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Message From Antikryon
September 18, 2016

Yes Bob, he (Anakhanda) is hearing news from upstairs in the ‘penthouse,’ as Anakhanda says!

Greetings to you I am Antikryon and I was introduced to all of you before through Anakhanda in your last year. I am here to share with you basically, the “Family.”

It is at a point now to where things are about to burst wide open. There has been so much misinformation and out right lies being told concerning the RV, the New Republic, all of it. We have been very careful in what we have been sharing. We have not shared through any source any information that is contrary to what we had been sharing with you. In other words, the RV is on schedule to happen. The New Republic is Primed and Ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

The announcements of NESARA and GESARA are scheduled as well. There have been so much meticulous workings in the background and so much time and effort on getting this thing right so that there will be no problems that can occur from these actions, especially the financial transactions. It has been a difficult and challenging road for there were those of the dark minions that have agreed to return to the light and then suddenly try and carry out dark acts.

There has been so much weeding out going on among the dark minions to find those that are true and those that are trying to buy time while figuring out another way to stay in power. That cannot happen, no matter what they do. You are on the verge of this entire process happening, even though it looks bleak to many and like it will never happen. It has to happen for there is no other recourse. Look at the world situation and tell me how long can this go on. Look at the poor deprived countries around the world and tell me that they can continue to live in this way.

Look at all the work and effort that Iraq has put in to reform their government and country and to have a currency of their own that is worth something, so their people can thrive and become a part of the world community. Tell me how long can they continue not to move forward.

The resource that was in place, and the key word is “WAS,” were very sophisticated and reached far and wide. It took time to dismantle their entire network.  It was actually easier removing the Cabal leaders. However, this is no longer any issue and has been handled to completion. Their elaborate network is no more. Continue to be patient, for you are at the threshold of change and that change that you are all wanting will come at any moment  without warning. We know that the only thing that will bring you comfort is not words, but the actual happening of the release. You will see that release happen.

Everyone has had enough of this drama and it is being dealt with in the most expedient way. Mushaba Love to you all!

I am Antikryon


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