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The OPPT went public on December 25th of 2012. Many People are not yet aware of what the OPPT really is, which is why we have put together on this website an “IUV Corner” where you can find all information’s and links that will help you to understand these tools that will liberate you from the slavery system. The OPPT, which means One People Public Trust, has shifted name to IUV in-change. This needed to be in order to bring the system to what it is now: I Universal Value In-change. Meaning that you/we are the value, the money!

This will make you think that in truth there is no money per say, although there are precious metals like gold and silver, etc., etc., as well as Dollar, Dinar, or Pesos, all these are just an extension of your value, which is you, the person that uses these to do trading for daily needs or help their communities in each part of the world. We understand that many out there are a little bit confused about this but not to worry it will sink in with time. For now just read and educate yourself as much as you can so you can share and teach others as well.

Be very careful as the old system is trying to buy the people with “Prosperity packages” world wide, so you can submit to their slavery as usual. if that happens you all should know that the system is broke, and that the only money that exist is YOU! Do not give your power to anyone. Remember that the banking system has made slaves out of us all by keeping us in the dark, that is why they are like idiots trying to buy your attention with all kinds of gifts all of the sudden?

The new IUV in change is almost ready to launch, which is in the same time the “other guys” will try to launch their gifts so you can be distracted of the real Maccoy.

We’ll keep you post!


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