National Health Care Fraud and Opioid Takedown Results in Charges Against 345 Defendants


Recently, more than 345 so call Health Care Providers were arrests and charged with HEALTH CARE FRAUD. Health care fraud consists of so call doctors/physicians, nurses, hospitals CEOs, lab technicians, and etc. etc., knowingly and deliberately diagnosing people with diseases they never had, and thus putting them on treatment they never need it too inclusive of many of these people being brainwashed for them having unnecessary surgeries that leads them being miserable and impaired for the rest of their lives. And as well, being addicts, and or force to take for a lifetime medical DRUGS that under any circumstances under the sun would ever, ever heal their body.

The aim for these criminals within the suppose health care system is keeping you hooked under their system by any which way available. We are actually trapped within their system and ideally we have no CHOICE. Something they do not deny. Which translate: We, your health care providers are your god and you do as I said. We fucking hate you ignoramus miserable SELF, including your babies. Dying should be your virtue; and be grateful we are making this possible for you ALL. Glory be to our Title, our lavish society, our inflated ego, our fame, and our [heavy, very heavy] bank account, thanks to you all dear sheeple. Human’s trafficking in any form is our only serious Health Care Choice.

Mind Blowing, is it not?

Keeping our body in the acidic state with DRUGS that are lethal for our body NOT being heal,+ and cutting our organs with unnecessary surgeries is their aim for these criminals, as this is the road for the body be depleted from all the vital materials as are amino acids/ minerals that are vital of us staying healthy.

The health care system is full of sorcerous. Criminals that are there for the fun of harming the innocents. Criminals that must be taking down where ever they are with the heavy weight of the law.

These are the REAL FACTS. And if the American people are not aware of these by now, blame only but yourselves. Your health and that of your family is your own responsibility. HEALTH CARE IS SELF CARE. And unless you are in need of an emergency as that of an accident, etc., you should stay away from these criminals even if you have the best medical insurance. Your best medical insurance is your own awareness of what you ingest, your environment, your relationships with your family, your community, your country, and your relationship with your own god-self. And for more empowerment, take a good multivitamins, as well as extra iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and for a good antioxidant how about taking some Glutathione or N-A-C= N-Acetyl-Cysteine.

All these are essential for older adults, and as younger as well. And for your children, you should know by now Not to vaccinates them, and under any circumstances allowing taking their temperature with a laser gun. Do not allow laser gun temperature taking on you or your children let alone wearing a MASK that deprive the user of the vital oxygen. Brain cells are very rapidly sensitive to the deprivation of oxygen, causing cells to die and thus on the long run causing serious damages to the brain inclusive dementia, and neurological damages especially in young children. And Keep also in mind that what you eat= what you ingests into your stomach, and as well what you let these criminals so call health care providers put inside your body, and you can believe this or NOT, affect your cerebrum= mind. And what affect mind in harms way, it also affect the entire universe inside you. Mind needs all the essential materials that are vital for carrying upon the responsibility of you being a healthy YOU! Do not let anyone tells you otherwise. You are what you eat. Any food that is tinted, do not eat. Do your own cooking from natural resources, cut down on cooking oils if not all, and learn to read label. Meaning, read what’s inside what you are about to eat. You will be surprise! Enough said.

Anyways, going back to the crimes committed by the suppose health care providers, and since 2017, more than five thousand people have been charged with crimes against their patients. And we assure you they are all serving jail time for life, and or for a very long time. Further, they have lost as well their license to practice, and ALL their fortune seized. They had in mind collecting from the government’s insurance more than sixteen billion. This is as we said since 2017. However, they all got caught within their own trap. Very, very bad for the guys in white coats that ignored science that heals the body for a bowl of porridge, is it not?

God almighty, COVID19 for sure includes the exposing/ destroying of so many dangerous actions against our humanity; against the creation. Against governments corruptions, but most important of all, against human trafficking in all forms worldwide.

We say to these criminals, our humanity is not for sale. We are not public property, nor are our children toys for your own demonic desires. Let rain be pour upon you as so lawfully you all deserve. Eat dirt.

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