: Some of us remember sadly the death of JK Junior, and his wife+ sister in law.  I remember vividly I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of tea in the morning when a subtle pain within my heart appeared out of no where… Actually my heart was on fire, and I began suffocating… Not knowing what to do I stepped out to my front yard for some fresh air… and I felt better, yet my heart was still burning with a feeling of joy?

My husband is at work+ my children are in school. I am all by myself.

I went back in the kitchen to finish my cup of tea.

Suddenly, and in the flash of a second, the presence of JK Junior appeared in front of me as a child [He looks like the child we all love seeing with his father+ his sister during their years in the White House… Then his full grown handsome face was flashed in front of me.

Then he was gone. However, I then hear his voice saying to me that he just want telling me how thankful and grateful he is from the love I feel for him, and his family. I thank you so much. He said.

I did not know what to do, and I cancelled finishing up the tea. I felt sick to my stomach, however, I do remember saying, “God protect you John. God protect you.”

Half hour is gone by. My burning heart is slowing down, and I need going groceries. Meanwhile I am thinking how much I love john+ his sister, Caroline. I mean we were just a few years apart, and it was as if we were growing up together. I remember I kept up to date for the latest gossip, inclusive Caroline first date! And oh God, the day John got married… I kept praying his wife be good to him. Honor him. Honor each other. He is so handsome, and she is so slim and beautiful…

And so I am driving to the groceries store which is not too far away from home. I am the kind of woman that do not like the radio[Can’t stand the loud noise…] regardless, my intuition tells me to turn the radio on. I did.

The man is talking about Martha Vineyards… The airplane going down… A woman interrupted him crying+ feeling very sorry for what is happening… Lets pray that they find the bodies, she said. Then someone else jumped in and start from the beginning announcing that JK Junior airplane went down, and that all three passengers= John, his wife+ his sister in law are apparently dead!

Quickly I pulled over so I can understand: hear correctly what I just think I heard.

After a few more minutes gathering more information… Yes, I heard right. John is dead. His wife is dead. His sister in law is dead.

Oh my God John, you are dead! I cried aloud.

Heart broken+ crying+ confused I turn back home. The groceries shopping was cancelled for another day.

I remember spending the rest of the day under the big mango tree at our back yard. And I prayed the cause of his death be shown to me.

A few nights later I was shown all the waters[the deep miles areas where they say his airplane crashed]. I found nothing: no trace of anything, however, it was told to me that he was in harms way.

Now I am more confuse… Is he dead, or not? He must be dead do the fact that his spirit appeared to me probably after he died, I thought.

Oh God John you died so young. Why this happened to you… I feel so, so sorry for all these… I kept saying to myself over and over again.

And then I accepted the idea that he is in heaven looking over us all. Or was he?

~ by L Fabre

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