New Moon Energies

Let the energies from this New Moon on this 12th of December 2023, Be for a starting point for a New Beginning.

A new beginning where our inner outdated believes are restore with true knowledge. Knowledge that would empower this humanity towards its greatest potential from now and beyond.

We command with these new moon energies, the cleansing of what no longer serves us. The cleansing of what no longer serves the greatest good.

We command and pray our inner Self. Our inner divine POWER fills us with courage for discerning the enemy all ways, always wherever it may be. We command and pray for protection for our family. Our children. Our community. Our nation.

We command and pray our inner divine Power pours upon our people, Prosperity. Health. Liberty. Intuition. Wisdom. Abundance of our daily needs. Bravery. Expression. Unity. Love. Joy.

Let the. Seed. Be. Born. Within Us.

Let there be light within ours. Tree. Of. Life.

Let the Christ Light shine within our hearts.

< Joy >

Amen. Amen. Amen.

“And to thy seed, which is Christ.” ~Galatians 3:16

So be it


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