Land of the Free or Land of OZ


So now that you realized that all the years of your life you’ve been nothing more than a slave to a few hundred miles territories named Washington DC (which is only ten square miles), the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa which are govern by the BANKSTERS/Federal Reserve Mafia that deceivingly and cunningly arranged to steal our sovereignty, wealth, and rights of the land we live by calling themselves the people government! They are the U.S.A. Corporation, they also have their own constitutions, their own allegiance that believe or not does not apply to us! And yes they are the ones that created all the wars, and calamities world wide!

They are a private entity. They do not govern us, period! The reason they think they do govern us is because no one told us the differences nor did we ever asked! All right, lets then blame them for manipulating our educational system, what the hell!

And no wonder they do not give a flying nut whether we live or die, no wonder they poisoned our water, air, food, and gave us the pharmaceutical industry to kill us slowly but surely, no wonder, no wonder, no wonder! And no wonder they thought we never would find out that they were doing all these with our very own value, how cunning is that?

We will not allow your tyranny any longer! You are dissolved.

Tell us, do you feel right now like you are ready to kick ass because of the crimes against you and the world? Not only should you be ready to kick ass, but hell ready to kick ass!

We had it! We will not consent, contract, and obey! Our states are not part of you; therefore they will have to break loose from the corruption by means of the statutory laws now! And any public servant that is in compliance with them will have to leave office. We the people want our liberty and values back. We govern ourselves, and we are self sustain.

Please take time to educate yourselves galore so you’ll be ready confidently to kick ass just like we are! Rise up everyone, it is our duty to bring back the United States Republic.




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