Earth is the densest, and most challenging planet of all the planets in the universe to live in and live on, as well as our universe being the most challenging of all the other universes to inhabit and live in or on as there is a black hole in the center of the galaxy and it magnifies the 3D energies of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy so it takes time to understand the environments in which beings live in to be able to manifest things quickly in the physical realities, once this happens beings on Earth are able to move from 3D into 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D at faster rates of vibration and interact in those higher dimensions for extended periods of time before returning to the lower realms of vibrations if they wish to.

The incarnation process can be described as similar to playing a game in which it is called the Game Board Earth, basically in order to incarnate to Earth, each being coming here had to master the process of manifesting.  The ultimate proposition in this game of universal learning and gaining knowledge is to incarnate to the most challenging planet, where it feels like you’re wearing “lead boots” while “walking in quicksand”.

Most beings are used to flying freely, as well as being used to just zipping around the universe doing whatever we want.  When beings come to or incarnate on Earth, it all feels heavy and dense, this was created like this on purpose.
Beings chose to create rules but these were man-made and imposed on people.  Ultimately there are no rules in this game, it is free will, as we can create whatever we want, being builder/creator races.

To make this game more challenging, those who decided to incarnate to Earth forgot about their abilities to manifest and create when they came to this planet, so it is up to each of us now to re-remember our true abilities and gifts as creators and to use those in the best interests of humanity.

As well to add to these various challenges, humans play this game while moving through dimensions, how is that for challenging?

It is said that we are great and powerful beings, as the veil (of forgetfulness) thins and eventually totally dissolves, we are remembering who and what we are in this universe because we are able to see that part of us, to finally see who we really and truly are.  As this happens humans have their abilities coming in and we are re-awakening to our galactic heritage.

People’s minds are much greater and more capable of so much more than they think.  Many people are going through challenges right now in their lives, but this is also part of the game that we agreed to play before we came here while making our soul contracts.  When we were on the other side “creating” our soul contracts (while being the “Master Manifestors” that we are), all challenges seemed like easy tasks to overcome on this planet Earth.  Some of us made a few more challenges than others and chances are, these people were the “best of the best” at manifesting on the other side of the veil, but we forgot how to do this.

As the veil thins and as we re-remember, “new” abilities will arise.  These abilities will seem “new” to us but we have had these abilities ever since we incarnated to this planet called Earth.  And while this game will become easier as we move toward the 5th dimension, remember that each dimension has new challenges to overcome.

The interesting question to ask is how many challenges are you facing right now?  Are you starting to re-remember how powerful you are?  Has anyone including you or someone you know around you experienced any new abilities?

Past Life Vows and You Now

Energy shifts like those happening now can be unsettling – so much changing so fast. One blessing perhaps percolating beneath the surface is a sudden flash of insight about a very old issue you have been unable to resolve.

Eclipse and even Mercury Retrograde cycles can trigger such insights. It’s like a spotlight shines on incongruences and old patterns previously undecipherable. Knowing in advance that the next couple of months offer this potential can help you get to the end of the road with a dilemma perhaps lifetimes old!

Awareness is like a key that helps you stay awake to a door just ahead. When you act on what you know, actively exploring things, the key opens the door.

Do you have one of those issues that just won’t go away – no matter what you do – impervious to any remedy you have applied?

DNA Healing

Consider for a moment that perhaps the roots of your issue are very old, going back centuries in time. If you have experienced DNA healing and related spiritual healing modalities, you are familiar with challenges a person can have over numerous lifetimes as his or her soul learns key lessons and sometimes takes on karmic patterns. Once in a while, a soul will choose to take on a huge karmic debt to both evolve and help humanity.

Choices like these oftentimes translate into oaths and vows – people promising or pledging to do or be something specific. For thousands of years, in fact, oaths and vows were common throughout society.

Religious Vows

Quite often there was a connection with religion – like oaths of poverty and vows of celibate chastity. Women entering monastic life, for example, commonly took over 300 vows to be fully ordained.

Secular Vows

Not all oaths and vows relate to religion. Some involve a profession, such as the Hippocratic Oath. Others from past centuries include the Pauper’s Oath, a sworn statement by a person that he or she has no money or property.

Individual Vows

Still others are those an individual makes, either during a lifetime or even in between lives, pledging to do or not do something specific.

If you made such an oath or vow before this life, chances are you do not remember it today.

Vows from the Past & You Now

Why would you care about an oath or vow made long ago? To be sure, if you were a priest vowing poverty, you did not need money for secular things. Likewise, if you were a commoner taking the Pauper’s Oath, you were simply conforming to societal laws by stating your circumstance.

Fast forward to now. If you took such an oath or vow in your past life, it was recorded in your DNA and came with you over the lifetimes since you made it. Vows like that are not always active, but can be stimulated by situations – like an economic crash or losing a spouse who was the family provider. When that happens, even if you are good with money and never had money issues before, you could experience struggle with money.

Lifetimes-Old Patterns

Similarly, let’s say you had a series of challenging lifetimes with a certain group of people. Perhaps you were forced or otherwise convinced to go along with crazy scenarios of this group. Then, during one lifetime just before this one, you vowed that when you came across this group and its crazy energy again, you would be the one to step forward and stop the craziness for all time. Perhaps in this life you have encountered these people again, not understanding why you would be magnetized into their circle. Then, over time with self-realization and moving through energy cycles like we have now, you finally get the message.

You actively explore what that message means – the who, the what, the how, and the why. As you look at the bigger picture of your dilemma, you finally have a context for the craziness. You are encouraged to finally understand your long struggle and to see that the end is in sight. You have the key to the door!

Vows to Use Specific Gifts & Knowledge

Another type of vow commonly made before this lifetime is one involving the use of specific gifts and knowledge. Such vows can relate to a past atrocity witnessed firsthand. Perhaps you experienced this and learned from it, understanding how it could be prevented. If so, you may have vowed to eradicate such injustices you saw in the future. Today, perhaps not fully understanding why, you have been fiercely passionate about a modern-day atrocity. This may translate into a strong desire to do something – like working with abandoned animals or helping a certain group of disadvantaged people.

Vows involving use of specific gifts can also relate to something you mastered another lifetime – like singing or design. Perhaps in between your last lifetime and this one, you on a soul level vowed to use your gift in this key significant lifetime.

Early this life you might have had an interest in developing this gift, but circumstances may have prevented you from acting on that interest. Today, perhaps you are at some kind of crossroads with your life work, in part because this past life vow is in your energy field awaiting your discovery.

If this example resonates with you or catalyzes other knowing, be sure to check in with your higher wisdom about the most appropriate next steps. Something wonderful could be waiting for you on the other side of the door!

The Waves of Awakening Light & Your Emergence from The Chrysalis – Archangel Gabriel

You came into this life with a longing for Home. Because of this inner longing of your soul, you may have spent all your life trying to fill the missing pieces. You hold an inner knowing deep within that there was something more, something more meaningful, a deeper connection with a part of your soul.

This activity of your inner spirit is evidence of the awakening at this time. Regardless of where you are on your journey, prepare yourself for a quickening. The energy coming with the eclipse and wave of Light is immense and a true blessing, although so much has been hyped about September 27 that you may be feeling frightened.

The Wave of Divine Love that will be pouring through the hearts of all humanity with the Full Moon Eclipse is the elixir that your soul has longed for, the spark that ignites the awakening consciousness of all those on the cusp of the first wave of ascension.

This is not the Mother Ship taking you away to somewhere else, but a divine experience in your physical form that awakens the deep codes of divinity within your DNA acting as a catalyst for change, new life, and awakening of your higher consciousness.

Stage fright may be the new normal

The most significant aspect of this timing is the large numbers of people that are ready for this powerful shift in consciousness that will occur with the full moon eclipse. Recognize that the feelings in your inner being that some label as fear and anxiety are actually the imaginable cells awakening perfect Divine timing, like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

It is as if stage fright, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, suddenly became the new normal.

Nothing is assured in this wave of awakening light. There will be some who may not notice the difference in their lives immediately. There will be others who can track the changes they are experiencing within. There may be some who have a radical spiritual experience of tremendous power as the wave of Divine Love permeates their being. No matter what your experience is, the illumination of your soul will be able to jump-start your life when you create your intention to work with this energy.

As you use the energy to create your highest good and bless all of humanity, it will calm the over-emotional responses that some are experiencing. Acting from neutrality and non-attachment to outcomes is the name of the game. What God has planned for all humanity is much grander than what can be imagined on a purely human level.

But imagine it anyway. Call forth the highest possible Joy, Love, Wisdom, Success and Abundance. Fill your life with Beauty. Offer your dreams to the forces of the Universe that await your direction, then come into the still point of centered awareness within your heart and let yourself become a vessel for awakening consciousness on Earth.

This activity is what your soul has longed for, for this activity of awakening consciousness you came to Earth in this incarnation. You are here as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Your presence provides the fertile ground for those not yet aware of the Beauty and Potential of this time.

For those who have been called the first wave of ascension, the shift you will experience in your life will allow a realization that you are indeed a part of something momentous. As you let go of preconceived ideas, the 5th Dimensional energies will bring more magical occurrences into your life.

It is a time of simplicity and gentleness for yourself and all others. The love that is awakening in the hearts of humanity during this wave of Divine Light is unprecedented and will change the consciousness of those on the planet forever.

Along with the master teachers awakening in this new age, more life will be revealed and established as your cellular structure continues to evolve. Never before has the density been so fluid and changeable. You are being blessed in all you do.

As new points of Light are established by Light Bearers all over the world, new levels of being awaken in the hearts of those anchoring new consciousness on Earth. Joining the hearts of all humanity in a circle of Divine Light is not only relevant but potent with potential for new life.

The creation of new levels of consciousness is a process of divinity working in the density of physical reality. Making inroads for new pathways of Light requires Faith in the consciousness of God working in and through all humanity.

Whenever one is changed by the Light, hundreds and thousands follow suit until a revelation of mass awakening occurs.
This is the situation breaking open on September 27.

The rewards are imminent. New Focus is revealed. The expansiveness of Divinity working in and through all that you have known is breaking down the walls erected from eons of old power structures. When these walls collapse, the ripple effect across the world will be felt by all humanity. A collective sigh of relief in the heart will be experienced once one has distanced oneself from the emotional upheaval of change.

When you can make friends with change, welcoming new experiences and opportunity, ever more joyous outcomes will prevail. Opening to the Light becomes the tool for transformation. Freedom is at hand. All life awaits the human experiment that is creating divinity in physical earth bodies. As you have moved deeper into the new life in 5D on Earth, profound change has taken place within the DNA of the human form. The so-called junk aspect of the DNA has reformed into the crystalline structures originally intended for people to experience their divinity.

The more we can relax into the flow of the energy of Divine Light, the easier it becomes to know what to do. Please remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this holy moment. Allow yourself to be inspired and blessed and know you are profoundly guided through this process by a Love that never ends. And so it is.


~Message from a star traveler


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