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We have to come out of the idea that we need a third party to have a contract or to give us the permission to own a car or a home. Remember that a valid contract is only between two parties, so if you are going to buy a car for example you better start dealing with the car dealership from now on, and not a finance company in the middle. This is one of the reasons why all loans are cancelled because of contract fraud without your consent! Copy this contract and Go right ahead BE’ing and DO’ing what you came here on this earth to do. Remember that the two parties are going to set up the conditions, for example you can say to the car dealer person that you can only afford $150 dollar a month or whatever, then between you and that person there is a valid contract. You have to set up your own conditions, remember that.

Please educate yourself on all these issues so you can be confident of all these new learning for all of us.

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