Legalized Slavery






Once in a while I take time to reply to especially wrong-headed and misinformed individuals.

In this case, I was replying to a man who was convinced that the Fourteenth Amendment was the best thing since sliced bread and even Biblically sanctioned.

First, let’s begin with some facts about the various “Constitutions” involved. The actual Equity Contract that created the Federal United States is called “The Constitution for the united States of America”. It hasn’t been amended since 1860. It is a tri-lateral international treaty. It doesn’t have a Fourteenth Amendment.

Circa 1868 a Delaware Corporation doing business as the “United States of America (Inc.)” published its own “constitution”— a corporate charter deceptively named “the Constitution of the United States of America”. It was not only similarly and deceptively named, it adopted the Articles of the actual Constitution as corporate “Articles” and the Amendments as corporate By-laws. This is the “constitution” that contains the 14th Amendment being discussed— an “Amendment” which was simply proclaimed along with several others and which was never ratified by the Several States of the Continental United States, because as corporate By-laws of a private non-profit corporation, no such ratification process was required.

At the time much public discussion centered around the idealistic sales pitch that the proponents presented: the new form of citizenship the 14th Amendment provided for was supposed to be egalitarian, serving to unite everyone under one status, to insure that former slaves enjoyed full protection of the laws, etc. Some famous Abolitionists supported it. In any case, the Members of the “United States Congress” acting secretively as a Board of Directors for the United States of America, Inc., approved it.

And this is where the recent discussion of the Fourteenth Amendment takes off, with my opponent waxing eloquent about its supposed benefits and Biblical authority, and me answering:

“The Fourteenth Amendment may have been embraced with all the good intentions you describe, and yes, most of the public debate at the time it was adopted bears out your interpretation of the intention that most people embraced. I agree. That was the stated goal.

However, as often happens, things got sidetracked and other agendas played out in reality.


Instead of receiving State Citizenship which recognizes Natural Rights, African Americans only received the “United States Citizenship” of the Federal United States and “Civil Rights”, not “Natural Rights”. When you look up “Civil Rights” you learn that they are “privileges” conferred by Congress and can be taken away by Congress just as fast. You will also figure out sooner or later that the entire “Civil Rights Movement” demanding “Equal Civil Rights” had to have something to be “equal” to.

Equal to What?

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted the civil rights owed to black Americans to be “equal to” the Natural Rights enjoyed by their white counterparts inhabiting the Continental United States. And enough people got mad enough about it to force the Congress to guarantee it, finally.

But consider this while you are attacking me for standing on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States and invoking my State Citizenship and its guarantees—- without me demanding that my Natural Rights be honored, there is no standard determining the meaning of “Equal” Civil Rights.

If I lose my claim to Natural Rights, the Congress is set free to reduce all rights owed to all people in both the Continental and Federal United States to the level of slaves in 17th century Haiti. The further unforeseen (and unannounced) consequence for Federal Citizens was that first the former black slaves and later white “United States Citizens” as well were conscripted and registered as “assets” of the United States of America, Inc., and their labor and other property was “made available” for the “hypothecation of debt”.

Look up the word “hypothecation“.

It’s surreptitious theft using a mechanism akin to co-signing a loan, but in this case, you aren’t necessarily made aware that you are the co-signer. Someone claiming to “represent” you as your agent, offers you and your resources to stand good for a Third Party. In this case, Federal United States Citizens and their property assets were offered as collateral backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc. by the members of Congress.

This is where the process of registering people as human chattel and issuing bonds for sale based on the estimated worth of their lifetime labor — CUSIP bonds– began. The “title” to the freed slaves was seized and flipped from private ownership to public ownership. They became chattel backing the debts of the “government corporation”.

To tidy up this outrage and excuse it as a “private contract” between the victims and the government corporation, the 14th Amendment Public Charitable Trust was established. In exchange for all the money raised by bonds issued against the value of their labor, the “freed” black slaves were enabled to access the “benefits” of the Public Charitable Trust.

This was a deal only bested by the theft of the land from the Native Americans. The rats claimed that the victims of this fraud “voluntarily” enrolled to receive the “benefits” of the Public Charitable Trust in exchange for “vesting” their assets—their labor, their private property, their intellectual property, everything—-for the benefit of the United States of America, Inc., which was named the beneficiary of their estates.

Sound familiar? It should.

The exact same model was employed to entrap white Americans. Pretending that it was a “government mandate” the United States of America, Inc., — which is merely a private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation — NOT the government—-forced hundreds of millions of Americans to “voluntarily” enroll in Social Security, which they presented as an “insurance program” to take care of people in their old age.

Gradually, over time, the perpetrators changed the sales pitch and the verbiage, until in 2012, they started writing the word “benefits” on Social Security Checks and claiming that the recipients are all Federal welfare recipients, benefiting from the Public Charitable Trust……

Are you even dimly beginning to see the criminality that you have been part of and supporting?

The 14th Amendment didn’t free or ennoble anyone. It was a subtle vehicle for the exact opposite.

Now that I have educated you about that take a close look at the Thirteenth Amendment of the same corporate “Constitution of the United States of America (Inc.)”

Everyone knows that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, right?

Look again.

It didn’t abolish slavery. It made slavery a punishment for crime.

And it left the “Congress” free to come up with whatever fanciful “crimes” it might conceive.

Picking dandelions on a public sidewalk? Life imprisonment, all your labor ceded to benefit the prison facility and the jailors….”

For Profit Prisons – CCA Contracts Keep Prisons Full and Profits Up – A government PPO?

The bottom line? — It is all fraud. All of it.

The whole publication and debate about the adoption of “the Constitution for the United States of America” in the 1860’s was a fraud based on semantic deceit, to make people think that they were adopting a new “Constitution” and a new “citizenship”. When you look into it more deeply, you realize that it wasn’t a citizenship being offered. It was an “enfranchisement” of the estates of living people by a corporation, the effect of which was to create a reverse trust scam in which the corporation pretending to be the lawful government of the Federal United States named itself the beneficiary of the assets of the victims.

The good news is that there is no statute of limitations on fraud and there is no such thing as Fourteenth Amendment “citizenship” and no valid contract between any American State Citizen past or present and the United States of America, Incorporated, nor any of its successors, including the UNITED STATES, INC., and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

Anyone who wants to argue about it, including Barack H. Obama and Ban Ki-Moon, can kindly produce the section of their corporate charters that allows them to “confer” such “citizenship” on anyone. They can also show their corporate charter authority to condone and promote human slavery and peonage via the devices of personage, inland piracy, and press-ganging. They can also try to justify their claims that individuals “voluntarily” enrolled in “Social Security” when millions of witnesses can testify from their own experience that they were told it was a government mandate and that they couldn’t have a job without a Social Security Number—-in other words, they were forced to enroll under conditions of duress and deceit.

These acts of fraud were clearly criminal in their intent and their affect. The perpetrators plundered and abused the public trust and the corporations responsible impersonated the actual government owed the People of the Continental United States for private gain. They did this throughout the former Commonwealth, most of Western Europe, parts of Asia and Africa.

This was all done by misusing corporations— legal fictions created by the Roman Curia and intended to serve good purposes. By Maxim of Law, the Roman Curia is responsible for what it creates. In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI was fully informed and began action to correct. Pope Francis has continued the effort, and gave the perpetrators three years beginning July 1, 2013 to come into compliance with their charters.

While outwardly deploring piracy and slavery and human trafficking and peonage and credit fraud and identity theft— private corporations pretending to “represent” lawful governments have promoted all of this and more.

The perpetrators have grown unimaginably wealthy by victimizing the people they are bound by trust indenture, commercial contract, and oath to protect. They have beset their own employers as criminals and as undeclared foreign agents and now hope to start an actual war against the victims, using the victim’s own credit and resources and sons and daughters against them.

We have different answer. It is painfully evident who the real “Paper Terrorists” in the room are, and have long been. We don’t make war with our employees. We fire them and we sue them and we expose them for what they are and what they have done. As this is written, the perpetrators are acting under 100% individual and commercial liability—though many of them haven’t bothered to read Pope Francis’s First Apostolic Letter.

The three year grace period is more than half spent, with precious little evidence of repentance or reform.

Instead, the UNITED STATES, INC. (IMF) went insolvent as of April 15, 2015, and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. (FEDERAL RESERVE) is prepared to play the same old tricks again.


In 1933, the United States of America, Inc., declared bankruptcy and falsely claimed that our estates were all chattel assets and Sureties backing its corporate debts. The UNITED STATES, INC. was booted up to provide governmental services during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Trustee named by the banks, the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, simply accepted any and all expenses the UNITED STATES, INC. presented and charged against our credit and passed the expenses through to us, the presumed Sureties. This provided the Members of Congress and their Banker Bosses unlimited credit on our accounts. They stole our identities and our credit cards and charged them to the hilt like any common Hacker.

This is how we supposedly owe $20 trillion worth of “National Debt”, but it is Odious Debt— debt created by fraud from which the victims did not benefit. The perpetrators of this vast fraud scheme have systematically siphoned off an amount equal to the National Debt – the National Credit.

The UNITED STATES, INC. is now setting up the same fraud again, with the complicity of the UNITED NATIONS, INC. doing business as the brand new version of “FEDERAL RESERVE”—all chartered under United Nations City State auspices. As the UNITED STATES, INC., goes bankrupt, it will claim that all our ESTATES — “individual franchises” it created and operated under our given names styled like this: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS—are assets belonging to the bankrupt corporation. Once again, the banks and their self-appointed “Trustees” — the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico—are standing by to receive our assets as Securities, only this time for the debts of the UNITED STATES, INC. Once again, the perpetrators have set up bogus incorporated “franchises” named after us, only now they are being defined as public transmitting utilities and the NAMES are styled like this: JOHN Q. PUBLIC.

The UN’s new version of “FEDERAL RESERVE” doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) is standing by to provide the government services owed by the Federal United States to the Continental United States. The UNITED STATES, INC. is already occupying the role of the bankrupt pass through entity we are supposedly obligated to “stand good for”. And we are being set up as marks again, by these international criminals.

Is it time to wake up?

Is it time to learn your own history?

Is it time to send this information to the Country Boards, the “State of State” Legislatures, the whole rotten stinking crowd in “Washington, DC” and the rest of the world as well?

Let’s make it perfectly clear— the rats in Washington, DC and London are trustees acting in Breach of Trust, employees in breach of their commercial contract, and the Members of Congress do not represent the Continental United States nor its people. They have not filled their elected offices as Deputies of the Continental United States, so they have no public office related to us. Except for actual services rendered according to the original Equity Contract, we don’t owe the Federal United States anything, nor do we stand as Sureties for the debts of the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC.

The people you have paid to protect you have failed you. It is not a coincidence that America has been kept constantly embroiled in one war after another for 222 out of 239 years of existence. It is not an accident that our industries never retooled after World War II, not is it a mistake that all our Top Ten Export Products benefit when the world is at war. War is big business and until we make it unprofitable, there will always be those perpetuating it.

The police and the “security agencies” like the FBI and CIA and DHS and NSA and BATF have all failed you, too, because they have been purposefully misdirected from the top. By whom? By the banking cartels that literally own and operate the “governmental services corporations” that have been masquerading as your lawful government—banks operating as criminal syndicates that have hired commercial mercenaries to protect themselves with your tax money, your credit, and your labor.

And last but not least, the men and women posing as your “representatives” have failed you, too, via a combination of stupidity, gullibility, ignorance, greed, corruption, immorality, and naiveté. Some of them know very well what they are doing. Most do not. It’s up to you to tell them. It’s up to you to hold them accountable, from the lowliest clerk to the highest political offices. They have not filled the offices you elected them to fill. They have filled similarly named private corporate offices instead.

You are civilian inhabitants of the Continental United States, guaranteed the peaceful possession of the actual States on the land, guaranteed a Republic, guaranteed your Natural Rights, including your property rights. Yet these con men have donned costumes— judge’s robes and police uniforms, and pretended to be your “representatives”— and have abused you and abused your credit and stolen you blind.

It’s time for this to end.

Make it so. Start by explaining this situation to your family and friends. Then take this little run down and a copy of the Public Order issued April 2, 2015 and the Notice to Law Enforcement down to your local police stations and mayors and county boards and borough assemblies and “State” legislatures and “Governors”.


Send copies to “your” Congressional Delegation, which doesn’t represent you to the corporation, but rather, represents the corporation to you. Send copies to the Queen of England, who is principally responsible for this mess because all this criminality is happening in her sphere of responsibility— the international Jurisdiction of the Sea. Tell Mr. Obama. Tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Tell your local bankers. Tell the Secretaries of the Treasury and the Judges and Bar Association Members.

Give them no plausible deniability for their criminality, and once they have been presented with the information, insist that they take appropriate action—either to stop the fraud once and for all, or be recognized as perpetrators and accomplices to crim





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