May Day Everyone: Fun Reading

4E559A23-D315-4D0A-A82C-F08D408DC193It is written within ancient history that on May 1st, and throughout many ancient cultures, and throughout our times now, people offer gifts to our beloved May or the God Taurus. Gifts such as flowers, prayers; and gathering of people where they all exchange gifts, and warm cooked meals for everyone enjoying. And even the children as well do silly things as that of painting eggs, and dancing silly. All this is done in celebration,+ and gratitude of the heavenly energy that May is bringing upon everyone during Spring, and that will get even much better as the Sun keeps on rising highest and highest the heavenly skies throughout his zodiacal journey.

Keep in mind that all this journey started with the beginning of Spring that starts with the Spring Equinox every year, where all the gods agree working together on a “New Year Spiritual Journey.” A spiritual journey that ideally would help our humanity- that is if they want to help themselves.

As we said, Spring/ Easter means renewal; new beginning. Actually, the Origen of the new beginning really starts when SPIRIT, and or should we call it, the Sun/ the Ancient of Days/ Allah/Jesus, passes through the pit of Hell in the sign of Capricorn in December. Translation,= the Sun is so far down the Southern hemisphere, it seems he got lost. In truth, he is buried within this region of Capricorn. And after three days, on December 21st he turns some degrees towards the sign of Aquarius, and towards ascension. And thus on the 25th of December it is declared the resurrection of the Christ,= a new Sun; a new baby Christ.

Keep in mind that the sign AFTER Capricorn, is Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the Son of Man. Aquarius is an air sign.

Capricorn is the sign of the Goat that is waiting at the foot of the mountain to climb the mountain top. Confuse? We do not blame you. However, to share some light, keep in mind that all the gods from the zodiacs, although some might not like it, must Obey, and or honor THE SUN. As without the Sun, not even they can survive. Without the Sun they would perish.

With this being the facts of the real science of all time that really matters,= call Astrology, what we have here is the journey of the Sun throughout the zodiacs. The zodiacs are divisions of the Grand man; a real spiritual man.= the Sun. Now, keep in mind that we are speaking of a local territory as it is our very own solar system. What happens all throughout any other solar system is not really important. We haven’t learned anything yet about our own solar system, let along learn about another. Get real.

Anyways, the zodiacs affects us physically and spiritually. But why? you might ask. Well, have you heard the saying, “As above so below.” This means that we are made in the Creator’s image, and with the same material! And whatever our Father is going through throughout the navigation of the Zodiacs, energetically, I mean, so do affect us.

And noticed the word, energetically. And please, do not get anymore confuse. Think critically. The Sun, and by now we all should know that the Sun is the giver of life, light and heat. So if the Sun is running on low energy as it happens during the Fall and Winter seasons, due the position of the zodiac, it is obvious that this is affecting us as well, is it not? Enough said.

Now, you might ask, but what does this have got to do with May? Good question! Well, remember that the season before Spring was Winter. Many things happens every year during the Winter Season, like many people dying, also animals, birds, even the trees let go of their leaves; the grass turn brown, crops get frozen, etc., etc. It seems as if nature is dying. Well, it seems that way, but in truth nature is indeed suffering, however, she is doing all that she can with what she got at hands, and she is full of hope. Hoping that Spring gets here sooner than later. She knows that Spring will for sure brings the divine and holy energy from the one and only Sun God. The Most High. And this is time for prayers, and even devotional celebration.

And so Spring is here, meaning the Sun is getting closer and closer to the highest heavens. Heaven here could be describe as a Point in the sky where we are receiving the outmost and direct energy from the Sun. Also remember that he, the Sun is still a baby during Easter. A baby that is starting to walk. If he is a new baby Sun that was born on December 25th, then he is three months old in March 21st, the day of the Equinox. On this day we are still lacking energy from the Sun, indeed, do the fact that he is still far away from reaching the mid- point of heaven.

So, some cultures are not clear with Easter and the resurrection of the Christ. Some are asking, Was the Christ born on December 25th, or was he born on Easter? He was born on December 25th in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign, and so are Taurus and Virgo. Taurus, as being the sign that govern May. Anyways, as we said, right after the Sun was born again, he then went to visit Aquarius, where there he got baptized with the holy living waters.

And then after, he went to visit Pisces that is a water sign. Here in Pisces is the End and the Beginning of the SUN’s Spiritual journey. Meaning, the Sun just completed a zodiacal round that ended in Pisces, however, it is Pisces that gives away a New Year Spiritual Journey as well. All ends at Pisces and all begins at Pisces. Pisces, as the saying goes, is the Alpha and the Omega= the beginning and the end. Pisces gives away the Spring Equinox, where the Sun new journey starts again. By the way, it is Pisces that is associated with Jesus. The logo for Pisces is a fish. Something to deep dive, eh? Then after the Sun visited Pisces, he then visits Aries. Aries is a fire sign, and do you know, Aries is govern by the Sun Himself! Other fire signs are Leo and Sagittarius.

So if some people are still with the resurrection of the Christ in Easter, do not be ridiculed because actually there it is a relation to that indeed. I mean, at Easter, the Sun is still a baby; we are still celebrating his birth since December, and at the same time being anxious for him getting older so we can receive enough reviving energy before we all drop dead. Getting over Winter was not a piece of cake, and lucky were those that survived. Which comes to think, this is when MAY comes to the picture.

The month of May, which is govern by Taurus, is a month of the Spring Season, is a month where Nature starts doing randomly mayor Spring cleaning so she can start anew after getting enough energy from Taurus. Energy that it was giving to Taurus by the Sun.

Nature loves dressing herself with a new garment at this time of Spring. And it is obvious since by now she already have gathered enough energy for her to start doing all that she needs doing. And this is why we see new buds springing everywhere; trees blooming, birds singing; lots of rain; humidity, etc. Mother Nature is very, very busy getting ready for the outmost Season of the year.= Summer. Where we all receive the highest amount of energy from the Sun, since by this time the sun has reached the highest heavens triumphantly.

Summer is the Season when Mother Nature shows off all her beauty for the entire cosmos seeing her beautiful creation.

And the Cycle of life repeats again.

Happy May Day of 2022 eveyone!

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