This is profound case, and it break my heart to see the difficulties parents have to go through in order to defend our offspring from the tyranny of the so call government of the people in this country. The time has come where we no longer have to obey to the order of any authority! You are the authority of your offspring, not any one else.

The article below is fantastic but keep in mind that lawyers work for the same system and so are doctors, so you have to use your own discernment and “knowing” of your own rights.

First of all do not address your children as your baby, your children, or your child, always refers to them as your offspring.

Never sign any papers, never, however if you are forced to signed any paper by some force of course make sure that you write on the middle of it: Under Duress, also if you signed your name make sure that you write over your name: Without Prejudice. Very important, you can just write instead of your name three XXX and above it write Without Prejudice. By the way get in the habit of always, always sign above your signature whether three Xs or your full name the words: Without prejudice. Without prejudice means that you reserve all your rights and you are not bound to their jurisdiction or BS, I mean rules. Do not be afraid to do this, as they all well know what this means.

Do not answer them any questions, in truth you do not have to give any government an explanation of your private life!

If you have small children you should seriously consider home schooling, if you do your own Due Diligent, you’ll find hundreds of home schooling programs all the way to high school! Remember that the system is all about control, it is military, it is communism, and it is very depowering to children as well as parents.

Remember that you are the power, you are your own authority, and you do not consent anyone to tell you what to do with your life and the life of your own family.

Read on below:

Parents are increasingly becoming irrelevant when it comes to decisions regarding their children’s medical care. Jodi and Scott Ferris experienced a traumatic event when they questioned the Hepatitis B vaccination for their baby at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Their baby was taken by Child Protective Services. [1]

Nothing could be more harmful to a child than the government ripping that child from his/her parents simply because the government thinks it knows better, labeling a parent as unfit because the parent has the audacity to have a different opinion regarding what is in the child’s best interest. Yet, it happens all the time. What can you do to protect yourself, your family, and most importantly your family? [2]

 Current State of Affairs in America

  • Recently Boston Children’s Hospital took a child hostage because medical staff disagreed with the parents on the child’s medical diagnosis.
  • In California, “Baby Sammy” was taken from his parents because they left one hospital to seek a second opinion at another before subjecting the child to open-heart surgery.
  • In Ohio, an Amish family was forced to flee the country to spare their daughter unwanted and dangerous chemo-therapy, including a cocktail of drugs not approved for children by the FDA. Reports indicate the girl is in remission through natural means, but the Ohio hospital and child services department are livid.
  • In May, 2013, charges were reinstated against Detroit resident Maryann Godboldo, who in 2011 was arrested after a 10-hour standoff with police and CPS who claimed she was not giving her daughter proper medication. The state later discontinued the medication as well, returned the daughter, and dropped the charges – until the appeals court this year sided with prosecutors looking to go after her again.
  • In Tennessee, a dad was arrested trying to pick up his special-needs daughter at the end of the school day. No fighting, no yelling. Just asking for his children and not backing down.

Every state authorizes certain personnel – doctors, police, social workers (the list varies by state) – to remove your children from your care without a warrant, a court order, or any proof of abuse or neglect. Though many abuses are overturned for those who can afford to appeal, such an atmosphere in the lower courts sees abuses getting worse every year. [3]

Protecting Your Family

The government has no evidence against you, but it doesn’t matter. You are presumed guilty until you can prove your innocence — a task that is fundamentally impossible. This is the situation as it has unfolded for thousands of innocent Americans. The latest case in Boston as stated above is just one example.

It is important that you disagree quietly. Do not be confrontational. Your first objective should be to get your child away from the doctor or the medical institution. Remember that when in a hospital security personnel can force you out the hospital while medical personnel seizes your child. You may want to live with a friend or relative while seeking a second medical opinion or taking your child for treatment of your choice. Should you be confronted with Child Protective Services at your door follow these simple steps:

  1. Be polite, even if you’re incensed.
  2. Don’t allow them into your home without a proper warrant: They will lie, intimidate, and attempt to con their way into your home, but don’t allow it.
  3. Never sign anything.
  4. Don’t answer any questions without (your) lawyer being present.
  5. Do allow them to see the children through the window to assure them they’re OK.
  6. Do take the children to your own doctor (a doctor of your choice).
  7. Don’t believe anything they tell you.
  8. Don’t allow unsupervised interviews with the children.
  9. Don’t allow them to physically examine the child without your presence, or your lawyer’s presence.
  10. Don’t allow them to come to your home later for an interview.
  11. Tape record all conversations.
  12. Keep a journal.
  13. Never accept a plea bargain if you’re innocent.
  14. Hire a private investigator if you can afford it.
  15. Don’t willingly surrender the children.
  16. Don’t do anything that puts you under the control of DHS, CPS, or DCFS: Don’t willingly move out of the home on DHS, CPS, or DCFS demand, or do anything that puts the family under DHS, CPS, or DCFS control.
  17. Fight them, tooth and nail: Don’t ever give up. [4]



And we call this freedom? We call this a free country?

What a joke. You are not free. You are not free as long as government bureaucrats have the power to obliterate your parental rights simply because they personally don’t approve of the choices you’ve made.

I know I’ll hear plenty of apologists tell me about the wonderful deeds of CPS workers. Let another blogger write that post. I don’t personally feel it necessary to take time out of my day to puff up government agencies. They have the force of law, billions of dollars, and a bunch of guys with guns on their side. They don’t need my help. The people who NEED a voice are the innocent Americans who have been victimized by these agencies. That isn’t to say that ALL people have been victimized, but it is to say that many have been. Many, many, many law abiding citizens have watched as their children were ripped away from them, even though they’d done nothing to deserve such a fate (and even though the government had no proof that they’d done anything to deserve it).

Children that are wrongfully abducted by the government might not get an Amber Alert, but they are still victims, and so are their parents. [4]


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