Jump to the Train




We need to understand that we are Vortex of energy. In fact we can be more powerful than all those places we call “Sacred”, like Mount Shasta, etc, etc for their energy level. All we need to do is be aware of our intention so we can create our own objective desires. Can you imagine how powerful this will be if we all make the decision/intention to never ever again be taking for ignorant by our so called leaders that named themselves the people government in the name of greed! And once sense for all demand our rights, and inheritance that is so rightfully ours. As well as not consenting them to harm our food, water, environment, and planet!


What we are saying is that we need to bring awareness to the mass so they can jump as well to the TRAIN and make THAT ONE VORTEX of energy powerful enough to bring about any manifestation we desire. This is why it is very important that we consciously BE ONE. To my understanding this is the one way we can move ahead and make this thing work, it is like my friend D said, “We need horse power.” The more we are educated in all that it has been hidden from us for such of long time, the more we are going to have confidence in ourselves to be free from the illusion we are trapped.


Please join us and get going in energizing or lifting up your spirit consciously in love, knowledge, unity, and peace so all of  that we need can come about sooner than later, and for the good of everyone.



I am love in action

I am healthy

I am wealthy,

I am One with All That Is

So be it, be it so


~L Fabre




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