New Moon Awareness, August 16th 2023

According Vedic astrology, this New Moon is in Cancer, at the star’s house or mansion or nakshatra of Ashlesha. Ashlesha is at a gandanda point between Cancer and Leo. It is a firm star that aim at clearing stubborn emotions that would not serve us any longer, for example. Gandanda is a point where something ends and something new starts. So this event of the New Moon on the 16th of August, 2023, is happening between a water sign as it is Cancer, and an air sign as it is Leo. It is a place of fiery hot.

Ashlesha is govern by planet Mercury or god Mercury. Mercury is an air sign, and it represents our mind. Our intellect. It represents communication. It represents siblings.

Cancer is govern by the Moon. The Moon represents our Mother, believe this or not. The Moon is associated with fertility. Women menstrual cycle. Child birth. The heart. The Moon is very deep when comes to our emotions; heart emotions. The Moon has no aspects, and it is very independent on giving an outcome. The Moon is very sensitive, and it is very selective. And she as well tends absorbing everything from our surroundings, most like a magnet or a water sponge that absorb everything. The Moon keeps a record of everything inclusive the second, minute, and hour that we were conceive and born within this physical reality. The Moon keeps a record of our entire life! Keep in mind that the Moon is a water sign, and water holds  memory. The Moon represents home. Care. Affection. Children. Health.

New Moon is associated with starting change. So, and according Vedic astrology, on the 16th the Moon is crossing gandanda, and on the 17th she will meet the Sun, and Mercury in Leo Magha’s mansion or Nakshastra. Magha is a Royal star that is concern with the well-being of the human species. Leo is associated with children. With family. With the heart. With the creator’s essence. With Love. With our body blood flow. Leo is the Sun’s mansion or house. The Sun is concerns with government. With power. With changes. With light. With life.

So this New Moon is very auspicious considering that the Royal family are meeting in Leo  figuring out something that we are suspecting, it might be something good. Here the emphasis should be CHANGE. It also should be for this humanity get rid of old karma; old emotions that no longer serves us. It is not just emotions that are concerns here, but mindful decisions of what it is that we want for our future BE. Be manifests. The New Moon in Cancer Ashlesha makes us be concern about our health. Our hearts. Our family. About shedding and or transmuting emotions for a healthy and balance life.

It is the time for us handling our emotions in the proper way in order for us achieving a proper balance. Letting it go where ever it need it. However, be careful of what you are letting go, as scaping from responsibility will not apply here. Face your emotions face to face. Deal with them responsibly, as Cancer represents the heart area. Be gentle with those around you, and with yours own self.

This New moon is bringing about a reality check of what no longer should remain in our lives.

With all these being the facts, let our intentions for this New Moon be for us all have a better future. A better future full of health. Prosperity. Responsibility. Accountability. Courage. Wisdom. Truth. Knowledge. Unity. Protection. Clarity. Peace.

So be it.

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