Magical Friday the 13th: Numerology


Are you aware that Friday the 13th is actually a Lucky Day and a Lucky Number, especially if it falls on the month of May, which is Nature’s month. Nature is a Goddess! Friday= 7= the sword of justice+ and the sword of destruction. 13= 4= New Government as ordained by the Almighty. The number four is associated with changes within governments. 7+4= 11= 2= mirror.

And going further, and if we look at the calendar, and or when comes to gematria/numerology, after the 13th date, we have next the 14th= 5= sovereignty; 15th= 6= freedom; 16th= 7= the sword of justice; 17th= 8= balance in nature; balance within our humanity; balance within the creation; Queen of hearts; Queen of justice; done with what no longer serve; bring gifts, recompense for ALL. And have you noticed that the number eight is made up of two four(s)? Very interesting. Then we have the 18th= 9= the New is here; the New is born; nature adapting to new changes; 20th= mirror.

Fascinating times we are all navigating through during the amazing month of May+ and beyond, is it not?


Meanwhile, let us pray together with our intentions of hearts and minds, and with the assistance from our Father Mother God, we can bring the manifestation for a world full of energies for fantastic health, by dissolving dark energies and unblocking duality; bringing energies of prosperity, spiritual enlightening, harmony, courage, responsibility, sovereignty, freedom; divine lights of protection, lots of money, and love, Now.

So Be It.

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