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We have been saying for a while now that if anyone is lucky enough having lots of money in the bank, well, by this date, today, all your money should had been taking out, and maybe invested in silver, for example. If you haven’t done anything like this, chances are that you will not be able to take your money out. This means that you will not be able to recuperate your fortune.

Banks all over the world inclusive the biggest banks, failed. Those that are left are failing by the minutes, and there it would be no one to bail them out. This means that all banks have no money in their deposits, except for some local banks that may still deal with our paycheck to paycheck transactions. Our suggestions are that you keep as much cash at hands as you can regardless of leaving some for paying transactions, if you can afford.

By now we all should be aware that the entire system as we have known since we were born, is entirely crashing, and no one is coming to rescue it. NO ONE. However, be not afraid, as if all these are happening, chances are that a new system is in place. Regardless, keep in mind that we might have to stumble with some stones on the way, but at the end all will work out for the greatest good. For the greatest good for the entire world.

It is very important that we all innerstand that these changes are inevitable, that way we all can deal with it. Remember that we have been trained enough for these times ahead of us. If we have survive all the garbage thrown at us by all these bastards that till now have been running our planet; we can handle anything. Also keep in mind that all these bastards will be no more.

Great changes are ahead for everyone. Aren’t you excited?

Let me give you some hint: We would be economically free. Everyone would be economically free! Can you imagine buying and or building a million dollar house, let us say for less than one hundred thousand dollar? Go and check how much an average house costs in 1953. Well, that is what I am talking about. Further, we would have new technology where it would not harms us. Technology that would improve our health! And do you know what it is mind blowing? Health care as we have known till now, it would be no more. You heard that right. And all debts will be erase!

And do you know that in the very near future, our cells phones would work with our own frequency. Your very own cell phone would only work for you! And this would be connected to your very own banking system, which is why no one would be able to hack anyone financial information and or private account. This means we are our own bank thus goodbye banks! Goodbye Cabals. Goodbye… Further, we would not have to pay utilities as we do now- our vital resources would be handle totally different. For example, our way of getting electricity would be directly from the ether! This means that all those electric poles that we are seeing right in front of us, would be no more. And we would have free internet for everyone worldwide!

And how about free traveling; free education! Now this does not means that we do not work, to the contrary we would work doing things that we would like, like community gardening; community stores, community schools; home schooling; making our own clothes, doing our own cooking, etc., etc. Are you ready?

For now, keep yourselves healthy. Help whomever you can. Be Brave. Be courageous. Be responsible. Use discernment all ways, always. And know that the force is with you. Know that the force is within you. Make your intentions Be for the greatest good. Make your intentions Be from your heart within. And know that the enemy is all ways always closer than you think and that it disguise in many forms. Be not naïve. Be not deceive. Wear your warrior sword always. You are not just about giving up your power to anyone. Know this. Know that knowledge is power. Know that truth is power.

You are the power that Be.

Enough said.

Bliss be upon all the creation. Bliss be upon all our people from planet earth.

< Heart. Heart. Heart. >

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. ~Matthews 24- 6

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